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Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Nov 18th, 2009, 12:27pm

If you're on my database then you'll already know about the summer clinic we're holding at Sinnington in July (10-15th inclusive) but if you haven't heard and you're interested then do drop me a line, or reply on this forum, and I'll answer any queries you might have.

I know it's early to be talking about next summer, but it beats talking about the winter and it's something to look forward to, and if you do want to come and want to have the widest choice of local B&Bs this is the sort of time you need to book your rooms - as some people have already done.

Despite being called the Summer Camp I assure you it does not mean living under canvas for a week - unless you chose to.

Given that the maximum number of places on the camp is 10, then assuming there are enough people to jusitfy a second camp (between 7 and 10) we will investigate the chances of running a second camp in late August. Of course, if you want to come to both that's fine cheesy
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Nov 19th, 2009, 12:24pm

I've had it pointed out to me that our annual wall-to-wall non-stop horsey extravaganza sounds like a meeting of something rather different by calling it a 'camp'. From now on I will refer to it only as the Summer Clinic.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Nov 20th, 2009, 2:19pm

Quite right! Camp indeed. Whatever next?
Thinks: 'must replace my hormone patch tonight'!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 20th, 2009, 6:45pm

I m trying not to worry that camp 2010 is being to take shape!
We shall have to prepare 'lesson plans' soon! [ shades of Teaching Practice- I knew I was not a good teacher for young kids - had no belief in what I was doing , or the organisation to do it ...hence...when I left college I milked cows and then got a job as a groom to boost my horsemanship skills ]
As there is many months to go I ll try to stay calm and stay in the moment......I m hoping we meet some N H people ij New Z, and perhaps hone our skills ridng in the mountains [ our friends son , who milks 5000 sheep in invercary, rode on various sheep stations. On one particular trail the bones of horses littered the bottom of the ravine. Hmmmm a different type of hack? to yorkshire!]

So far this year we havent clipped any one , most unusual,its usually my job to do it. So called cobs with manes - its no good!Wills will be done soon , and perhaps Ben. it ll be an exiting day when Guinness gets his mane hogged , then I ll know how good [ or not] his sillouette will look.
I m pleased Duke is doing well- these Iberian horses have alot of noble spirit, which is great when it works with you!

when will the calendar with a naked taildragger be available?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 23rd, 2009, 4:28pm

All quiet on the forum here? Are we all in hibernation?
Progress today - Inca was ridden outside and down track, I led her off Ben , then C took the lead off me and went 'solo'. Inca was very good , and was earing her first set of front shoes.
Guinness was good for the farrier , allowing him to hold back feetup without complaining! Time and energy ran out and I didnt get to lie over him again - he is being very good through out the whole backing process,.
Lets here how your horses are!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Moya on Nov 24th, 2009, 10:18am

Not hibernating - just wallowing in mud!!! Its been too wet to do anything much on the land.

Feeding time is amusing though when all 4 head directly for me at a fast canter and I am wondering if they have allowed for the skid factor in their stopping calculations laugh
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Nov 25th, 2009, 11:17am

I am still at the stage of sorting basics and tack with Duke. I thought the head flick had almost gone and only happened once or twice when he was apprehensive. It came back a little more so I checked him over and noticed there was a slight rubbing on his lip - no broken skin. At rest the bit or rings did not seem to have caused it but when I worked him in hand I could see that he creases his lip with the action and it rubbed then. I bought the next sized bit and was just walking in to try it when YO suggested I go for a Neue Shcule. I have now got him the starter NS and in hand last night he seems to like it. I will ride today and see how we go.

I ahve had a couple of pole work lessons and this has realy assessed where we are together. How I will ever keep up with this horse I don't know. He is truly amazing to wok with. Nowhere neaar as senstitve as Dancer and I have been riding him in the gales. He does look at things and he has had a spook but he listens after. We have had one instance of him showing his Riverdance audition but he would only have made back row chorus so I just carried on and he went well. grin

I have to be much more definate in my transitions to trot but this is coming. Once the trot starts it is amazing and I am being taken to the next level in slowing it from my seat. As in so many horses it's the going forwards well in walk that sets us up but that's this weeks homework.

I am going to be brave and let Jean in the yard ride him on Thursday and Saturday whilst I am doing housey housey things. I must say I am a bit worried about it.

Well done with Guiness. Progress sounds quite fast. I do envy you being able to do things with a partner at least someone will notice if you don't come in to make the supper! shocked
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Nov 25th, 2009, 12:58pm

Calander is winging it's way to N Yorks as we speak.
Make sure that you look on the back cover too!
As astonishing as it may sound, we have made over 680.00 for the WHW and Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust with selling these calanders locally.

Let me know how G looks when clipped out. I wish I could see what he is going to look like. If nothing else you will be able to see the promise there. How is the goundwork going? I see that you are backing him, so he must be fairly advanced by now.

I have done nothing sensible with H for weeks now. However, I am going to start with a vengence. I am so sparked-up and inspired by the Parelli Celebration which I attended at the NEC at the weekend. However, I am not going to rush into it. I want to read all about the new system before I start. And start I will.

The system has evolved into something that I can relate to. I have a lack of imagination when working my horse and this is just what I need to keep us both doing new and interesting 'stuff'. I have discovered that H is a Left brained Introvert, and as bizarre as it sounds, it describes Himself to a T. There are specific excercises designed for his type, so that I dont bore him, and keep him motivated and interested. That'll be a change then.

It also transpires that I am a left brained person, though an extrovert. So I shall be doing my own 'personal development' to harmonise with the needs of my ned.

Fascinating stuff. I came away emotionally wrung out, with a splitting headache though dehydration, and holding back the tears. I have never known anything like it. I sat for 8 hours a day for two days and just had no concept of time. Ooooh, I wish I was younger.

Anyway, it is time to go and get the neds in
love to all x

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 26th, 2009, 3:05pm

I m glad everything going well with Duke ;with a horse like that you ll be winning many dressage rosettes!
Moya reminds me that we re very lucky to have our indoor facility , invaluable for all the groundwork and early ridden stuff.
Today C sat on Guinness, after doing his first groundwork session with him. We dont do a lot ,perhaps 15 mins , unless necessary and continue it in tandem with ridden & liberty [ which I ve not done yet]over the whole time we back them.With him it just isnt necessary as his head is still in that good relaxed and willing place so we can then go to the bales to do the mounting stuff. He hasnt worried about the tack , and C sat on him and I led for about half a circle , and repeated in other direction, mounting from the off side.
We are a little further with Pebbles , C riding full circles with me leading . Pebbles is only 14.1 , so C is definitely his top limit to carry! Pebbles, like harry is an introvert. Luckily Guiness is an extrovert - I say 'luckily' as they are the horses I prefer to work with. I dont like them hiding emotion inside - lets have it out and dealt with! Ben is the ultimate extravert he certainly hides nothing.
As trainee teachers we did the introvert/extrovert analysis , although the other bit wasnt left or right brain , it was stable/unstable.

Many thanks for the calendar Heather , I m going to order more for xmas pressies! You must have been FREEZING!Well done for the charities, you were all very brave , and your Dec pic is very festive!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Nov 28th, 2009, 4:51pm

what did you do your teacher analasys on - humans or horses? stable and unstable is sort of along the same lines I think. I too would prefer a ned that wore its heart on it's sleeve, my last horse, Goldie was just such a horse. The deep thinkers are a bit more risky as you never quite know what it is that they are hiding.

The programme for Guiness sounds excellent, a bit of this and a bit of that. No time to get bored, or indeed, time to think of ways to make the excercise more 'interesting'!

I envy Alex her lucitano, we have a young PRE Andalucian in the yard and as Tanya and I were sitting peacefully with our Saturday cups of tea, the owner took her other horse out of the barn and Divo (the Andalucian) got really excited and bounced up and down on the spot in his stable, fully collected doing a piaffe all on his own. They are so bouncy and elastic these Spanish neddies, and oh, so pretty.

I have spent the afternoon having an aromatherapist offering H herbs and essential oils to see if he needs anthing special to enhance his nutrition and well being.
It was FASCINATING. H tightens a band of muscle round his stomach when his is stressed. Now if I had heard this from one person alone, I would have discounted it, but both my Shiatsu practitioner and now the aromatherapist both have said the same thing.

H has now got peppermint, which he went wild for, and voilet leaf and camomile to calm and ground him, plus a load of other herbs that H selected himself, to offer him a choice over the next week. We are supposed to keep a diary of our findings.

I am going on a course tomorrow for aromatherapy treatment for first aid on neddies. This is given by the same woman. I must say, I was impressed dispite my inital scepticisim. No one can say I am not keeping busy.

Aaaah, yes, it is the Oak Farm Christmas Meal tonight. I dont feel like going, I would far rather pour out a bucket of brandy, put my feet up and watch Strictly Come Dancing - but no. Into a bath I go, and then I shal be slipping into a posh frock and tiara - well, perhaps a clean pair of jeans!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Nov 29th, 2009, 09:59am

What a fascinating thing to watch your horse selecting the herbs/plants he needs smiley Did she tell you what each was for? Can you plant said plants in his field so he can self-select all year round (or at least when they're growing?)

How did the party go? I've not heard anything on the local news about a rowdy group of females on the loose in Bedfordshire.....

Sunny here this morning so going to see if I can persuade Nins and Clod (who is now an attractive shade of brown all over!) to come and do some liberty with me. I tried a couple of days ago and had a modicum of success, but then as it was blowing half a gale I didn't ask for anything too tricksy!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Dec 2nd, 2009, 08:03am

Yes it was fascinating. We had intensive training on which herbs and oils were for what for and exactly how to use them. I must say that on the face of it, I could of happily dismissed anything to do with this subject, but I am sooo glad I did the course as it was all about stuff which is crutial to the horses well being. I am now really into it.

Yes, by all means plant wild stuff around the field, but horses may well need consideraby more variety and quantity than you could supply by this method. Anyway, tell me how you are going to plant seaweed (!)
which is offered, as horses once used this as a foodstuff/medicine aeons ago and is a rich source of iron and free radical eliminators (see? I have no idea what a free radical is, but I know it's bad and I know seaweed neutralises it - that is the extent of my knowledge!).

This method of asking the horse what he needs is brilliant and he can get exactly what he needs in the quantity he needs it in. I have to say though, it is not cheap - but then anything I seem to touch has a whacking great ongoing price tag attached to it where Harry is concerned.

Harking back to Alex and her Lucitano, I grouped the Andalucians and Lucitano's together under 'Spanish horses' - of course I am quite well aware that the Lucitano is Portugese, so should not have grouped together.

International etiquette apart, how did the liberty session go with your bay horses? I would like to come over after Christmas and have a go under your tutilage if I may. We might even hit the Cross Keys afterwards to get warmed up.

The Oak Farm Dinner was just as expected. Strange to see everyone 'scrubbed up' and smelling so clean. The posh exeteriors soon belied the grubby minds beneath as conversation (held at full volume) soon decended into the depths of depravity. I have to say that it was very funny, but next year we are going to hold it at someone else's local, so they can experience the acute embarrasement of being associated with a group of such disgusting females!

Got to go. Farrier due in an hour. Have fun everyone.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 2nd, 2009, 08:36am

The personality thing was on humans - as at that time I was training to be a first school teacher . I certainly knew it wasnt my vocation , but I was desperate to get away and have some fun [ which I did] I saved many young children from having a useless teacher simply by returning home and milking cows , then grooming for the lady who introduced me to Charlie....

Re sea weed , we fed this to cattle and horses from large bags called 'seaquim', when we were more active with a homepathic vet [ we still use some remedies , just buy them over the counter- esp Arnica ]

I went to the Launch of a 60 mile ride ringing the NY Moors yeaterday. I am down as a B&B horse and rider provider , although I m not that near the main route , and across the busy road. However , despite a phone converstaion to go through all I offered plus updating details ...they havent, and our email address is from years ago, so I ll never get anyone ! So frustating.

We are very pleased at how Guinness and Inca are doing; Guinness has a real solid head on him , and C rode him indoors off the bridle yesterday. He is trotting Inca in the outdoor school. Pebbles is a little slower , but of course at 14.1 he s the one that needs to be just right, in case he goes for a childs pony. We d prefer a lightweight adult , as he quite sensitive.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Dec 2nd, 2009, 09:28am

It sounds like a super day - I wonder if there's somebody reasonably local who'd give a talk at the summer camp(s) next year? I'll try and check that out.

Hmm, I agree, planting seaweed could be a tad tricky in Bedfordshire - we're certainly getting the rain so all I'd need to do would be to contain it, add salt, stir it up a bit and then plant a mix of different seaweeds - do you think that would work? Judith's solution of seaquim sounds interesting so I'll see if I can find that anywhere - hopefully getting a taster sized packet first!

A 60 mile route sounds good - and what fabulous countryside to ride through.

By all means come over and have a play with the two bays after Christmas Heather - and I think the Cross Keys is a must afterwards!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 3rd, 2009, 09:18am

I think we could getr someone to talk about the route , whether ;big guns' - kationa Cook , or Judith Radcliffe who got it all organised.
I mentioned to Liz about a wine tasting session, and perhaps a chocolate tasting/fountain/ eating? , anyone else any ideas for lunch or evening?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Dec 3rd, 2009, 2:20pm

Yes, but you would not like it!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 4th, 2009, 5:04pm

You cant not tell us!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Dec 6th, 2009, 5:20pm

Well I wish I was hibernating but just going through a pretty rough time! - my 2 month old grandaughter will have to have a general anaesthetic for an investigative camera down her throat (due to breathing problems) plus another aneasthetic to inject dye into her hips as she has hip dysplasia - the harness the medics tried didn't work and they will have to operate or manipulate the hips into the right position, we are all very worried about her. Then my husband has been ill and is out of work and just to round it all off I have a new employer who is bullying and discriminating! Life is oh so stressful and not very festive!
My ponies are just having an easy life, wallowing in mud by day and tucked up in a cosy stable at night. I did find time to do some online work with S - amazingly he was a good boy and only pulled a face once - doing what I asked of him. Think he was in shock!
I had my equine dentist visit yesterday and I broached the subject of doing a talk at summer camp 2010 - he said - YES most definitely! I said he could demo on S ( who wasn't the perfect patient but not too bad! just tried one barge!) and he laughed - apparently at the dental school in Idaho (where he goes annually to update skills and do a spot of tutoring) when an appaloosa comes in, all the senior dentists dissolve away or have much more pressing tasks to do as the good old appys are renowned for their stubborness & bolshyness! Can't imagine that for one minute! So if everyone would like a session on equine dentistry in the summer, I have a willing person! He said I can just e mail him dates etc so if everyone would be interested, I'll e mail Judith & Liz directly with more info.
The herbs/aromatherapy sounds a good one too and I'm definitely up for a chocolate tasting session! Did someone mention dressage to music in an earlier post? as that would be fun too. I'm intrigued by the 'unsaid' suggestion of H's - come on do tell us.... Roll on summer and happier times!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Dec 8th, 2009, 07:48am

Oh you poor old girl you. Life really is treating you unkindly at the moment. I am particuarly thinking of your granddaughter. Explaining things to small children is rather like trying to tell horse, that was is about to happen is going to be good for them in the long run. They just don't understand and that is what is so upsetting. Is the op going to happen before Christmas? Keep us posted Vanessa.

Husband will find work in time, but this does not help you now, but what you can do is to stand up to the bullying and c**p that is going on at work. This makes me absolutely livid. Picking on someone who is vulnerable and in need of support is completely dispicable. This person needs taking out. Presumably there must be others this is happenning to as well. What about going collectively to the Human Remains Department and telling them what is going on? Better still, write a dispassionate and precise letter to HR detailing specific times and instances and sign it collectively. The system should work.

All that apart, I am glad you are finding time to work with Himself. Very levelling and gives the brain time out from all the anxt going on.

I think that most people are struggling, if that is any comfort. My old boy's Company is not doing well at all. (A German human cremator manufacturer). My retirement income has dwindled to nothing, thanks to HBOS and Lloyds Bank and I have had to take a part time job in a saddlery to help with the feed bills this winter.

The one great thing though, is that we still have our health. A bit rickety though it may be, at least we can still all function on a reasonable level, unlike your granddaughter, so there is much to be grateful for.

My suggestion for an evening was going to be (predicatably) risque. I was going to come up with a night hitting the hotspots of Pickering where the North Yorkshire equivallent of the Chippendales could combine their act with a chocolate fountain and a spot of interactive aromatherapy - all it requires is a little imagination to suit all our needs. Well perhaps not Charlies, but you can't have everything!

Heaps of love to you all hx
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 8th, 2009, 09:17am

Our thoughts are with you - what a crumby time you re having, Vanessa, and all hopes that your granddaughter gets better. I think I told you about Our Rich and his Perthes problem aged 5 - his hip joints cracked , and one disintegrated completely. he was very lucky , being a fit lad his muscles 'looked after' his joint while it re grew. Small children do have the time to re grow wonky joints - so I am hoping granddaughtergrows through this and is ok.
I think taildragger is right , do not let a bully get you down.
There must be workplace help to stop bullying? Keep in touch - we ll all support you!

Hmmm, I dont think Pickering has an equivalent of the Chippendales - or perhaps it has and I just havent heard about it! Equine dentist sounds good.

Our youngsters are all still progressing nicely- today Inca will be ridden by a friend of ours, just to give her experience of the outside world [ I didnt want to do it!] Guiness is fine about being ridden , but the long reining has made him lean on the bit . Lots of softening still to do. He s nearly ready for me to sit on , says C!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Dec 8th, 2009, 6:58pm

I'm interested. Why would long lining him make G lean on the bit? I have never done any long lining so forgive the crass question if indeed it is one.

Nearly ready to sit on eh? well, who is going to do it first? How jolly exciting. I think I would need a tub full of magnesium washed down with a bucket or two of gin first! How is he settling in his new home? has he overcome his initial trauma of not loading or is he still worried?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 8th, 2009, 8:08pm

Vanessa, I can sympathise with what you are all going through with your granddaughter. freya was a close call at 3 years with a deadly strain of chickenpox. At the time she went down hill so fast she did not know anything but it was the after effects and seeing the little mite needing invasive treatment that I found harder than the initial crisis. 2 years ago she had to have her tonsils out and I found the hospital experience with her bringing it all back. I was given a hand puppet show by a not very close friend at the time but she became close as it was fantastic for Freya's recupperation and I spent many contorted hours behind it talking as Sooty and Sweep. I found Freya would talk about her experiences to them even though we didn't think she was needing too.

Back to horses.

I wrote a long update last week which has been lost in the ether it seems. I ahve had a chequered couple of weeks with Duke, which I expected in a way. It seems he may be allergic to the hay so is now on haylaege. I am able to ride in a halter and horseman reins and am having between 1 and 3 pole session a week on him. I have seen alot of improvements and of course a waking up of other things! I had a good day on friday with him at liberty followed by a first good dat lunging. His back is so much intransition that he is very vulnerable but wow so exciting. I have his phodisky saddle arriving on monday to be fitted very timely.

Tonight I worked him in hand but before a German Trainer had been giving lessons nad she pounced on him. It is a good job that I know he is awork in progress as she gave a 15 mins masterclass to a few of us on Lusitanos and mine in particular. Mainly his drawbacks. However she did some physio on him to demonstrate how he should be changed but showing the nice girl in the yard who had just had a lesson not really me. I was just the holder of the horse. I luckily know he needs things changing so wasn't too upset and perhaps she realised this... I can't bear to list his faults she pointed out but non came as a surprise.

I worked him in hand with 1 of the other liveries riding who at the end said I could ride his horse sometimes and have a lesson on him when he is working which is exciting as he is working to the same type of programme. I also have an offer to hack out with someone else which is really nice for Duke.

Tilly is still on Hols and enjoying it. I shall start some work again over christmas but I think I will work on going out in hand for walks with family and dogs to expand her horizons and then tacked so I can get on when we are on a bridleway.

Guiness sounds as if he is going to be a real good 'un - how lovely. Getting on the first time is a mile stone isn't it?

Are you still riding Whisper at all?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Dec 9th, 2009, 07:38am

Alex: ALL horses have their faults. Your Vet will have pointed most of them out to you (and if he didnt then you can bet that Charlie would have done so! rolleyes) and you can see other faults yourself as time goes on. As long as it does not affect his performance for what you want to do with him, then other people's opinions are completely irrellevent and should be put to bed in your own mind once and for all.

The greatest picture to remember is Sophie on Yarra. A really unattractive horse with poor conformation, and just look what she can do with her. Poetry in motion. Not only that but she beat the National Champion on her first ever time out. How absolutely amazing is that?

So the faults of the horse were overridden by the equisite partnership, elevated riding and empathy that exists between those two that turned a less than perfect horse into a prima ballerina with knobs on.

Concentrate on the really wonderful things. Duke will have inbuilt springs in his hocks, a natural bearing and bags of personality and presence. Things that most people would die for!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 9th, 2009, 4:22pm

Also, Alex , [ apart from echoing taildragger]the german trainer will be a warmblood fan with her eye used to that conformation, and the Iberians are so different. However, they are well made to carry a rider , being up hill naturally[ read Hempfling - a great fan] His conformation is certainly not 'weak' or will affect the work he gets - so dont worry!
I rode Whisper today - Charlie was riding Inca and this was the first time the pair of them had been round the farm together , without Inca being on a lead. Inca was ridden by an 18 yr old yesterday [ not a potential buyer though]
Whisper has become escort horse number 2! I tried a different saddle today , as she slightly sets off my lower back , as she s more downhill than Ben. Wills saddle helped . I had an A T student yesterday who had done a similar disc prolapse to mine , something that has to be managed forever , I think.
C also rode Guiness outdoors today , in the school. he is still leaning on the bit, well its not exactly leaning , its taking his whole head in the other direction to where C asks him to put it!. We think he does it because he has had the bit applied 'impolitely' at some stage [ or may have had a chifney , perhaps to load him etc ] . So now when he feels even a small ask on the bit he braces , ready for the big pull on his mouth. He ll learn its not going to happen , but what a shame he s got that habit. Otherwise he s going well, though when C asked him to trot the gave a small objection , which made C laugh. Its always better to have a horse wanting to stop than wanting to go!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 12th, 2009, 08:10am

Yesterday, when I went up to ride Duke the RDA asked me if I minded giving then access to both schools for a little while as they have a new horse and also one of their autistic riders has the chance to go to Greece but needs to be able to ride more horses first. This gave me an opening to just spend time with Duke in his stable as the lunge area was in use so no oppertunity to do Liberty in the time gap. On the spur of the moment I decided to do some equine massage on a cobbled together system from demos, mags and books.

shocked OMG. What a revellation in this horsey. I know all of mine like it; Dancer especially and Tilly least ( huh); but Duke persued me backwards around the stable for more in one area. I concentrated on the areas I most want to see a change in and where I hope I have been changing. I started with small cirlcular movements of my fingertips but ended up braced against the wall using my whole fist and weight and Duke rocking with his whole body stretched out to the width of the stable. It looked as if was braced until I realised that he couldn't have rocked his weight so well and also let down his willy unless he was in a very happy place.

I discovered his button to let down his undercarriage and was able to tidy him up and apply baby lotion. The next few times as I went in and out of his stable he tried to get me to massage more and let down his undercarriage. I just wish someone else had seen his reaction as it was really amazing.

I decided to ride him after although I know sometimes you should leave them. I got carried away. If I had been at home I would have left him and masssaged the others - amazing work out for my arms grin

During our outside ride in the fog the RDA continued their indoor riding with much Christmas hilarity and tinsel/flags/ flashing hats. Duke has a look but basically is just interested rather than bothered. Bless. I kept it short and soft I hope. I found his trot better to maintain after this rubbing session and Moya popped her head out to look in her very alarming santa earmuffs - Duke not bothered by them but I nearly had a shy!

Moya thinks he has improved as she hasn't seen him ridden for a while. Big smiles from me.

Today I have Amanda coming who is to give Duke special massage to his head and also do some synus work on him. This has been in the pipeline since his tooth problem and is now going to be helpful since he seems to be allergic to the hay here. Gail is trying to get some dryer less intense haylege. He has already improved after a few days of no hay.

When I get my act together I would love to have the herbal lady but as his saddle needs paying for I better hold off.

Shops are open now so I need to get a wriggle on and buy the heir apparent a suit which he announced is comulsory for 2 school functions next week but only told me at 8pm last night... Just when you think you have left all those sheep and angel costumes behind another and more expensive costume rears up!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 15th, 2009, 08:12am

As Duke is a well muscled horse , he will especially like the massage , which will help release and lengthen the muscles over the joints. Why not do some Alexande work on him . Stand in monkey , and lay hands on:
our 'routine' went from hands on either side of the neck just behind the head
1 hand on chest,one on wither
1 on point of shoulder ,1 on wither
1 on saddle area,1 underneath where the girth would be
1 on wither ,1 on croup
1 on croup 1 on hip
1 on hip ,1 on hock
both on hock, encircling it
both on fetlocks
To do this both sides took at least 1/2 hr , and most horses absolutley love it.
You can even deepen your breathing once things are 'flowing' and you ll find the horse responds.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 15th, 2009, 08:52am

Judith, this is reallly helpful.

I have been doing a more tradtional massage but I have had 2 massage things going with Duke.

On saturday I had Amanda James, animal therapist, to him. Specifically this was for cranial and synus release. I am very pleased to say that she uses the technique you describe, rides naturally and Duke really benefitted. She spent 1 and 1/2 hours on him and still charged 50 only. I have my homework as well in 2 main areas. I is his cheeks which should feel like a wet sponge. He can only take a little of this. The other area is his loins nad here Jean in the yard is helping me and after I have done my bits on the days she is there she does Reiki on him. We both think that he needs another 2 to 3 sessions with Amanda to release in the head and jaw.

He had Sunday off and was to have a quiet monday. I had my saddle fitting booked for his new saddle. Well, the saddle fitter went quiet and I thought Oh no, theyv'e got this saddle so wrong. Fitter went to get paperwork and his template tool. Yep. Duke has changed already and the new saddle has gone back to be altered already. We had arranged for it to be bigger and to have pads to allow for the change but Duke has surpassed expectations. I rushed to get the saddle I am using which had been altered to do in the meantime. I have limited time left on that one too. It is a very nice VGD Ideal for Dancer so there is alot of whither room. Duke has gone better in it but he is still one sided.

What was nice was that the Fitter started asking my opinion on where I intend to go with Duke and we started measuring muscles etc. I am sure we have made such a big change as he was so ready and things will settle now. As I see him so much I haven't noticed but a couple of people and some of the workers have been commenting. I had a short quiet ride indoors with just the headcollar. The Amanda James work could be felt immediately. I got quite emotional and I must say I was close to a little cry all day.

the next problem is that he is carrying his head and neck much better but the horseman's reins of Dnacer's are not long enough to hold out!!! Job for C I think.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 21st, 2009, 4:53pm

C has just got an order for a pair of reins - if you want some please say so , and He can perhaps be persuaded to do a few at once.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 5th, 2010, 2:26pm

OK, I'm starting to organise the 2010 Sinnington Summer Residential Clinic (is that right H?) - please keep this thread solely for comments/questions about the clinic.

I'll be emailing everybody later this week with more details about the camp and the booking form. If you have any questions please either email me direct ( or via this forum and I'll respond soonest.

Preference will be given to last year's attendees when it comes to reserving a place, but even if you couldn't make last year for any reason do register your intest because if there's sufficient demand then it is planned to run a second residiential clinic towards the end of August.

As usual the max number of people attending the clinic will be 10. In summary, the details are: there will be a mix of groundwork, online and ridden work; everyone will have at least one Alexander Technique lesson and at least one liberty session; Tuesday will be the free day; lunchtime talks/demos will be arranged.

The tuition fees will be 525 if paid in full before the 10th June (575 thereafter); the horse accommodation is 10/nt (stabled) or 5/nt (in a pen); your accommodation will be 10/nt in the dormitory, 5 if sleeping in your lorry or camping, or there are lashings of B&Bs in the area.

I'm sitting here waiting for the 16" of snow to be dumped on us that the Met Office are promising this area and sooo looking forward to spending long sunny days in Yorkshire with my horse and a group like minded people.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 8th, 2010, 5:31pm

Ok guys, check your inboxes - I've sent everybody that I know of an email this afternoon all about the Summer Clinics at Sinington. I've attached a Booking Form as well so if you want to come please do the necessary and whizz it back to me laugh

If everyone signs up who said they would then the second summer clinic of 2010 in August will definitely happen - isn't that exciting! Want to come to both anyone?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jan 12th, 2010, 09:29am

Liz, just sorted the summer arrangements in proforma and I can now print off the camp form. how exciting.

What dates would a second camp be do you think? I ahve to make arrangements for the family and cost raises it head of course. We hope to go and join Freya after her course and make her practise that which we hope she has learnt.

Off to do Duke and then home to other house for a few days to hopefully do some work with Tilly and make arrangements for Dancer. Crunch time there unfortunately and I want to assess if it is time to say goodbye or if she has a bit longer. The foot is still hollow and she could not do more than hobble on the frozen ground. The contrast with Tilly doing a near passage with excitement over the chance to take bites out of the Christmas tree was noticed by Gary even who hates Tilly and is very fond of Dancer. We expected Dancer's usual disply whilst a strange thing went through the field but she couldn't realy do anything.

Bit of a thaw here so now it's all slush.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 12th, 2010, 10:08am

Alex, hi

What a mix of emotions you must be going through what with Tilly on the one hand and Dancer on the other. Dancer's mobility and hoof is a (potentially) sad subject I know but the thought of Gary being fond of any horse shows what a superb conversion job you've achieved with him...I guess 'fond' is a relative term! Not an easy time for you so my thoughts are with you when you come to evaluating all the medical advice and making 'that' decision.

The dates for the August camp are Saturday 21st until Thursday 26th but I should add that it will only happen if the July camp is filled first.

Yes, we're thawing somewhat up here too, and can see the tips of the grass poking through the snow today. The dogs will be sad they've loved the snow and all the rolling and skittering about, catching snow balls is a favourite game - even the old boy has been rejuvenated by it!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 18th, 2010, 12:13pm

Half the spaces are already filled on the July clinic so if that's the date you prefer then please send me the booking form (or let me know if you want another copy) and a deposit to secure your place.

I've had a very kind offer of a lift so the Yellow Peril can come this year - yippee cheesy

If anyone wants to know any more information about the Clinic just reply here or drop me a line (
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 25th, 2010, 4:28pm

Sad news - I've just heard from Sandra (famous for the on 'tinernet? comment) to say that sadly she won't be able to join us this summer sad But more people are interested incoming so I think we'll have a great group all the same.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jan 25th, 2010, 5:22pm

cryno Sandra -- what a shame. If she can perhaps we might see her one day as an auditor or something?

Might I suggest that we have a swop shop/book/dvd review evening if at all possible? I would be happy to have it in whatever shed I occupy providing drinks and nibbles or cheese and whine (oops , wine ). Might not work this time but a suggestion.

I am happy to do a load of old balls again if there is a need. No worries if there is too much else. I am interested in breathing (who isn't?) and I wonder if there is a singing teacher or something who may be able to really get us to look at our breathing. Sorry Liz; as usual assuming you will leap on it but I can do some searching about if this is something we might like.

I am typing this watching the news of violence in South Africa having just sent the money for Freya's courses there this summer and am now in a worry. Maybe I will have to go too? I should take Whisper for back-up.

Not sure who has seen the e-mails about Equitrek but I am thinking of hiring one for the course!

Well done for getting this going for another year. When we are all to old shall we just go to the dea side for the 5 days? grin
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 26th, 2010, 12:52pm

Nice one Alex - I like the idea of a swap shop for books/dvds - I think we should definitely get that into the evening programme. The only problem I see with you hosting it at your 'shed' is that it means we'd all have to come round a second time (could you bear that?) to enjoy the pool - this is beginning to sound like a take over bid! Also, do you think you could persuade the local chinky to deliver?

Thanks for agreeing to do the balls again - that was rather fun wasn't it?! I like the idea of breathing exercises, and as long as it doesn't involve actually singing I'd love to try that - Judith do you know of anyone who could help out?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Jan 27th, 2010, 07:46am

Yes, it was good fun and inspiring too. I got my ball and book for Christmas, so you made a difference to me at any rate.

I am so sorry about Sandra. I liked her very much indeed, in fact it was the double act of Caroline and Sandra that made my mornings so entertaining. I will really miss them both.

Are you posting a list of 'attendees', Liz?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 27th, 2010, 09:27am

As you say that double act was quite something wasn't it and sadly they're the only two who've said they can't make it this year sad

I hadn't thought of posting a list of attendees, but now you mention it, those who are definitely coming so far are:

Carole Locker
and me

If you want to prod anyone who hasn't signed up yet then feel free to go ahead and do so!

You've been much better than me if you're still doing your exercises with the ball. I kept it going for about 4 months after camp but have to admit to letting it slip lately. In fact, I've now moved the ball from the living room to here in the study so I can see it and do it rathe rthan push it out of sight and forget about it! There's a guilty conscience!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Jan 27th, 2010, 6:03pm

Well, at least you did it for 4 months. I put the book on my desk this morning unopened, and it was still there at 5.30 this evening. The ball is having a great time rattling around in the back of my car. It obviously has a sense of humour as it attempts to escape whenever it can. Last attempt was at Sainsbury's this morning. It put up a collossal fight when I tried to put it back in again.

Didn't notice Ann on your list. I know she is coming. Or should I say, I know that she intended to come.

I hope it is not going to be all 'Southerners'. Oh, how I will miss Caroline's foghorn blast of rounded Yorkshire vowels. 'Ey oop - fancy a brew'? at 0700. Who else could supply tea in the middle of a field at that hour? Who else could get away with assailing one's eardrums at that hour without being flattened? We def. need more Northerners to put us all into perspective!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 27th, 2010, 11:46pm

O Heather! Having said you'd got the ball and book I naively assumed you'd also been using them. Mind you I bought a whizzy mountain bike a few years ago with the getting fit but I found it did absolutey nothing to help me....then David told me I had to use it not just own it - doh! It went to Flitwick once (to the tennis club no less) and back again, almost all uphill - never again - or maybe the mistake was to play 9 sets of tennis before the return trip!

I'm no expert, but I think to let the ball have an effect on you/your fitness you do actually need to get up close and personal with it and do things - regularly wink

Yes, I'm pretty sure Ann is coming (she's going to take Nins up for me) but I've not heard a peep out of her other than the offer of alift....very puzzling, I'm assuming the reasn I haven't heard is because she's gallivanting off on one of her skiing trips.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jan 28th, 2010, 07:38am

Well as it is confession time - I haven't done the ball for months. My excuses are many and varied but not least the rotten cold that I had over Christmas which left me exhausted. I naively thought that I was fit untill I tried to run about the arena with Duke. I could only keep it up for a short time. No chance of being like Phillip Nye with Magic!

Can I suggest that the best way to start with the ball is in fact just to do the raising it up over your head exercise? It is harder than it looks and break it down into small sections. 5 reps ;shake your arms;5 reps etc. This increases the heart rate pretty fast and gives a great stretch. I hear you should change the exercise you do every month. I found the ball very thereputic to sit on whilst decorating the small Christmas tree and de-decorating.

More importantly, lets concentrate on me for a minute. Yesterday I had a session with a proper podiatrist - sign of age hey embarassed . The quick result at the beginning of the session is that I have a considerably longer right leg and she is making me two pads - 1 for general wear and 1 for riding. On the ground I am unbalanced and have lots of hip pain. All of this is due to my leg and now my poor right leg is trying to pretend it isn't longer and I shove my weight to my left hip to try to give my right leg room. My right foot is collapsing inwards etc.

All of this is helped by the Alexander Technique but the podiatrist says it is a bone issue and AT will be very beneficial but there is no actual cure . I have an AT today which I really need. All this is now showing up in my saddles and I need to have my stirrup leathers at different lengths until the inserts arrive. I am going to get NP to allign the lenghts on the saddle horse. Or ride without stirrups. Not sensible always on Duke yet.

I have also bought a seat wedge which can be adjusted as it is air filled. It arrived last night so I am going to drive today and see how that helps.

I am also going to have a long awaited session with Tilly and I am praying the rain holds off. Things going on with Duke and it is so nice having an institutional horse in this difficult weather but I am planning his hols at home to keep his routine.

Ps : perhaps we should work out on line? web cam anyone?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jan 31st, 2010, 10:10am

Its fine to ride with stirrups at different lengths - Duke will get used to the slight differnce in weight. The seatbones carrying your torso weight is the important thing - keeping them level, and imagining the legs as unimportant for your balance . I dont think theres anything wrong with unlevel stirrup leathers. Think of side saddle riding , its virtually impossible to keep level, but horses still go well. I once met an Irish man who had one leg thrust forward at an impossible angle [ knee probs] yet he rode, broke horses in ,schooled etc. Horses can cope with all sorts , so dont get bogged down with it! Duke will 'understand'
Our Rich , with his hip problems has walked with a limp from the age of 5 - but he s still played all sports , runs etc , though he s hardly ever ridden! He even did a parachute jump , which I dont think was a great idea. Now i find , via facebook, our Kathie is going to sky dive . These kids have their fathers fearlessness with heights - I m hopeless.
Its now freezing , and a layer of snow. Once again we have holiday horses that need slow riding - its perishing out there! Even the outdoor school is frozen solid.
Our youngsters are coming along well. Foxy now leads,is bitted, trots up, stands up,loads , so is ready for the show ring come summer.
Cameo has all tack on and is being prepared for being sat on. We ll do that then turn her away all summer. She has had hardly any groundworrk, as she is so big and gangly, All straight line stuff.
C is riding Inca and Guinness out hacking. Pebbles not as advanced, ridden in a school. We ve also had a pony to school. so every day theres plenty to do!
Summer camp is filling up , cant believe that time will come so quickly again! I like the idea of a book/dvd exchange/sample . last year I so wanted to read an excerpt from 1 of my favourite books 'Warrior', a true story of,,,,well, perhaps I ll leave it till camp!
Snippets of horsemanship come out in lots of books written when horses were everyday transport and power. Apparently scientists have 'discovered' animals have emotions, friendships, personalities. Well ,isnt it obvious? Anyone who has ever worked with animals knows this , hardly takes science to work it out[ probably paid for by tax payers] The 'Little house' series of books descibe the 2 work horses temperaments in a way we would understand , and how that affected the work the \Ingalls could do .[ I ve been re reading ' The long winter', which makes our deprivations and cold seem pretty small fry.
The weeks are counting down to new zealand now, 3 weeks to go.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 4th, 2010, 07:54am

This weeks horse&hound has a fantastic article about riding without tack. Titled 'Brave or bonkers' the front cover shows huntsman of the Cheshire draghounds jumping with a neckstrap and no bridle. he did it for 'help for heroes'. Other bridleless riders include a team chase team with pink headcollars. N H is mentioned at times .
I think we were the first N H show in UK to do various tackless dressage tests - judged by a list judge. After 3 years of the shows we were a bit lazy not to carry on, but we d organised shows of some description for 14 years on and off , hard work and not much reward!

The horse and hound akso described hunting in New Zealand. The jumping is mainly 4foot high high tensile wire - sometimes electrified. Think I ll give that a miss!!

Having 'signed off' Foxy for the moment , our last foal, now emormous yearling, is the next and last on the list to handle. As she s so big liberty was the no 1 thing. All new horses are interesting! She was so cross at a couple of points she did mini bucks , flinging up her hind legs out of sheer frustration.
This was in the indoor area , as everythiing frozen solid. Inca had an indoor jumping lesson online. I d taken her over the logs in the field weeks ago and she d gone very well, but poles indoors were quite different!
We hacked Guiness down the farm with other people on ponies joining us . As usual he was totally solid. He is even beginning to trot using the correct muscles and not pulling himself along from his chest. But we only do that on farm hacks - it ll be a long process till he s strong enough for school work.

We are waiting for Ducks to calve; our bull Rocky went to his holiday girls last April 24th, from which we calculate Ducks would be due at the latest 1st Feb. She is near but obviously going to be at last a week overdue ....or a bull calf got at her after Rocky left ?

With frozen ground C s lessons keep being cancelled/posponed. It means work can continue on the card tables - but they wont be finished for months!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 4th, 2010, 3:38pm

Judith: About your knowldege - or otherwise - of animal husbandry:

Cows calve but Ducks have ducklings:

Cows bits = large
Ducks bits = small
Calves = big
ducklings = small

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 8th, 2010, 08:21am

[ how do I add these smiley things ?] laugh
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 8th, 2010, 08:21am

It worked!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 8th, 2010, 3:08pm

Blast it, it's snowing again. Thought we had finished with all that. Everything is cold and sodden.

Anyway, lots of things have been going on in Mid-Beds, not least of which is the fact that on top of diverticular disease I now seem to have got ulcerative colitis. The pictures of my inner tubing are quite entertaining. I have a mind to frame them and hang them in the lounge. Thus creating a focal point of interest for those who have not had enough to drink. Coupled with really bad arthritis, I'm doing well. At this juncture I am wondering how on earth I am going to manage camp and all the other things I have planned this year. If it is still this bad then I will just have to watch, or do a Silke Valentine from my car!

Someone said try Devil's claw, so I bought some Equestrian Equimins Devil's Claw and am taking 1/2 teasthingy per day, which seems about right as the dosage for a horse is two capfulls. This stuff is sensational. It has eased all the inflamation everywere wonderfully well. However, I have visions of how this stuff was made. Probably dug up a few roots with dirt, a few snails and rat droppings hanging off it, bunged it into a boiler and then decanted it. Yummy!

Exciting stuff has hove into view. People have been writing to me for a while now informing me that my pensions are about to mature. So as I fully expect to kick the bucket before my allotted time, I elected to have one lump sum and 2/6d and a pile of comics a week. I dont want you to run away with the idea that this was a vast sum because it wasnt. But it is enough to have bought me a brand spanking new Equitrek Show Treka trailer which I picked up on Saturday. It is soooooooo exciting. We can now make tea, eggs and bacon in our trailer, go to sleep on bunk beds if we want and visit the loo in privacy. This will revolutionise show days and far flung hacks away from base. (baggsie I not empty the bog upon return!)

I put it in the school yesterday and we had a really good time practicing loading. Harry charged onto it like a seasoned trooper, but Troy and Lady were very suspicious, probably because of the new smell. Harry was on top form, arching his neck and prancing about and offering to show the others how to do it. After his 'turn' I let him off to wander about. He was so keen to join in that he trotted up the ramp and loaded himself. It was the culmination of some really fun stuff we had been doing. Fast changes of direction, figures of 8 round barrels and 'touch it'. Harry was really fired up and was such a pleasure to work with. He is really responding now. I am not at all sure that when we invite them to have an opinion it is necessarily a good thing that they feel this free to express it!

H's has got a tumour. I took him to hospital to have it removed and they did not want to do it when they saw it, so took a second biopsy instead. I am to monitor it and spray it once a day with some steroid spray. If it gets bigger, then they will have to remove it. Finger's crossed.

I spoke at length to the Ramsay enclave a couple of weeks ago. I was going to say that due to the blemish I was not going to go ahead with the assessment required to have Richard ride Harry. However, it appears that if H was accepted then he would have to live there and be turned out from there. This I would not have considered for one moment in any event, so all things being equal, it has turned out O.K. I was however, invited to spend a week or however long I wanted there, to receive individual tuition. If I ever lose 4 stone, I might consider it. Anyway, I think I can get all I need in that direction from Team Sinnington.

Lovely picture on the cover of H&H. it just shows what can be done if people want it enough. Has the baby duckling arrived yet? Not long to the long haul over to NZ now. How lovely. Love to one and all. x
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Feb 9th, 2010, 08:45am

grinHow lucky Taildragger. I have placed the brochure in plain site and I didn't get a definate no.

Did you get the L or the M ? Which extras if ant did you go for? How easy are you finding the manoevering?

I am intrigued about the diferent loading success. Have any travelled in it yet?

Lots of snow here and mud in Clavering. It is bitter in Oakham and I have had a flare up of joint pain in one hand . We are off skiing next week which will test the joint.

Tilly has grown over the last few weeks and I am so impressed with her hind leg action. If I can crack the loading this spring she will be a ggreat all rounder. Maybe if I get the trailer upgrade... rolleyes

Duke is continuing to progress and we are getting to know each other, I can really see the difference from mares. The vet intermated that he thought Duke is a bit gay - he said he thought he is a bit of a flower and laughed when I told him his real name.

Duke is having some obsevations as he continues to toss his head about. I can get him through it but it takes a while. Any thoughts?

The new saddle is lovely and even with airs above ground it stays in place. He is progressing to a raised pole and moving well over it. He has put on condition and is growing a bit. Everyone thinks he will have a spurt this spring. Quiet leadership is the key with him but also projecting energy from the ground and when ridden without reacting to the shenanigins he feels is necessary to question you with. The passion of his life is to move to a cheaper yard at the end of the month which is so sad. I really like the owner and her little spanish horse and we are the closest in ethos although she rides in a flash and lunges in gadgets.

Jean at the yard is going on a Horse psychology course next month which sounds interesting. She is the one who does Duke when I am away.

Hope NZ is all you hope.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 9th, 2010, 6:17pm

I got the L and I needed it. H is comfortable with the height, I would not have wanted a smaller one. Manouvering a definite nightmare compared with the IW. No neddies have travelled in it yet. We want to get the loading firm first, so will do it 7 days in a row and then try the travelling a short distance and then increase. All neddies to be comfortable loading before we take to the road. Extras were loo and horse shower. Rug rack, mirror and CCTV asked for on my 60'th. Other 'essentials' like full hand knitted privacy curtains will be croched by my Ma-in-Law.

You need to start wearing a ribbon in the hair and sporting the odd silk dressing gown and clutching the odd bottle of champers when greeting the other half - if you want one of these trailers. It is amazing what results a little 'co-operation' can produce (you can always drink most of the champers first to anaethsetise the senses) However, do remember in advance to draw the line at 'extras' - you can always get what you really want for your next Birthday without the need for further negotiation!

Tossing heads is symptomatic of one of the 'horsenalities' I will look it up in due course and let you know what it is.

Just been reading about the hunts in NZ in this weeks H&H - I think you should sign up immediately. Fences, wire and hedges. The going sounds right up C's alley!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 10th, 2010, 12:24pm

I think I ve been handling my other half all wrong - whats left as 'co operation' when its assumed to be 'on tap'?! I need lessons from taildragger in subtle man management!
I hope your health probelms sort themselves out - without having to resort in giving up pleasurable foods /drinks etc. what a bummer.
Alex,I do hope the head tossing is just a habit I m sure you ve already seen to his tee;th - we had a headshaker , and it took 3 different dentists to sort him out [ although that wasnt the reason for the headshaking , tree pollen was and once he was moved to a treeless arable area he was fine]
Does he toss in a halter? on the ground or just ridden? if its linked to his emotions rather than something physical, it will be a case of eliminating the triggers [ or even if its just physical , I realise] lets hope he s just being opiniated!
The horses are in again today - snow, ice ,cold. C s lessons held indoors - today with a student as a pretend judge , I ll parade Foxy , and hope he learns the pattern of a show class. Guinness proved homself a young horse when yeaterday, walking along the yard he fell to his knees for no reason , except being weak and unbalanced! C just sat there and he got up and away we went fine. I was sat bareback on Ben , glad I wasnt on board Sir Alex [ as he s getting called at the moment]
Ducks calf , suggested Drake [ was that from Vanessa] has now been called Sir francis. her and mum are in with the main herd again, and Ducks had 3 calves sucking her yesterday, so hope sir Francis gets enough milk!
For anyone on 'facebook' ,Ii ve been putting up pics of our coloured horses. I have lots of pics from the camps , as has jayne |Lavender , whose facebook page is a lot more active than mine. Jo campin[ artist who is just fantastic with dogs and horses] would like to paint a pic of herman that is on facebook albums page. Its very tempting..
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 12th, 2010, 5:02pm

For 'co-operation' read 'extras'. (imagination required here) It should never, [i]never[/i] be on tap, so we need to fix this situation. Approach and retreat works well. Approach methodology could be: 'Helloooo darling' with said ribbon/champers, when other half is least expecting it, and Retreat is 'headache' 'gizzard puke' or just 'unwell' when he expects you to perform.
All this wifely duty nonesense is a thing of the past. It has to be on your terms and not the other way round It will take a while, but trust in the system - it will work with patience!

Hope Sir Francis is doing well and getting his fair share at the milk bar. Is it normal for mummy cows to allows strange babies to suckle? Or is Ducks just odd that way?

Must be close now. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy every second. It is wonderful to go on holiday and remain clean for a whole day - if nothing else!

I read Guiness's fall with interest. Is this an Irish thing?
H when he is slopping along on buckle end and firmly on his shoulders has gone down on his knees with me twice. I should have learned to not let him slop along on his shoulders, but when the sun is shining and everyone is relaxed I fall straight back into riding on a casual rein. Is it too much to expect the horse, who after all, has four feet, to look where he is going? I should imagine that Guiness has far more of an excuse that H, being young and weak, but for goodness' sake, why cant they sort themselves out? They are not thinking of predators and being eaten then are they?

Sir Alex? is this another a cow or have you got your hands on Alex's new steed? I'll bet he will be really something when he matures. We have a Lucitano and two Andalucians on our yard and they all have in-built springs in their hocks and they all carry themselves so beautifully.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 12th, 2010, 5:04pm

That is odd. My last post's paragraphs seem to have changed places. shocked
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 13th, 2010, 11:08pm

Its a bit late to substitute cooperation for extras, I ll have to find other ways to get my wishes!Actually, asking seems to work quite well!
C has been teaching near Wakefield today- Vanessa was one of the students, so C rode Strider again. he also rode a little Luso , and a part bred Spanishx Anglo, whom we have had here for training at times. He s a beautiful horse, but a bit oversensitive and highly strung. One so called trainer thought he d match his energy to the horses' , and 2 hours later had to stop, having been unsuccessful at tirying the horse out!
. It was so cold ansd miserable here I didnt do any horses, and just got a little gardening done between showers.C came back with a borrowed dvd 'Playing with horses' with Jutta Weiners. Imagine Parelli mixed with circus training,voice and treat cues, clicker, a smidging of tellington Jones, and all wrapped up in nonsense about her work being play,rather than tasks. In the end the horses are doing what you ask them , so you re still in charge - they dont freely choose to do tricks [eg lie down, spanish walk, synchronised movements].
However, she did ride bareback with a halter, with a horse on each side in halters, so 3 abreast cantering along, weaving in and out of trees, which I think is pretty good!

sir francis Drake is getting enough milk , I think. by the time he needs a lot more the older 4 calves will be away to their next home , so he ll have all mums milk. Its funny about them sharing the mums - when we first had 30 sucklers , just after the dairy cows went , there was no sharing at all. When we went down to my 8 jerseyxs there got to be a real family feel and the lower order cows suckled more than 1 calf quite often. Now I have more cows , but they ve been here since they were calves, they nearly all accept other calves [ with the exception of the high ranking 3 cows who have never allowed it]. Also, over the years , new calves have copied the wiles of the older ones , and learned to sneak behind the 'real' calf and get stuck in.
Sir Alec is an extension of Guinness - as in the actor, but yes, we say sir Alex, which is wrong! he is quite sexy - flirting endlessly with Polly - now 25 and far beyond reproducing - because she seems to be in season.
Already their is a full schedule of visitors as soon as we get back from N Z , horses to back, holidays in cottage etc and demo/clinics in early may.
I havent found any N H ers near Queenstown , but it is high in the mountains , so probably not a horsey area. Russellhiggins is many miles away in north island. C has been offered a trail in the mountains with the friend of a friend , but I didnt seem to be included! We are going to do the tourist thing and trek as Riders of Rohan on a day ride. I cant believe that in a weeks time we ll be on our way. Were keeping this week fairly free , although I m going to look at a horse with and for a friend. She ll find I m quite difficult to please. one friend stopped taking me cause I just kept saying 'no' to everything she looked at.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Feb 14th, 2010, 2:08pm

Yes and I had a very enthralling session with C - as always thought provoking but you'll be pleased to hear that I'm still tapped into my inner ballerina Judith! S was his usual self! But with a slight twist - at first he did everything I asked and as we continued to work - he decided that as he'd done it all, he didn't have to do it any more and gave the usual V sign! When C asked for canter on the line, he was very cross! he kept going disunited and he also stumbled onto his knees but recovered pretty d**n sharp! S was even more cross when C rode him - my low mental state meant I did not feel up to this part especially with an audience from the yard (who are always up for a bit of drama!?). So my forward plan is to keep up the ballerina but become more unpredicatable (C's suggestion...) when working with S! As always a great time for me - S was a much nicer boy this morning too - he probably needs somebody who isn't as infirm as I've become - know where you're coming from taildragger on this! - arthritis, lower back issues and carpal tunnel to name but a few ailments!! Unfortunatley, he's stuck with me...
My friend with her Luso & spanish x anglo felt so positive about her session with C too, as did the other friend with her warmblood - she says she's done nothing but 'think' about all the things she's learnt since the session and is totally shattered!
I really love the name Sir Francis as an extension of my suggestion of Drake for Ducks' calf - I saw first hand the 'stealing' milk from other cows than their Mums last summer - most intriguing. But it does ensure healthy youngsters I guess.
So interesting to hear about all the youngsters (horses) progress, particularly 'Sir Alex' (if you carry on with all these sirs, you'll have a full round table soon!)
I imagine that you and C are extremely excited about your impending visit to NZ - so much planned and family time too - it will be wonderful. Will you have enough time to log on to keep us all updated?!!!
Finally, some mixed news on my grandaughter's op which happened last thurs - her right hip wouldn't go back into place - blocked by muscle tissue- even though her left hip would go in, the surgeon had to leave it and she will have to go back into hospital in 4 weeks for another much more invasive op (this one was done keyhole) to cut away the tissue and locate the joint correctly. They did sort her breathing though. She has recovered remarkably well and was of a very sunny disposition when I saw her on Friday. So we are back to waiting again... and I haven't heard about the job yet!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 15th, 2010, 08:55am

I m sorry your granddaughters hip was nt resolved - but at least they know what to do next time. I guess it ll be a bigger op ? All fingers crossed. I m glad everyone enjoyed their lessons - I think C enjoyed them too - all the bad weather has cancelledso much of his lessonwork, but at least its meant our own have been schooled more than we dared hope.
Yes I certainly intend to stay tuned in when we re in N Z . I m starting to get things sorted- and have begun with 6 pics printed off to draw whilst in flight! As 1 is of St Michales mount that alone will take hours - all those windows and odd buildings! Still, my drawing efforts are of minimal 'value', compared to 'proper' artists. Jo Campin is about to start an oil painting of Phillip Pembroke. I dont know why we didnt think of it earlier. Its odd because as the years go by we miss him more , not less.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Feb 19th, 2010, 2:03pm

Back onto the subject of the Summer Clinic (nee camp) - it's almost full, there are now 9 people who are definitely coming (oh, and me) - sadly we won't have a couple of old friends, but Sian will be coming which is great news. Anyone who remembers her amazing relationship with Bob will recall her doing everything bareback 'as it's easier'! She bought a youngster off Charlie and Judith a couple of years ago (or perhaps was it longer ago?) and so is bringing Harry with her this time. There are 3 new faces to us all plus one lady coming who's a regular at Charlie's southern weekends.

Sorry to hear about your grand-daughter's operations saga Vanessa but at least one hip and the breathing is fixed so presumably that's a big improvement. Best of luck with the job hunting too - we want you at the camp to see how Strider is changing as he grows up!

I was trying to find a link between Guinness and Sir Alex so I'm glad that got sorted out - I can understand it now!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 20th, 2010, 12:32pm

I hope everyone keeping chatting on the site here while we re away. I will log in sometimes just to see how everyone is.
Summer camp/clinic is a dot in the distance , but will come along faster than I think - how would everyone feel about a tai chi session?
All is nearly ready for our trip - seems too big and long to call it a holiday!
I hope the sunny weather continues here , and that everyone can get out on their horses more.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Feb 21st, 2010, 4:49pm

Have a great time gallivanting around the southern hemisphere - we'll let you know if it snows again!

Yes, Tai Chi is a good idea - everyone seemed to enjoy it last time. Will it be 'She with the white knickers'? Would she come again after we struggled to follow her instruction without laughing!?

How about searching for the Sinnington Hoard - I bought David a metal detector for his birthday last week and we should be able to understand the controls by then - that would make a fun evening? Yes, no?

I really must remind Nins what a saddle is like. I've not ridden her for ages - I have plenty of excuses lined up - too cold, too wet, too windy, no menage, feel rotten....but at the end of the day I think I'll just have to decide 'today's the day' and as long as it isn't raining or blowing a gale then start riding.

Fortunately we still do some liberty most days so at least she's not gone feral. But this summer our big challenge is to work with Claude and see if we can't get him pulling a tyre and/or log around the field. An old boy in the village, a recent arrival, came over to talk to us at the stables and it turns out that he and his wife have spent many happy years carriage driving and he's offered to help - well, actually, it was more a case of insisting he'd come and help...I fear this could be a two edged sword sad
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Feb 22nd, 2010, 07:14am

cry I have to report that Dear Dancer ended her journey with me on Friday.

Her laminae never recovered and she had not wanted to take her weight on either front foot to have them picked out.

I had a lovely homeopathic vet attend who also had some very good observations about Tilly who was very distressed by Dancer's passing. ILsa had seen Dancer a few years ago and completely endorsed my decision.

The comforting thing about the deed was that the snow stopped and the sun came out just as we took her to the spot and I was rubbing her ears, tallking to her whilst she was gazing into the distance on alert but giving me her ear. She did not notice the injection but those of you who met her will understand when I say her nervous system took a long time to close down - way after her heart stopped and the eyes had died. Ilsa and me both commented on how this reflects on her character.

Dancer taught me everything I don't know and is the horse that taught me the true path to feel. I am so glad she doesn't have to go through any more stress.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Feb 22nd, 2010, 09:21am

Alex, I don't have the words to say what I want though I'm sure others will find exactly what needs to be said. I was very sorry to read your post and I can just say that to me if sounds as if you made the right decision, you did it for her and that's the hardest decision any animal owner can make. She's at peace now and you can transfer the skills she taught you to the others in your care.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 22nd, 2010, 10:24am

I am so very, very sorry Alex. The loss of any horse is the most utterly tragic event imaginable but none more so than the one that has taught you some great truth.

I am not surprised that her spirit lingered. So did Goldie's. It was the tremendous life force that existed within Dancer and Goldie which kept them moving long after their hearts had stopped beating.

There is little more that anyone can say at such a dreadful time, but know that I shall be thinking of you and saying a prayer for the beautiful, troubled live wire that was Dancer.

All my special love goes to you Alex.
Heather xx

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by paula on Feb 22nd, 2010, 11:21am

Hi Alex,

I am so very sorry to hear your news, you made the right decision for Dancer & I'm sure she will always hold
that special place in your heart.

My thoughts & prayers are with you,
Love Paula
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 25th, 2010, 7:42pm

This is indeed a sad time for you , Alex, but it the ultimate responsibility we have to have and do the right thing , no matter how hard for us.I m sorry it has been been news to read here , on my first ckeck in since we left .
Here in N Z it has been a dry summer and still very warm. We arrived at Kathies yesterday pm , after leaving on 21st. Have had various stops , and a lot of long flights , but we should now recover and enjoy this lovely scenery. Very like a giant lake district! Have nt seen many horses , and what we see are tb types , looking fit and lean.

, if we did tai chi it would be with white knickers again - she was unavailable last summer , but has since been in touch to remind me she would like to see us again!
As we have a Unicorn trail director in our midst, perhaps she would like to talk about the various world riding holidays available?
Our farm sitter has already had a Trudie episode, but dog returned home at 11 pm! I dont like the sound of the uk weather , here its in the 70 s and most pleasant!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 26th, 2010, 07:39am

White knickers? what exactly did you get up to on that course...? Has anyone thought it might be a good idea to have a local historian to give us a talk on Sinnington's history and owners? I have already looked this up on the internet, and it is fascinating. It might just give you/us a rest from 'white knickers' whomever she may be.

I have a godson in Rotarua Judith, there is an arfield there with WW2 aircraft which godson's Dad flies when he is not doing his commercial stuff with ANZ. That is about the sum total of my knowledge of NZ. That and the fact that it has a lot of sheep.

How lucky you are to have 70 degrees. Today we have lashing rain (which has been going all night) and howling gales. The next door farm to us has stopped all horses being turned out. The fields are sodden. Our farmer has said that he has never ever seen the fields so wet, so I hope that we are not going to suffer the same fate.

New trailer has been damaged already. It has never left the yard yet, but having practiced and practiced loading with our two - who happily load at liberty now and even park themselves side by side - it has taken its toll on the ramp. It is filthy and splatterd with poo. I swear they are happier to go in now because they have scent marked it. Anyway, I have rather rashly offered two people a lift to Charlie's Saturday clinic in April. Mistake. Big mistake. One neddy loads beautifully now, but the other one is going to be more of a problem. Spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get her on. She pawed, pulled back, stomped about, hit her head on the top, kicked out at us. We both got her on but, she then exists fast. Poor box. Sadly, we are going to have to repeat the process until she is calm and happy.

This reminds me. Someone has started a horse-specific radio internet station., or com, as far as I remember. Anyway, Carol and I have been asked to do an hour's slot. We have been desperately trying to find a subject that will not offend the masses with our opinions. Not easy. Any suggestions welcome.

Have a fab time in NZ. Are you enjoying having clean fingernails and smelling pleasant all day? I am always amazed at how clean I become on holiday. Chlorine and salt water do wonders for the inground muck at the bottom of the nails! Oh yes, Judith: I do hope that you remembered to insure C before you left. He is bound to find something 'exciting' to do.

Have fun and think of us in the U.K. weather - of which there is lots.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Feb 26th, 2010, 1:37pm

I think we've got to have White Knickers - she's a hoot and you'll find it very instructive laugh Having said that, I fully intend to have a headache that day,you know how uncomfortable I am at 'crowd participation'!

We've lost our shiatsu demonstrators as I understand that neither Fiona nor Estelle will be able to make it this year sad

Whilst the idea of a talk from one of the Unicorn Trails directors is constructive, sadly one lives in Bedfordshire and the other in Hertfordshire, not ideal for popping over to give us a talk one lunchtime sad But I did like the idea of Judith organising for someone to bring over a chocolate fountain for us to test!

I wonder if there's a local aromatherapist who we could find to come over? That's such a fascinating subject and I, for one, would love to know more about it.

Heather, as there's still a place left on the clinic why not ask your chum with the internet radio if she fancies coming for the week - then she could give us a talk about how that works...and interview Charlie for the radio at the same time?!

David and I went with Carole L to an evening organised by the Beds Wildlife Trust last night which featured a Dr Elizabeth somebody and a homeopathic vet called Chris Day from Oxfordshire. The purpose of their talks was to educate us about pasture management and point out the type of sward and environment to aim for. Never fertilising with nitrogen was rammed home as that increases greenery and sugars (good for cattle) but reduces fibre (bad for horses). I thought we had a reasonably good set up (more by luck/inheritance than management, though having a soil scientist in the household helps) but listening to the two speakers definitely gave me pause for thought and ideas of how to improve what we have. If you find it promoted near you I would thoroughly recommend going along.

Well done for surviving the long flights - not much fun are they sad Hope NZ stays lovely and warm for you - has C conquered any mountains yet? My niece lives in Auckland but says that the south island (where you are?) is very different and like England in the 1950s and has the most gorgeous scenery. Enjoy exploring it all.

It has finally stopped raining here now and there's even a hint of blue skies. Having spent ages brushing and scraping the mud out of Claude yesterday morning - I was knee deep in hair after just 10 minutes, which the rooks will no doubt be delighted to use - last night he was black, he'd obviously rolled and rolled and rolled. He definitely did not want to be a clean (ish) white horse but forcibly reminded me of his long-standing ambition to be coloured various shades of mud!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Feb 27th, 2010, 09:11am

'Crowd Participation?' What on EARTH will be happening? Are you considering selling tickets for this event? and does it involve stripping down to one's undergarments? ALL my knickers are industrial sized, white stretchy jobs, but I would not want to strip down to them for the amusement of onlookers. I think this needs rethinking. Either that, or I will watch too!

With the demise of Fiona and Estelle, I will certainly ask around our yard to see who would like to come to camp with H and I. Last year I took Chips to keep H company on the long haul drive. I have two candidates to set my sights on now. Siobhan and Cindy. Little do they know what awaits them this afternoon...!

The nitrogen information is not new to us, but we cannot stop our farmer from spreading this stuff on our fields. Every year we have the same old battle, and every year we get this bright green early flush that is soooo dangerous.

To those languishing in the tropics... we have warning tomorrow of a huge storm coming our way with lashing rain and howling gales. Just thought you would like to know - and perhaps have a giggle whilst sipping the Daquari's on the veranda in 70 degrees. It started to rain again last night and did not stop until 9 this morning. We have two rivers running down our field this morning. The Lord alone know what it will be like after tomorrow's deluge.

Watch for that gyser when crossing the rocks, won't you?!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Feb 28th, 2010, 7:42pm

Today we are joining the uk in having rain.Suprisingly is seems to be sunny at the same time...
We are still a horse free pair , Kathie trying to arrange a ride for us in exchange for C giving a lesson to a local girl. Yesterday, we crossed the lake on a steam ship ...and fed sheep and deer by hand. I love deer, and had toyed with the idea of getting a reindeer to do the xmas stuff with [ and therefore earn its keep] - it would have been useful this year with all the snow! The deer yest were red deer, and so fat with a couple of hundred tourists giving them nuts daily.
I also had a shiatsu massage by the waterfront, as 2 girls had set up tables as part of the sunday shoulders and neck are sore today!
I d be interested to see what I could find on our place on internet ; over the years we ve met people with various stories, and I have a book of them all. We know all the owners from building in 1790 even pictures of 1 from 1912, another family from 1920s and their relatives in 1940s.,but the single most interesting thing we have [ for me] is the farmstock sale poster of 1865, detailing all animals and machinery for sale.
We re going to some vinyards today, and look at the railway line we d hoped to cycle - all accomodation along the 90 miles booked up. However, as it raining , perhaps we re better off in a car!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 6th, 2010, 05:29am

No one is keeping in touch! I do like to hear how things are in uk!
Today we went to an agricultural show in Invercargill.But the horse classes were on the level [ or lower] of the smallest riding club show! If you could get your horse to stand quietly i the middle you d have got a prize ...and lame ones werent spun either. Dress of riders rarely random - dressage top hats or showjumping helmets , plus any sort of jacket and tack you might have! Horses were a very mixed bunch , from tb types to welsh cobs - all in the same classes! A couple were as badly behaved as Wills , plunge/rear when has to stop , yet still got rossettes - or rather ribbons that tied around the horses neck.
I believe the weather is getting better? Its been lovely today , but rained yest. Been doing agricultural things - watched the massive sheep milk operation , and a dairy herd operation today. Miss the cows!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 6th, 2010, 08:47am

Miss the cows? what about the neds? Yes, the weather IS getting better we now have sun and 5 degrees at the moment, going up to 10. The horses have got their rugs off and are having a lovely time bathing in the apalling mud and water which is still lying in our fields.

The horse show sounds frightful. I wonder whether it was a little local show or a 'proper' show? What class was it that had tb's and welsh cobs in? Still, I bet it was great fun watching it all going on.

Went to see Mrs Lockyer yesterday with H and T in the new box. The boys travelled well and we had a lovely ground session in the sun followed by a delicious lunch and steaming mugs of tea. It was bitterly cold on the side of the hill, but at least the sun was out. Whilst we were having lunch we watched a Video of Carole's and my first ever clinic with Charlie at Dennise's stud in Gamlingay. It was shot in 1994. We all looked considerably younger. I remember it was my first time riding without a bit. Scary! and there was an airshow going on whilst the clinic was in progress. Happy Days.

The grass is coming through, which is not good as both neds came in the day before yesterday with loose bowels. Back to the grazing masks. Oh how I wish there was a simple solution to keeping one's ned from getting laminitis.

Carole and I were talking about the summer camp and making plans. I am taking Mac up to Yorkshire with H, so at least that will be company for each other. Trouble is that Carol has plans for filling the living quarters of my new box with 'stuff'. This is to be vigorously discouraged.

Birds are singing spring songs, one of the hens is broody, snowdrops and crocuses all in full bloom and the daffys are shooting through at a rate of knots. All the trees and shrubs have buds on now, so not long.

I am hacking out with Tanya tomorrow morning, doing the 'triangle' or possibly the 'village loop' ride, which is especially reserved for Sundays so neddy world is returning to normal - whatever that may be.

Have fun in warmer sun than we are getting (I'm NOT complaining!)

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 8th, 2010, 12:43pm

GREAT THAT YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT IN THE NEW TRAiler Taildragger. How is the towing once loaded?

I continue to be challenged in my equitation by my new boy but I am still enjoying it. Now I have done my errands I am about to don more thermals and deal with him again. It was minus 8 degrees here early this morning!

I decided to join in and get the visiting instructor to ride Duke each wednesday. The chap is a nice rider and I realised that it would push Duke but the chaps timing is so good and he is so quiet in his riding I thoughtthis would be good. He did take Duke to canter before I expected and Duke felt it alot the next day. I think walk and trot would have been enough, however, I decided to go forward as Duke still improved. He told me to canter as much as possible but neither Jean nor I thought he is balanced enough and he is changing before our eyes. So I decided to ride him concentrating on staightness nad forwardness and deal with the canter on line for the time being.

So, said instructor hurt his back and isn't riding . I therefore had 2 lessons with me riding. The first went well and improved us both. After it I had another pole lesson with Jean and put the 2 lesson together. Alot learnt. Then I had the second lesson. I was just thinking that I would like to give the rein to Duke to reward when Chris called to me to hold the contact and face him to the outside but keeping the same contact. Then Duke said no - loudly. He stated to refuse to go forwards; napp dramatically, spook and rush backwards and sidewards. The difficulty is when in a lesson you have already given yourself to the instructor and as I needed to ride the moment I continued. With the 20/20 hindsight I would have stopped, lunged him and then got on again if I had been alone. I was pleased with myself as to how I dealt with it but Duke expressed himself for the next few days and won't go into the bottom of the indoor school at all!!!!!!

Reading some old masters over the weekend I have got my plan in mind and shall not have a lesson with the instructor for a while until Duke is well able to cope. How difficult is is to cherry pick the bits you want.

Although sunday was nice and sunny I looked at Tilly basking in the sun covered in mud and decided to clean the greenhouse instead and leave the mud chipping for another day.

I was asked to show another livery owner some ground work on friday nad what fun we had. The lady is a GP and in her training she was complimented on the quality of her body language and her understanding of others. This showed in her handling and and how quickly she reacted and got what it is all about. The horse loved it and showed some fascinating behaviours which Janice felt explained what was happing on board.

NZ sounds intersting and how lovely to be seeing so much. I think I would like to enter that horse show as it seems totally my level and I could qualify for lots of prizes.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 9th, 2010, 07:58am

Tows very well. Horses seem to be happy too. I am however, very glad that I have the 3.5 V6 LWB to tow with. The tow vehicle certainly notices the extra weight.

I agree with you about cherry picking. How lovely it would be to just stop when you disagree and move on to the next bit of the lesson, but people get so upset and feel the need to justify their position and then, 9 times out of 10 it is easier to capitulate and deal with it later. How good it would be if the instructors - sometimes - listened to the needs and wants of the pupil.

I am currently fascinated with H. He has started to change physically. His barrel has widened and his stomach has released. (No. I am not talking about how fat he is) I have been told by Dena Schwartz the herbalist and Sarah Wale our Shiatsu practitioner that he has a tight band around his stomach where he holds himself together - where other horses would react openly -. Anyway, this seems to have let go to a greater or lesser degree. He is also interacting with me on a much more interested and reactive level. There are many other small changes going on, but I could probably write forever and I need a bath after morning stables and before going to work. (d**n, the sun is shining, what a waste of time!)

I went to look at a friend's foal yesterday and learned that Ken Faulkner had a very bad accident last year. Poor old boy.

More news (I think, I cant remember whether I have mentioned this or not) Carol and I have been invited to do an hour's slot, once a week on the new 'talking horse radio'. We are meeting some techie -type bods next week to see what they want us to do. Initially we were asked to just chat as we do at the yard, but thinking about it, this might not be such a good idea. We have our own, very clear, opinions on what is right and what is wrong, so it should create instant hostility from a good 80% of the listeners! We think we will broadcast under an alias, just to protect ourselves from the wrath of the people who disagree with us. Any suggestions? Personally, I like Ezmirelda Fitzplunkett.

Hope the weather is still warm and tropical in NZ and that you have both managed to do some exciting 'stuff' - how did Charlie's mountain climb go? hx

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 10th, 2010, 07:44am

Fields definately drying out. Still dry weather. At 0630 it was 5 degress but felt much warmer. Coat, gloves and hat finally off. Down to two sweaters and chaps!

It is breaking daylight at around 5.30 and on Monday the wolls (owls) were wolling like billio and the bunnies were a-hoppin' and the Avenue's (The Avenue being our field. Part of the old mile long driveway to a stately home) resident muntjac seems to have acquired herself a pal. That is not all. We have a yard goosey. He is exceptionally noisy, bad tempered and irrascible to a degree. Anyway, goosey has got a lady pal. She is Chinese and very beautiful. She has a habit of standing still, honking like mad, flapping her wings and paddling up and down on the spot. Thus we have christened her 'Edith 'as she Piaffes so beautifully! Goosey is utterly smitten and we are expecting a yard full of goslings before too long.

That's it from an overcast but very much improved, weather-wise U.K. When are you back?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 10th, 2010, 08:53am

kissLove the alias name but surely anyone pontificating on horses should be double barrelled. Make sure you keep the head scarf firmly knotted on the chin at all times, otherwise no one will take you seriously. I think on the whole you can chose the colour of your Knickers on radio.

On a more serious note I think I said things had gone to pot after a trad lesson and since then I have been reading a super book written on the German training tree which gave me many reminders to stick to my principles. I have been dipping into it before but I have started at the beginning again and noted particulrly that it takes 2 years to do the training tree and the first step is relaxation. I realise we have gone backwards on this so theres my work for the week.

Yesterday things went interestingly. Once he decided that the session was long enough then he went straight to spook and napp mode that had developed in the said lesson. I used our methods of a small circle with gentle aids until he went forward nudging where I wanted him to go. I got him to listen and we agreed on a short trot on both reins to finish.

What I leant better that session was the use of my lovely Sprenger stirrup irons. I adore them. I got them half price thank goodness. They realy help you to flex your whole leg in trot and I can ride forwards better.

In particular, I find them brilliant to make turns. Because there is a give in them, when you weight the outside stirrup holding the inside leg passive the design assists your seat bones to apply the aid. I discovered this as Duke was being so evasive I took both legs away from his sides and then when I felt a slight give in his body I layed them both on for forward. At this time we could have been going in any direction. I then developed it to turns and to getting a bend on a circle which does have lots of sraight bits so that he listens to a reapplication of aids.

The quickness of the response was amazing and I could feel the weighting of my seat bones without tension or forcing. I am working at finessing it and I do think this will be a real step forward in my riding.

Heather, I am so interested in the change in H. I am bringing my boy home for Easter and would love to have your lady over. Can you let me have her number?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 10th, 2010, 5:43pm

Yes, she is Sarah Wale and runs the UK Shiatsu school for horses and humans right here in Beds. 01462 811933. H has been having Shiatsu regularly for 3 years now, so this is a gradual unfolding of a story as he becomes more and more relaxed with me.

Anyway, good luck and give me your feedback, or if you would prefer to watch it before trying, let me know and come over and watch the magic being performed.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 11th, 2010, 03:52am

We re back!
I m going to offer my thoughts on our trekking - just as a contrast to what I m used to. Many years ago I did lead rides , not at these speeds.
Kathie had booked 2 1/2 hrs for us , somewhere in rain forest and beach near Puki? something. She came too.Charlie was given a greenish 5 yr old tb. I had a pacer standard bred , who would trot , pace then 'run' - ie gallop flat out. Owner and a trainee girl came with us , and as we soon got talking on all things horse we got a longer ride ......
The owner was in control of all horses' paces. GEETTTUUPPP and we were off. There are no hand canters , after the command we were full pelt , on standardbred /tb horses along hard tracks or undulating long grass. I ve not been so fast for a decade! You just had to let the horses do their thing , they were waiting for the SLOOWWWDOOWNN command , and they just stopped nicely!
These commands were tested when we ended the ride on a shortish beach , all the horses knew the form and were ready fro the off. Kathie , whom I ve never seen gallop in my whole life led the flat out race , and said afterwards it was no faster than snowboarding.To me it was amazing that near the ned of the beach , on command they pulled up and went back to walk so quickly .
I felt very unfit - these horses are hard fit , and very unlike Ben! Their head carriage is very low , and everything is off a contact .The owner likes horses to have a job ,and the whole thing made me think I m unfit and not challenging myself very much.[ however, Guinness may change all that!]
The lack of riding country in the uk is such a problem- busy roads mean we get reliant on schools and schooling , whereas horses can go for hours quite happily.As the owner said ' horses need a job'.
Sorry , Alex, that things with Duke arent quite so good - C says give us a ring once we re home , if you wish to. We re always happy to help, if we can!
We re going to Wananka show tomorrow - today came past the showground , horses seem to be on long hitching posts already , presumably for the whole night? I think we cossett our horses !
Glad there has been some sunshine, even if its still cold . WE ve been very lucky with the weather , warm and sunny for days, even in the rainforest!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 11th, 2010, 09:00am

Wanaka is where the airport it with the WW2 aircraft my Godson's Dad flies. I wonder if the show is on the airfield? It would be interesting to know what classes there are in this show and see whether they bear any resemblance to ours.

Gosh, that is exactly why I hate going out with a group of people, there is always one who gallops when the rest just want to canter. It is no good asking your horse to slow down because the blood is up and you just end up by having a useless tug of war. I think you are very brave indeed to have gone along with the flat out ride. I am also fully aware of the limits to one's fitness - or lack of - there comes a point at which you think 'I can't carry on any longer' but somehow you do.

It is always a great experience to look back on though and something you will never forget. Did you get attacked by leeches/giant spiders/biting things in the rain forest? and what are the wildlife hazards for the horses out there?

Just this second heard that Mrs Lockyer is a Granny!
It is a little girl.

Have fun both, and keep us posted.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 12th, 2010, 8:37pm

The classes were a mix - the only show classes were 'hack around the ring ', which looked like a riding club horse class. There was a jump or two in this class too! There was a great deal of showjumping - all day main ring , pony show jumping , and later the equivilent of gymkhana games. 1 interesting thing is that 'outline' and 'contact' was very different to ours. Horses had much more of a natural head carriage , low and long. I suppose the uk dressagy people would criticise this , but I m sure the horses are much happier. On the trek this was also the case , and at whatever pace the horses ears were hardly any higher than wither height. Used to Ben with all that neck and shoulder ahead of me , I felt very vulnerable !
WE ve been i tack shops , and visited tack stalls at the shows , and their choice is very limited, which is no bad thing! Bits are fulmers , egg butts or dutch gags. Few choices for bridles or saddle s [ tho many have flash attachment and are China made], no supplements ,no bandages [ a few medical ones maybe],no 'designer' rugs or clothes , everything utilitarian ! Probably like a uk tack shop in 1960s! But you can buy shoes and nails over the counter. And lots of harness racing equipment - trotting racing big here , hence so many standard bred trekking horses . Like our racing tbs , theres a lot of wastage from the track.
We were having a ride tomorrow with Kathies friend , but she was bucked off one of the horses yesterday, and has discovered the other one is in foal! So we may risk another trek, this time near Glenorchy ,where some of the LOTR 'riders of Rohan' bits were filmed.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 14th, 2010, 8:13pm

Have been for our second trek, this time around the LOTR country at Glenorchy.Agin I had the pacing horse and C the young one! However, canters meant just that , although there was no control over the horse, he knew when to go and when to stop. Trying to control speed [ all these canters were on narrow paths in a wiggly line around shrubs etc!] by standing in stirrups and holding on[!] only served to speed the horse, Trevor, up, so had to just sit back and give head completely. In my mind I can do this , but nerves do play tricks, an d I felt my arms and hands rising as we bucketed along.....
So I was thinking less of being a rider of Rohan and more of 'where has my nerve gone?'
By this time next week we ll be back at home , all being well. Lots to get back too, with youngsters to 'finish', C to teach loads [ always begins with spring!], farm to get its spring clean/tidy, and so on. Whisper, Inca,Wills to slowly get fitter and out on the roads again. Guinness to keep ticking over , and hope he grows outwards and not up! Foxy to show , cameo and hen/etta to sell.After a long break like this I m looking forward to being back, and should have batteries recharged to get on with the work....
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 19th, 2010, 7:42pm

shocked Amazing to hear of your riding. I went on a seemingly quiet hack in Wyoming through the Aspen forest and we only walked and trotted . I cannot imagine cantering it!!!! I need to push on my riding out but would I be up to that?

grin I have got back in grip ( light hands! ) with Duke. really, with hind sight I can see what I gained from the difficult trad lesson. I think we would have had this conversation at some point and the opportunity to then work it out for myself has taught me so much. As I walk a different path at the livery yard I had to show that I could walk the walk not just talk the talk. Thank goodness I am alive to tell the tale! We are back to quiet walk and trot and indeed improved. I can bore for Europe on what I am getting out of this situation. I realise I need to chunk my audiences.......

Tilly willy benefited yesterday from my fantastic Mother's Day pressie - a second hand 10 old fashioned lunge line and my cavalleties. The line is lighter than the ropes but not as light as the type now on sale. Gosh that pony can move and when listening is such fun.

Terrible local welfare problem of a field of horses which I got into by surprise yesterday. 20 mins to cut a horse out of its' rug including needing to part it from alot of its' tail. Negotiations now in place to try to rehome/ take in lieu of monies owed/ and sell in such a way that the horses get a benefit and to assess one that may need to be PTS has taken up alot of the day. Does anyone have any experience of facial abcesses? One has had Rossdales intervention but it is still oozing. The horse is outside in mud on no grass and no-one has continued the after care. There is a chance of someone taking it on but they want to know more about the condition and if an abcess in the face has a chance of recovery. Any thoughts?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 20th, 2010, 10:05am

I have no experience of facial abscesses, so am of little use in this situation. However, I have seen the abscesses in strangles first hand under the chin and they were bathed in hibiscub and warm water and when the abscess ceased, they healed over perfectly but with a bit of loss of hair.

I am very sorry about the welfare issue you describe. It is heartbreaking. I do so hope the horses can be rehomed. If not, contact the WHW. We have a cruelty case on our yard at the moment. This poor horse has been incarcerated in filthy conditions since September last year. It has navicular and is about as lame as it is possible to imagine. The yo was told and the horse was cleaned up. This is about as much as he could reasonably do., however, someone called the RSPCA without telling the yo. and all hell was let loose.

The RSPCA have done little to alter the situation but nevetheless, this is not the issue. The horse has food, is reasonably clean and has fresh water. There is no consideration given to the mental welfare of the horse.

The owner knows the horse should be put down. She couldnt care less about him, but will not take the responsibility of having him put down.

Yesterday I saw the horse being led in. It was probably his second time of being out since September. The owner was on the mobile phone pulling this cripple along. He couldnt go any faster as he was so lame. It made my blood boil. For the first time since this all blew up I could have killed her.

This is what I term cruelty. Letting this poor sod suffer like this. If the RSPCA is called again then the fact remains that he still has water, food and is now reasonably clean and nothing will change.

I think it is about time that the whole yard got together to face up to the yo and tell him that either she is told to go or the horse is put down. But how does one do this without the advice of a Vet? Is it a reasonable request? It is very difficult, but something now needs to be done.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 20th, 2010, 6:37pm

There are 2 horses on the yard without owners currently which have been there since before I came. They share Duke's carrots etc. and I always just spend a few minutes with them. If turn out is limited then of course they are bottom in the order. Such darlings. I see how rescue centrres become too full. However, these 2 have a chance of owners and therefore best if they stay.

I have received the breeding details of the horses but have no idea how to copy onto here. They are fairly organised in their breeding. I can send e-mail onto anyone who can comment. I am not looking for interest in them.

Discussing them with Freya on my very long trip to Durham and back today (!!!!!!!) I did say that so far as neglect goes they are not that bad. Remember, they are as a herd, outside but have rugs,although some have taken them off, water, hay and I believe some food and pooh picking. Really, its just the 1 and the change in economic climate.affecting the owner. He is in contact and discussing them.

In the yard there is a far worse caring situation in the sense of appalling riding but no lack of love from the owner that is so difficult for everyone else there. How to engage him in a conversatio about it? . I rode for the first time with him a couple of days ago and even I couldn't start a dialogue about kicking on and yanking back the rein at the same time. Has my rhino hide developed by being the youngest of 4 girls failed with age? My task for next week I think.

BTW; George just answered the phone and declared it was the "sperm doner" ; apparently he and his friends now refer to their dads as this and I am the egg donor !!!!!

Remember Taildragger to put yourself in the YO shoes and think what will persuade him to set limits for this girl whilst maintaining your relationship with him. not easy.

I have managed to lure another livery owner to the dark side and she is now well into ground work but is still seeing it as a seperate thing to riding. I think though that she is seeing such a benefit that I may have convinced her to do a bit first and then ride.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Mar 23rd, 2010, 10:16am

I guess the downside of livery yards is an insight to what others consider to be acceptable behaviour.

What breeding are those two horses Alex? And size? I'm vaguely looking out for a 16.2hh ID for myself, no hurry and some of the household authorities still need to be fully convinced!

Are you home yet Judith? If not, it must be any day now? I'm expecting a long debrief on all the fun you've had - did 'Imself climb every mountain? Where all the animals pleased to see you back?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 23rd, 2010, 3:09pm

Here we are - trying to recover - my clock in particular is so off - woke at 1 am , and hardly slept after that!
I d hoped to come back to spring , but everything still wintery ,in that the grass is a miserable colour, no daffs or even hawthorn buds!
I m not sure the animals were pleased to see us.....Fiona , after an early escape by Trudie, learnt to keep close watch on her ....within 15 mins of getting back both dogs went off , and Trudie crossed the road at catter bridge - they know the dog quite well!
Horse wise , they look so fat and hairy! Took them out yest , and Inca played up after her month off - this was being led then lunged! So C is repeating the exercise now.
He is getting booked up with horses coming for backing - first one comes on Fri! Lessons also start then, and we ll get a break in August/Sept!Until then it ll be every day busy.

Reading the posts . I am saddened by the not good things happening in yards , no doubt repeated in their hundreds around the country. I wish I had an answer, havent even got a strategy ; its pathetic of the rspca not to take action when a horse is suffering. If the navicular is so bad , the vet should take action also. Its unacceptable to leave any animal in pain , especially if theres no end in sight.

I was sent a link of a Top N H er dispensing phase 4 in a long and unneccessary way. Although there are times when phase 4 is needed [ I always have Ben in mind - how hard would be to rude behaviour?], but there were other ways to move the horse backwards - eg stick/lash to the stuck spot - chest and shoulder , that werent even attempted. In fact these days for horses so unmannerly we d initially sort it out at liberty , then our arms etc dont get pulled about.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 23rd, 2010, 6:14pm

Time clocks are dodgy things. I find it difficult.

Today I spent watching a Myler bit clinic at the yard. In every case Dale Myler asked the rider to lenghten the rein. I was left wondering if they had done this for long enough with any bit / ground work first similar results would have been reached. However, I do think they are very good and every horse made a change. The staff commented in quiet discussion how often the riders need lessons and the difficulty of persuading people that change needs time. One lady had a lot of fun we all laughed all the time but when talking later she said that there was no way she could allow her horse to be ridden like that in the competition ring!!!!!! I am pleased to say the spectators pounced on her and in a lovely teasing discussion convinced her to let go in the competition. Her non riding husband backed us up.

I thought the head shaking had settled but yesterday Duke was atrocious. Eventually I boughtt a full head mask and applied bongela to his nostrils. It worked! Looks stupid but hey so do I in jodpurs.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 24th, 2010, 07:56am

I think with the bitting , a person with good hands can ride in any bit and the horse renains comfy , but people seem to be taught from scratch to have a 'contact' , which means they never have an independent seat or light hands. And dressage has compounded this. So perhaps , as most people find changing their habits too difficult , a 'better' bit is at least some relief. Its the same with bridles - have you come across a ' Comfort' bridle -has a crankback /flash comination....but the word comfort gives the rider all he/she needs to think it ll be fine for the horse.
Its a real uphill struggle `!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Mar 24th, 2010, 7:15pm

Hi Judith, welcome home. It is rare that my blood gets up when looking at horses for sale, but on Horsequest, Show Horses, there is the most achingly beautiful Top Class Maxi Cob Grey Gelding 9y.o (at a mere 12.5k!) Have a look. I want him.

I have also found under 'County Level' and ad headed 'urgent, urgent, urgent sale' of three very nice horses. It is the chestnut, Sunset Trend' that I have my eye on. I wonder how much they want for him? If I had my own place, I would probably chance that one.

Back to reality now...

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 28th, 2010, 11:16am

Even in New Zealand I regularly logged on to horsequest , cobs and coloureds , and Adhorse, yes, there are some super show horses up for sale ....just the time to start your county level string for 2010 [ if you ve very deep pockets]
Our first 'to back' horse came on Fri. She is a 4 yr old Welsh cob, with all the attributes of the breed! Was like Alex s Tilly all over agin! They have such fire in their bellies! This girl was definitely of the 'I wont' variety [ I did liberty with her ,knowing with the attitude she has Charlie might get his arms pulled ....], and when cross I was given a whoile host of behaviours - she pawed the ground , kicked out , did a lot of 'Flehmann-ing ', tried to bite me. And refused to follow; what I came up with was moving her h/qs way from about 10 foot away, until she wouls take a step towards me. I succeeded on the left rein , on the right she would leave immediately , rather than yield the leg away. So what I d intended as a short session lasted around 45 mins!
So often mental and physical strength go hand in hand - this filly would trot for England!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Mar 30th, 2010, 07:55am

grinExciting morning! We are off to go to get Duke so he can be in Clavering for the Easter break. Not great weather forcast at all though so challenging towing. Gary has a week off and is coming with me - not sure how helpful this will be but hey ho it is a husband and a horse together in a space so may work. I will be doing all the driviing -how did this happen?

I had a lovely day at Jenny Rolfe's doing her top to toe breathing. It really maded a difference and I am looking forward to the next few weeks here at home trying it out. I found I got alot out of it due to the amount of Alexander Technique I had done. It fitted perfectly. The idea is to energise the core more but honestly my legs felt energised for a couple of days after even with the long long drive back from Devon. Met lovely people there and all but one on a natural journey and the one is now!!!!

Jenny's use of breathing to wotk the stallions loose was very intersting but I would have put more of our type of liberty ini. Get that book going Judith as she is keen to incorporate your work. Remeber she has worked this out for herself and is open to conversations. A thoroughly nice woman and her husband Barry would be useful in anyone's toolbox!

As duke hates wind and rain and damp he is going to be a bit challenging to bring home. De- sentisizing high on the aganda I think.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Mar 31st, 2010, 09:13am

I hope you have a nice holiday-at-home with Duke.
Re the LEAFLET , once we get some nice weather piccies will be taken then it should all come together , but its not a long opus!Its the beginnings of the liberty work , rather than the fancy stuff

One of C s regular students has had a bad time with her horse. It took not just xrays but a bone scan to discover her horse had cracked/fractured all down the side of his face. he ll be off for many months.
This was caused by a simple accident ; he d been tied up to string , but with a nylon headcollar whilst owner went back for something. he then got the headcollar caught on a piece of metal in the stable and pulled back. The headcollar did not break , but his skull did. I cant believe headcollars are so strong. Apparently everyone on her yard now has leather head collars....
The ironic thing is that she put bits of string on our rings in the yard here - we hadnt bothered because our lime mortar is so soft the whole rings just fall out.

2 of C s students are looking for horses , and 1 recently bought one [ who has not turned out totally trouble free] One of the your horse questions to answer this month is
Golden Rules when buying a horse so you dont make a mistake. [ I wish it was that easy!]
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Mar 31st, 2010, 4:49pm

Gosh, how really awful. Sadly there is a popular misconception about tying baler twine to rings or fences - this dates back to when the old-fashioned twine was used, thin rope, not the polypropylene stuff we use today which - as that owner now knows - is incredibly strong stuff.

What's the update Alex - did Duke and the trailer both arrive safe and sound or had he modified it during the trip home?

Vanessa - what's your news, you've been very quiet - has the grandchild had the op yet? What's happening on the job front? Are you joining us in the summer with little 'goody two shoes'!?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Apr 1st, 2010, 09:09am

First, can I make a bit of a plea about the TAI CHI at summer camp? Following my trip to Jenny Rolfe where some elements of tai chi weere incorporated, I remebered how hard I found a whole session of doing it when I had no idea of the moves or if I was right. Could we do it at a lower level and realy get into the breathing into the movement. Is this posible with white knickers?

Duke: what a horrid day to travel but luckily we loaded in a gap. He went in after a little reluctance. He has never been in a trailer before. I was very unhappy with the feel and so pulled over and checked him. He had taken the pin out of the breast bar and was trying to balance himself without it. No harm done. The YM had fastened that bit and I stupidly didn't double check. Lesson learnt. Rest of journey went well and we phoned to check the horses were in and settled before our arrival. Freya had done it already.

Arrived in wind and rain and this is the problem with him. However, he came out of the trailer in a bit of a rush but not anything difficult. He went straight into the stable and nosedived into his hay. At first he wouldnot come to the door but I let Tilly out to meet him over the door. What a tart! They were soon kissing and seperately I let him meet Rosie in the same way. Yesterday I put him in the stone yard and the girls in the yard. Lots of sqealies all round but it settled. Today a bit exciting getting them to the fields but he is in an electric pen in main firld close to fence and girls finally(!) in next field grazing but not touching. If anyone sees Tilly's brain cells flying past on the wind please catch them and send them back... undecided
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 3rd, 2010, 08:33am

My next email is to Sandy re tai chi at the camp. She would have come last year, but was on holiday- she is keen to see us again!
I hope Duke is enjoying his holiday home! Whisper is getting regukar work now as Inca is to ridden every day. I escort on W, and soon we ll be going out on the roads. Unfortunately the common opposite our drive has been ploughed , so we ll have to wait until the maize is drilled before we can head up that way.
My liberty work with fiery Welshy very interesting. As with other forward going horses , the only thing to calm her and get through the resistanse is the 'naugty step' corner. She still resists follwing me , but will circle ,back , change direction very easily. Yet she comes to be caught in the field and is very good on line. Just shows , liberty brings out all sorts of hidden things!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Apr 6th, 2010, 2:03pm

An update on the summer clinic - only 14 weeks to go smiley Get your white knickers ready and packed!

I heard this morning that two people, who signed up in January, have had to pull out due to divorce and redundancy respectively.

So that opens up the camp to two more people - if anyone knows someone who might like to join us please put them in touch with me.

Vanessa ?? How about it?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Apr 6th, 2010, 5:20pm

Hi everybody! Sorry for my abscence - just having tough times - my grandaughter seems to have other health issues in addition to her breathing and hips (the next op for this at the end of the month) as the medics are now concerned about her growth - and my daughter is severely stressed so I've being giving most of my time to them.
I've tried to skim through the posts to catch up with all your news.... and I have good news and bad news! The bad is that I won't be able to make it to Summer camp in July - I'm extremely disappointed (an understatement!) sad but paradoxically it is because of my good news...I start a new job next Mon the 12th and unfortunately I can only take my holidays during school holidays as the job is working in schools with young volunteers. So I shan't be at summer camp sadly. I know you will all miss S's antics!!! shocked but I noticed under courses that there is a 'summer finale' - maybe we can make it to that as it is late Aug? I will miss seeing you all but I'm sure you'll have a great time regardless! grin
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Apr 7th, 2010, 10:05am

Oh dear, what a worry for the whole family with more complications for your grand-daughter, I'm very sorry to hear that.

Well done for getting a new job but what a shame it rules you out of the summer camp sad as you say, mixed results. Enjoy the new job though!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 8th, 2010, 10:40am

Vanessa,I do hope everything is okwith your granddaughter - anything we can do , just say. No greater worry than over children!
But well done wioth the job , hope that goes well.

White knickers are required - tai chi now on for summer camp, on the Saturday.
Only 14 weeks to go - Help!
Now that the weather is improving C and I are getting busier with lessons . The Welsh cob is now being sat on , and I m still working with her at liberty. She has no fear or issues with being backed , but she sometimes decides she cant be bothered with what we ask, and wants to ignore us!
One of our students needs a dead safe steady 14/14.2hh , must be able to cope with nervous rider paragon of virtue type horse or pony. I know horses like this are very hard to find......
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 12th, 2010, 3:40pm

Another fiesty welshie has arrived ; this time a late cut gelding, who needs extra schooling. On first arrival he seemed unleadable , pulling away, eyes on stalks. However , within a few days he s doing well, but of coutrse for him Yielding and unbracing is the vital thing. It seems innate in these welsh horses that they tense and pull through the neck; a combination of driving in the past and 'flashy' stallions winning and therefore breeding. Adfding 'heat' with each generation!
The other welshy is doing well, ridden in outdoor school. Both these horses are doing their best to cut up my newly rolled fileds....
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Apr 14th, 2010, 2:29pm

I can empathise with your field. We can't get on ours yet with a tractor to roll it but any excuse is causing some impressive sliding stops by the horses!

We've actually had 3 or 4 dry days so hopefully we can get cracking on the field maintenance jobs soon and even riding looms over the horizon as a possibility! Being a fair weather rider does tend to rule out a lot of the winter, but now it's actually mild occasionally and even dry I can see it happening sooner rather than later!

On a completely different subject - can you bring some 'big green balls' with you to Shuttleworth please? I'll mention it on the forum and see if anyone else wants one - but I'd like one please smiley I can just see the eyes coming out on organ stops at the first sight of a horse eating ball!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 15th, 2010, 07:55am

We have 1 ball, and will get more before Shuttleworth.
Our girl gang is now outside all day and night. Rolling continues , just the very wet bits left , still need a few dry days before I risk the tractor.
The welshie mare now ridden round farm , me escorting on Ben. She is forward going as you d imagine , but totally solid ! Even when Trudie got a pheasant in the hedge...
Other Welshie doing well too. He d been ridden [perhaps!?] 'short', and therefore tense. He is now discovering he can relax and stretch down - and what a difference that makes , mentally! he is calm in and out of stable now too , having been used to being led in a dually. Underneath the fiery horse is an intelligent and sane horse!
I had 5 horsesa nd riders for 1 night , they are setting off for 5 days of riding round the N Y Moors - they are going to have perfect weather. Wish I was joining them !
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Apr 19th, 2010, 6:42pm

After my rather urgent call to Judith for hormonal advice last week, a visit from the homeopathic vet and a good dose of common sense from attending a traditional showing outing but only as the groom ;I feel ready to face the next stage of my journey!

The show was very small and as Niki Lynne pointed out had no tanoy system which made it all very relaxed especially for her horse which is a rescue thoroughbred with quite alot of issues.

I learnt so much and converted the lady in the next trailer to natural horsemanship as well! Result. grin

Excitingly, I am intending to come to the Charlie clinic on saturday which will be The Dukes first outing. I have suddenly realised all the basics I haven't done. cheesy Arrrrrgh! No time now. Finally, I think I know him and as Bill Dorrance says we have a feel of each other. Fasinating handling Tilly whilst Dukey Boy is close. planning very necessary but gosh can that pony move well. I would love to take her to a show but the loading to come home is really stopping me. undecided

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 20th, 2010, 2:53pm

Spring is bringing out all the equine hormones!
1) At the sorrelcourt stud Herman is being a good boy and has learnt to mount and 'deliver' to the pretend mare. He now knows what to do when he sees the contraption. C and I thought he may have taken exception to it , having done it the natural way for so long.
Duchess, also at Sorrelcourt has had a big coloured colt. C and I are happy that 'our' horsesa re doing well for the Sharpes and Boesman families.
2) The late cut Welshman we have here for schooling likes to think he is a stallion still, and for a while we kept him well away from our boys [ and even further from the girls] However he is now over the fence from boys , and daily Ben has to stride over and remind him who is boss. Welshmen nips Ben on the neck repeatedly, while Ben 'screams' but doeant back off. This goes on until Ben even has to rear infront of the fence to make the peasky boy back off. Today I was creosoting at this bit of fence , and it turned into a liberty session- Welshy wanted me out of his favourite corner ,. and I had to stand my ground and shoosh him away for about 20 minutes!

We are bringing the large play balls down to Shuttleworth, should anyone want one. We both will have a busy weekend there , always enjoyable.
Shuttleworth is our first away clinic this spring , then the following weekend we are at Cramlington, Northuimberland. Hope to see lots of new faces there!

Does anyone know of an N H or at least sympathic to N H yard in the Chesterfield area? Somewhere small, where there is routine and plenty of turnout? Get in touch with us, initially.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Apr 21st, 2010, 12:20pm

I love the picture of you trying to paint the fence and Ben trying to subdue the Welshie - and you both achieving your aims using similar tactics.

Hopefully you've got the dry sunny weather the south is enjoying - a cold wind though. It's so nice today that I've called off a visit to the office and intend to re-start some liberty this afternoon with both horses and see if they remember what we were doing last autumn.

Thanks for organising the balls using one of them promises to be rather fun smiley

Not long now to the camp - still space for 2 people so if anybody wants to come or has a friend thinking about coming put them onto me and I'll happily chat to them about what's involved.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Apr 22nd, 2010, 10:11am

Yes, I too loved the image of Ben lashing out at the Welsh pony and the combination of liberty and painting. It really needed to be captured on film. Still it was funny enough to read about and brought a smile to my face.

I was also interested to read about Herman and his artificial 'object d'art'. Having watched Holm Grove Krug perform with a similar one, it had occurred to me then that it was not exactly mare-like, and I wondered what made it 'attractive'. Still puzzled, I watched 'House' a medical drama wherein someone had got their privates stuck in a vacuum suction pipe, so just put it down to the fact that entires are attracted to anything with an orrifice however bizarre it may look. Still, I am glad he is happy and producing good stock.

Liz. I can think of at least two people who are desperate to come to Yorkshire, but the trouble is that nobody (or at least, 99.9% of my friends) have no money.

I too have abandoned work in favour of a liberty session this afternoon. First since last year. It is all very comfotable, we have a patio set round the edge of the roundpen at the bottom of the field and luckily, I was given a primus stove for my Birthday, so we can make tea whilst Carol critiques me, then I critique her.
Great fun until our farmer arrives to see what we are up to now.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the weekend.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 25th, 2010, 8:28pm

Many thanks to everyone for this past wekend , you kept C and I very busy - but it was very rewarding!! As usual I saw hardly anything of the riding and horses, apart from a window out of my 'treatment room' into the arena. Always nice to see old friends at Shuttleworth, and met some new people and hosses too.
So, having come back full of joy , we find phone messages from our friend who has old Polly as companion to her pony - Polly very lame on her 'worst' leg , so vet will call tomorrow. Our frind had to put down a youngish horse lately [ hence Polly as companion] , the last thing she needs is another unhappy event at her place.
So we are brought down to earth in no uncertain terms. But still, we had a super weekend , and a hreartfelt thank you to all students of N H and A T!!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 25th, 2010, 8:29pm

PS, yes , stallions , bulls etc , are just as keen on their 'blow-up dolls' as men!! Anything will do as long as it stands still!!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Apr 26th, 2010, 08:36am

Judith. You seem to be a tad familiar with regard to chaps and dolls. Tell me, just how many blow up dolls are there knocking around your house then...?! This worried me, so after a perfunctory search, the only find here was a new a rather racy pair of knickers. However, on another note altogether, I have thought for some time that Masonic meetings are a guise for 'alternative' carrying-ons and have been keeping a close eye on Himself for some time.

It was wonderful to watch Saturday, and our home-spun protogee blossoming under Charlie's tutilage. All the students had come on so far by the end of the day. It was magic to see the difference. Most of all, Phillipa and the poor coloured 4 year old. She has got the right mindset and life will be amazingly difficult for her, but I do so hope she sticks with her neddy. It was great to see her smile and enjoy those precious trouble-free moments on a calm and peaceful horse.

Personally, I was delighted with my friend's response to the A.T. It was her first time 'under' Judith and she loved the detail and depth. It demonstrated so well the difference I was so keen for her to try. Equally, I tried a demo for the wine-swilling Oak Farm inmates that had turned out to celebrate a jolly good weekend, by walking accross the yard without limping. I nearly managed it, but the pressure of an audience was too much. Exhaustion, wine and a lack of tea all took their toll. I have however practiced it at home and can get it back. Walking pain-free is some kind of miracle. Believe me. Do you practice the dark arts per chance, Judith? Anyway. I really do appreciate what you have done for me.

I am fully aware that I am slow to lighen my instructions to my horse on ground skills. Refinement I find easier in the saddle. It is something I look for all the time when not under pressure, and am so quick to give. This is far from the case on the ground. The whole of Sunday was given over to altering my gross motor skills into something far less obvious that my horse responded to with his unfailing good nature. This is exactly what I needed and what I was given by Charlie.

My ignorance apalls me sometimes. I have an anxious and underconfident horse, I had thought that by allowing him to knock ground poles with his feet would teach him to place his feet more carefully. I had clocked that this made him anxious (he breathes audibly to let me know) but put this down to trying to hurry ( rolleyes
Not so. The act of knocking the poles was making him anxious and adding to his underconfidence. Poor old boy. We had a quiet moment in the field last night and I promised him that I would try and listen more carefully from hereonin.

All in all, it was probably the best Team Wilson clinic I have ever had in terms of learned lessons and refining new skills. So thanks a million from me, and a very large thanks also to Liz for organising yet another highly enjoyable weekend for our entertainment. Oh yes, it is no good whatsoever heaping on the praise without making ones complaints heard. It is no good Charlie. When you reach 60 you NEED FREQUENT TEA BREAKS. Us old farts need hydrating at regular intervals and one cup of tea in the middle of the day is just not good enough! grin

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 27th, 2010, 1:59pm

Thank you , taildragger, and I do hope that your knee continues to be ok. Keep ythinking of soft sternun, crown of head, soles of feet! You ll have to let us know whether the op takes place and how it all goes. I too felt it was a good clinic. Re tea breaks - they would eat into the teaching time , unless we have a char waller to dole out sustenance during the day? We try and pack in as amuch as poss, so you ll have lots to work on when we re not there!
I dont think I use dark arts [ otherwise I d utilise them to lose weight....]. Perhpas next time we could try A T Running ?I m still no runner but at least can go a few hundred yards without falling in a heap. Its all technique!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on Apr 28th, 2010, 05:36am

Seen the surgeon. I'm having an arthroscopy to clear two anterial hooks and debris under the kneecap. He also said that there is not much cartilage left, so they will assess what it to be done about that at the same time. Now I wait for the letter telling me when...

As for the walking, I have changed my boots for trainers (very fetching) and find it much easier to place my feet. I have been practicing every moment I can and have 'found' the place again. I am now known about the place as 'creeping jesus'. Charming.

Hope you have both settled down to life in Yorkshire again after the excitement of the weekend, and that the weather is as beautiful as it is here. Carol and I went for a ride last night and verbally acknowledged how exceptionally lucky we were to have horses and be able to enjoy the freedom of being able to wander amdist such spectacular and beatiful countryside in the sunshine.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Apr 30th, 2010, 12:38pm

I was asked at Shuttleowrth who's coming to the summer camp this year and I struggled to remember all the names, so here's the list:

Carole L

We're still two down so if you want to join the fun, or know anyone who might like to come please let me know.

Judith (mainly) and me (a bit) are endeavouring to get some lunch time and evening activities organised - any volunteers from anyone (whether you're participating or not on the camp) to come and share your knowledge? Vanessa, you mentioned a while ago that your (equine) dentist would be happy to come and talk to us - can you check if he's still up for that, or give me his details so I can liaise?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Apr 30th, 2010, 3:11pm

Taildragger /creeping jesus; long may it continue! The softer you can walk , the less the cartilage will be worn, and therefore the longer the knee will 'last'. Good luck with the artheroscopy- I m always curious as to what 'debris' consists of!
Re the camp, as its mainly people who have been before we shall have to keep adding a few new 'activities'. I m on the case!

The details of courses and clinics hasnt been updated yet , so here , for any far northeners are directions to Netherton Park[ not Nefferton as written ]
On the A 1 approx 7 miles north of Newcastle near Stannington Village. Take brown sign To Netherton Park. Down to roundabout, right turn under A!, left turn,right then right past house on a corner, pass a weighbridge and straight on.
Charlie is teaching tomorrow [ not sure about myself, but have a plan to visit old pal if I m not needed!]
On Sunday there are various demos , and then we are giving lessons afterwards.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 3rd, 2010, 08:12am

Back from the cold north [ but our 'north' is just as cold!], many thanks to all we met and taught. One horse had a very interesting history, which showed up the racing USA industry. Apparently, as YEARLINGS they race over a furlong to see their potential. This means they are backed, girthed, fittened before that time! Needless to say , this lovely horse then had physical problems - kissing spines near the wither so bad the 5 spinal processes had their tops shaved off and ligaments sewed back on......six years later and many saddles later he is ridden fine , but what a shame.

I m not a gadget fan , but have discoverd 'Furminators'. They are like a very close /short teethed curry comb, developed for long haired dogs and cats. They take out old winter hair on horses a treat, and bought myself 2 on ebay! I was even able to comb Cartman without objections, which I have never been able to do before!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on May 8th, 2010, 07:02am

I am trying out the nasal spray Nostril-vet, It works out as 50p a puff - a 1 a ride but it does seem to be helping against the dreaded rape. smiley

I have had 2 hacks out on Duke very short and at the moment in walk on the roads round the edge of the village.
First was horrid and we were raced by a herd of charging bullocks along a field fence - not pleasant but we did survive. Next time he was lovely and is so solid with the traffic - milk floats, pallet lorries, tractors are no worries

Tilly is still a bit bruised from the gate incident and very stroppy as she is still in season. I have a saddle fitting next Thursday and really hope they have something to fit as she needs to be out and about. angry
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 9th, 2010, 08:08am

I hope the spray does the trick. Oilseed rape seems to affect many horses. We had a 'classic' haedshaker , thanks to our many trees. Living now on a fen type area, he never has any symptoms. [Although, after a couple of years after first diagnosis he coped with the pollen better than he had , so I think they can learn to tolerate the thing that seys symptoms off , given a few years]
The 3 visiting natives all leave this weekend , giving us 2 weeks to transform our 2 youngsters ready for the Sports horse sale at Malvern. Auction is not our prefered means of selling, but on previous occasions our yooungsters have happened upon very good homes. We still in touch with some of the horses sold this way, so in reality they have fared no worse than privately sold. And in some circumstances ,better!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on May 18th, 2010, 09:35am

How's the transformation of the 2 youngsters gone? I'm assuming the sale is not too far away now? I'm sure they will be fine and I'm sure someone will recognise their potential and great behaviour - they've had such a fabulous start in life.
I had a breakthrough on sunday - I was riding S in the school and concentrating very hard on him - living in the moment - focussing where every bit of me was (including my seat bones Judith visualising the position on the saddle horse at Sinnington!) and I got the 'feel' of where every one of his feet were. Such a brilliant feeling! It's taken me 3 years to get to this point but was well worth the wait! grin Also I was so thrilled with him as he's not been ridden virtually the whole winter, apart from a couple of weeks in April (when we had a spell of fine weather!) and he was his usual stubborn self then. However on sunday, I only did a small intro on line from the ground and then just got on him and we just walked, practising lots of changes of rein, circles and halts/starts plus a lovely rein back. We finished our session on a good note and when I dismounted he followed me across the school totally in tune - heaven!! Now I want to recreate that all the time! My inner ballerina was definitely present!! cheesy
Have you ever known horses in a domestic herd stop a fight? About a 8 weeks ago, a new gelding was introduced to the herd and he had been cut late and consequently was quite rough in his play. After about a week, he and his preferred play mate's game got out of hand when one of them obviously nipped too hard - they started properly fighting, slamming kicks etc. Within a few seconds S and another horse ( a quiet boy who keeps himself to himself mostly) had walked over and carefully diverted the fighters - peeling them away 1:1 , like ' cow cutting' horses would and circling round to keep them apart. It just looked like 2 policemen had intervened! Once the fighters were calm they all wandered off. It all happened very quickly and I couldn't believe my eyes, having never seen anything like it before - I wasn't the only person to witness this and the other lady just turned to me and said 'did that really happen?' She now calls S - PC S!!! He still remains no PC Plod however!!
I am so disappointed that I won't be coming to summer camp but I hope to get to Sinnington in Aug (I will e mail you direct Judith) but I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful week. I'll also e mail Liz with my equine dentist's details if you haven't yet arranged all the 'extra curricular' activities (good to tell I'm working in schools!).
My grandaughter has her op this thurs - finally. It's been a horrendous rollercoaster ride - with abnormal blood tests, concerns about her growth, particularly her head and endless trips to hospitals. We are all relieved that the op can finally go ahead and there has been a suggested diagnosis that she was born with laxity in all her ligaments which will improve with age. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the op is a success and we can get her on the road to 'normality'. Life has certainly been tough for this little lady but we all eager to get the op over and done with.
The weather has finally improved so I guess we'll all be spending more time outdoors with our horses and less on our computers! I for one intend to enjoy the time - whilst it lasts!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 21st, 2010, 07:46am

I m sure, Vanessa, we all hope the op goes well and that your granddaughter recovers well. What a worry- all best wishes.
The firs tof the 4 young horses left 2 days ago - he s on loan to firends in Rosedale [ Pebbles, this is] and we re hoping a summer ridden round Rosedale will complete his education. He got a fright when we unloaded him , as rare breed hens are bred as this farm - dozens of them were scratting around - he d never seen such things!
The 2 youngster s for the sports horse sale are trying to sabatage themselves. Foxy keeps rubbing his mane out by trying to eat the haylage furthest from th barriers. But his manners are good now , and leads etc very well. I even 'big balled' him and he wasnt too bad! The yearling is so big- over 16hh already. Obviously she cant be circled etc , and she is led out in hand for walks. Foxy is led off Ben.
Ben is very like Strider in that he will stop a fight if neccessary. I believe its the 'top' horses maintaining discipline in the herd , they need to do this as a delinquent will put the whole herd in danger from predators. Its a fascinating thing , to see how much play fighting is tolerated , but once the line is crossed the bosses do their job . Any unsocialised horse would be sent forever from the herd and left to the lions! We once had a yearling on livery who had been hand reared - she didnt do the mouthing thing to our mares , and they chased her fast and hard for ages [ you can imagine what the owners were thinking watching that!!and it was too fast and furious to try and seperate them ] Then she suddenly did the mouthing thing , and all was peaceful! Its a shame you hadnt got a video camera to catch your boys doing their stuff!
Having sold some of last years calves in April , the new owner set them outside a week ago. The 3 of them chose to crash through a hedge onto the A170 , and go another mile through fields until they came to rest in someones best hayfield. Only 1 has been enticed into a pen and removed - the other 2 remain wild and free up tt their knees in grass!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 23rd, 2010, 09:37am

Charlie did a demo in co Durham , Fri eve, followed by lessons all day in the boiling heat yesterday! Many many thanks to Pam who organised this , and Charlie is looking forward to giving follow up lessons there. This morning we have been working the youngsters , C takes them to Malvern tomorrow . They lead ,tie up, trot up, load , be bathed ok now , so although its always sad to see them go , I hope they do well at their new homes .
The first of 7 [!] visiting horses comes this evening - , and although they arent to be ridden daily , it ll still keep us busy for the next few weeks.
Is everone out there riding/showing/jumping/trecing ??Let us know how you re all doing!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by taildragger on May 23rd, 2010, 11:49am

Vanessa. I do so hope that all is well with that small grand child of yours. We will miss you dreadfully at camp but at least your time with us is being sacrificed for a better job. I trust you have told them what their newest employee is givng up, just for them? Anyway, onwards and upwards.

How sad it is to see youngstock go to the sales, but at least this way they stand half a chance of seeing life and serving some useful function. It must be hard though. I wonder, if it is any harder parting with the cows or the horses?

I have been watching the descriptions of horses behaving in certain ways with interest. My bedroom overlooks the Home Grove Trekherner stud's fields, and I spend ages watching the youngsters play, fight and rocket about. It helps that they are one of the more attractive breeds, and the new babies are just the most adorable things ever. I would have loved to have had the oportunity of having a foal to touch, look at and bring on. This must the ultimate buzz for a horsy bod - to see your own little ned grow up to be a sane and sensible member of the equine race.

We have Boxed over to Carole L's a few times to hack out. First shows and stressage comp next month. Went for a hack night before last with Carol R, Tanya and myself. Left the yard at 6pm, rode to Ickwell Cricket Club where we got off and had a few drinks. It was wonderful to have such beautifully behaved horses.
They just put their heads down and munched whist we fended off the hoards of children and visitors.

It was not until I attempted to mount that I discovered that I had probably had one brandy too much. We were helpless with laughter which made further attampts almost impossible. Once underway I got everyone doing Qi Gong -so no reins and lots of hand waving had astonished passing motorists doubled up.
We plan another such outing soon - but this time we are going to be more careful with the intake. It was such fun though.

What wasnt fun (and I was the only person to think so) was the 7 continental stallions we went to see yesterday. Carol and I were invited to a private 'showing' and I am aware that many people would have died for the privilage, but I have to say that it left me unsettled. The horses stabled 24/7, performing at events, no much hacking and no turnout for most. This clouded my enjoyment of watching a Grand Prix dressage rider doing astonishingly athletic things with his beautiful neds. I wasnt even blown away by the performances of which we watched 3.
I briefly had extended trot-envy, but that is all. I watched these hugely crested beasts rolled up (but with vertical faces), shortened, making grunting noises (perhaps all stallions do?) and felt nothing but pity.

We were welcomed, given as much hospitality as it is possible to imagine and were treated like royalty, but still I left feeling that I wish I hadnt gone at all. I have been told that my attiude is way over the top, and that it is just the way it is and if we want to see these horses perform at this level then that is what I will have to accept. This is probably absolutely right. But it still has not changed the way I feel about it.

As always on a Sunday I hack out round the village with Tanya (The village Loop) we leave the yard at 0800 on the dot. We had a lovely ride in this glorious sunshine. It was so hot, the Horses did not even want to trot and when they did, I only had to breathe out and H came to a grinding halt.

The great thing about riding large horses in a village with little thatched cottages is that one can see people inside their bedrooms at head height. This morning we gave one chap a hell of a fright by bidding him a 'good morning' whilst he was enjoying a qiet read. It made us laugh all the way home. Good job he was not holding a cup of tea too!

I hope everyone else is having such a good time in this brilliant weather.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on May 26th, 2010, 11:03am

Lovely to hear from Vanessa. As she knows we are thinking of her and her family and hope all is going well.

Taildragger, I know of the horses of which you speak. Judith, they are the ones in those photos at the yard BTW. Their head ,neck, back ratio is all wrong but the owner has taught himself and has no formal qualifications. He is a Lusitano show judge and so many are now over bent in that they are pulled in but their faces are flat.

Gary and I are going to the Lusitano fair in Portugal this November and I am sure I will see all types of riding and training but I am already practising deep breathing and relaxation


I am going on quiet hacks accompanied by a staff member all at walk. On Monday we went on our first full ride through the village around the fields and back making a loop. We have taken him round the cul-de-sac a few times and then up to the church and back to make sure he was safe and sound. Monday took him off road and past lots of new things. He was better than the school master we were following grin

Traffic does not bother him. He waits nicely at the junctions even if the lead horse frets. He will start or fix on something but can be brought back quickly. The herd of charging bullocks has been our worst incident to date.
A large bull on its own was no problem.

My tasks are to get him used to riding along side the other horse , to ride in front and to be able to open gates. I know these things are going to take a while but I can see they are also part of the bigger picture with him. Now he wants to hack out all the time and if its not convenient he will invite you to go on a hack first, then he tries to take you to the mounting block and invites you to get off, then he stamps his feet! After that he gets on with what is asked. Complete Kevin!

He was fantastic in George's school video the other evening: allowing G and a friend to ride him and then falling off to illustrate that accidents in rural areas are far from hospitals. G enjoyed it so much he wants to take up riding again this summer. Maybe it was his project partner liking riding ; she is a rather pretty girl...
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 26th, 2010, 3:19pm

I havent spoken to Vanessa, but her firend , who has left her Iberian horses with us , says granddaughter is doing well. So thats good news.
I think high powered dressage is my pet hate , the lack of a natural life ie turn out , rides out, rides on a loose rein , are unknown to these horses. And not just competition dressage here and 'usual suspects' countries. Apparently if you went to the classical Portugese school/Spanish schools this is what you d find there also. The Iberian horses are bred for 'nobility' , and as Lucy Rees pointed out to us , that implies being able to deal with suffering. [ Lucy Rees has written books on horsemanship, and lived in Spain, often dealing with the consequences of serrata nosebands]
It also has to be said the Iberian horses are naturally set on their hocks and shorten their necks and 'hold' themslves when ridden- the 1 Luso that is here is no exception. We are trying to bend and soften him

C returned with the bay yearling , as their was no decent bid for her. She has learned to travel well - early on ,say 15 miles or so,she headbutted the lorry window out completely, and it took 2 hours before the pair of them stood still. Its one reason why we actually like a first travelling to be long - they eventually go into a quiet stupor!
Foxy has gone to a lovely permenant home, so thats good. Taildragger asks if I miss the cattle or horses more when they go - its about the same. We try to handle calves least, so that they are not 'personalities', knowing they ll be going to a fatting farm from here. If we get to know them , or worse give them a name , then they are always remembered . Likewise, we d prefer to sell youngsters as foals, so that they leave before we re too attached. Does nt always happen!
I love your boozy ride, taildragger , thats what its all about. Also glad , Alex that things going well at your end with Duke.Hacking out will do him a world of good. Ben also will make for the mounting block if I sit on him for any time in the yard - his hint to tell me to get off ! He was pleased today he didnt have to lead off . C rode the Luso, and we had an event free ride. We still have 2 laminitic ox rest ponies here , 1 getting much better , the other not really. She is quite aged , and perhaps lacking the robustness to get better. So, with those 2 in, others in during day or night , plus 2 cows and Rocky [ he has had a 'breeding strain' according to our greek vet ie too much vigourous sex!!] there is plenty to keep us busy in the shed.
BTW, our email is playing up , so we may be unable to communicate directly with forum members for a short while
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 28th, 2010, 08:03am

I forgot to answer the grunting question.
C just remarked yesterday that Inca, like her dad grunts when she relaxes - just the once. I think it ll be when the diaphragm lets the tension go.
If horses grunt each time they are 'kicked' , it can be a sign of stomach ulcers. I suppose it could be sign of other discomforts too. There are lots of supplements now for stomach ulcers , yet the only medicine needed is turn out and ad lib forage.......
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on May 29th, 2010, 08:22am

Duke grunts only when he poohs and particularly when ridden. Indeed he cannot relax when ridden if he needs to pooh until he has done it. He cannot wee under saddle and I would think the diaphragm is central to this. We were commenting on how short a time it was that he had difficulty poohing under saddle and now how much he has relaxed into it.

He has grown again and had his saddle checked on Friday. The saddle fitter's initial comment was "Good Grief, it doesn't fit!" Andy says he has not seen a horse change so much so quickly and is going to make a case study of him. When he saw how his back flexed whilst he had a scratch he was amazed. Short answer is he is making some adjustments to the flocking and is going to have to shim the numnah at the back as his shoulders have really come up whilst the back continues to develop. We are worried we are blocking it as the saddle is. I know he is changing as I can feel it but I had hoped he would last in his saddle at least 6 months!!!!!

We are quietly hacking out only at walk and accompanied by a staff member. Our last hack was horrid due to the supposedly quiet horse we went with having one of those days! Mr riding improved pretty d**n quick I can tell you. No spinning in the road allowed!

I shall go back to ground work until the saddle comes back. He will have a week off for half term anyway.

I am working on squeeze and getting him onto different surfaces in trust. Any suggestions?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on May 29th, 2010, 1:12pm

Re squeeze - the green green balls are good for that!
I made a little course in our indoor area, for the \luso [ he doesnt load well] - he had to squeeze between 2 bales , go over a rug ,go between the side and a pole then between the ball and the side. Obviously i did this bit by bit , then all at once. A N Z type rug is better then an indoor one! Its suprising how many horses dislike having to step on a rug.
A few balloons on the top of electric fence posts , making a narrow lane is another good squeeze. Or little flags.

Its a pity the 'schoolmaster' has turned out not to be steady- the last thing you need is a non school master setting a bad example!

Charlie taught someone today who would like to buy a genuine, not too ploddy, not too sharp ,suitable for a novice horse. They must exist!![ I should be cloning Ben and Guinness ]
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jun 5th, 2010, 09:17am

Have had a very busy week.
Currently there are 9 horses here that are 'extra' - some to be schooled , others on holiday, still the neighbours 2 laminitics .
One to be backed is the most gorgeous boy - a dead ringer for Landseers 'The Blacksmith' horse - bright bay and stunning. LIke many handsome boys he is well aware of his own beauty , and has been quite spoiled. But he is intelligent and picks things up in 1 lesson. Already he is wearing all the tack, and soon C will be leaning over him.
Today the haylage will be baled - unlikely it ll be wrapped before the rain tomorrow ....all fingers crossed it gets done. Good fodder for the winter is essential! We are stillusing last year s first crop , beautiful stuff. Some of these 'in' horses are inside overnight, othersduring the day , so we still get through the bales ok. Also, once they get musty they are pushed across the passage to the 3 cattle inside. Our bull has not improved , so we re anxious as to whether he ll get better at all. He seems worse if anything , and no doubt will have to have the vet again. Finding safe and 'good getter' bulls is nearly as hard as finding safe horses!

Whats everyone doing? We d hoped to watch the show classes at Bramham , and retail therapy for me! , but we have had visitors both in house [ relatives, who took me out to se chuches,abbeys etc and do some drawing] and people in the cottage for rides on NYM and lessons with C.
WE ran out of pens , and their horses had 'ordinary' stables .
Our good old loan horse Whisper has returned home , the young girls miss her leadership. Inca now has responsibitity of the herd , and it worries her! We are still keeping boys and girls separate, though they flirt like mad over the fence.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jun 6th, 2010, 10:53am

Well, after a lovely sojourn chez Wilson, Whisper is back in Clavering and making her position as herd leader felt. I think she thinks it is a poor bunch - only 2 to boss around! I know she is back as I can hear her in the water trough. I enjoyed a re-bonding yesterday by giving her mane and tail a thorough wash which she loved and lots of hosing on the so hot day. I have had to trim off her feathers as she has a couple of sore patches probably from buttercup allergy as we have very few here. They are all in my flower beds. I am using sudocrem and/or MSM cream but if anyone has any better advice I would welcome it. I think Whisper has slept the rest of this past week.

My immediate problem now is a total lack of saddles! I have had 2 saddle fitting sessions and still no fitting saddle. I have seen on the internet that Ideal do a H&c for extra wide horses and the saddle exchange make saddles for extra wide horses. Both Whisper and Tilly fall into this category. I would love to get only one saddle but I want to ride the girlies together. I was loaned a barefoot but it just spun on both so you could not get on. Heather Moffats are tooo expensive. So frustrating. But I was proud of myself in getting on Tilly for the first time in a while to try the saddles and listening to her when she said she didn't like the saddle. I didn't either but She was not able to stop as she was running from it. The next one put me oon my fork and dug into her shoulder.

Whilst this is going on I am working on behaviour on the ground with Tilly and taking them both over cavalletti poles in hand at walk. This is really paying off for both. I am teaching Tilly to change gaits to the voice and particularly looking at her downward transitions. Past early training consistently shows itself in unwanted ways and I am being tested in sorting it learning so much as usual. I wish she hadn't been chased over jumps - that is taking a lot of time to sort in hand. I am getting very good at stepping over my poles!!!!

I am also paying attention to how I bring them in - Tilly has separation problems so I am bringing them up to the yard in differing combinations and taking baby steps in expanding her bubble.

I am looking forward to resuming my hacking on Duke next week but family life seems to be getting in the way. I have to go to an Hawaiian hen do in Southampton taking 3 generations with me. I think I must have a curmudgeon gene as I am so not looking forward to it. Forced jollity and no horses or dogs!

Well, that's me talked up to date. Anyone?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Moya on Jun 6th, 2010, 9:22pm


In between responding to the family who for various reasons have been quite demanding recently, I have been doing a weekly session of liberty with Pippin as the ground has dried out and we have concrete instead of mud!

Pippin is a dominant, rising 4 NF pony. Very pretty, intelligent and going for herd leadership, although I am still not sure she will displace Chelsea. Very funny to watch and never getting too heated, it's rather like a political debate. A few days ago with a flick of her tail she stopped Chelsea in her tracks retaining control over her empty feed bowl. She held her position for a few minutes then moved neatly sideways putting me between herself and Chelsea!

Liberty with Pippin is really good fun. She is as responsive as Chelsea and learns very quickly although her level of cooperation during sessions varies. Poppy on the other hand still looks at me as if I am mad grin but she is doing pretty well with her basic yields and is going forward nicely ridden around our land in a halter. She has also hacked out several times now with a friend riding David's horse, Libby, for company. Poppy copes exceptionally well with the traffic on the A47 although we do that part on foot - just in case!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Jun 8th, 2010, 10:43am

Hello All
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts - my grandaughter is doing ok after her op but she's now encased in a cast from under her arms with just her little tos poking out the bottom. This will be renewed on 1 July (entails an anaesthetic again) and that cast will saty on a further 6 weeks before removal then a 'harness' for another 12 weeks. She has recovered well but is a tad cranky as her movement is so restricted but hopefully her hips will stay where they should be, all being well...
Actually I think S and I will be off to join the circus very soon! He has added another evasive 'trick' to his repertoire! shocked On sunday we had a session together and although he was a bit 'antsy' being ridden doing transitions, rein changes etc he did do it after short time on groundwork. We walked through some poles but the fun started when I asked him to walk over 3 poles - he went over the 1st, stopped dead at the 2nd - struck it with his front leg and then dropped to his knees, snaking his head in pure temper! huh to say I was dumbfounded is an understatement but I managed to stay on him for what seemed like ages (but probably wasn't!) and got him up on all 4 feet and walked forward - he kicked back at the 3rd pole for good measure and then tried to bite my legs - amazingly I was still in the saddle! I did get a few forward strides but then decided, discretion being the better part of valour! and him a very cross bunny that I would dismount myself rather than exiting care of S! I put him back on the line, ran up my stirrups, twisted up the reins and made him go over the offending poles on both reins at walk and trot - of course we had the obligatory run at me but I was ready for that and sent him on! grin He went over the poles after giving his usual signal that he was giving in, a toss of the head and then the ears forward and the poles were done beautifully. After making him go back, I called it a day. Of course I have been the butt of my husband's 'circus' jokes ever since - he had to have been there (doesn't often visit me at the yard..) to witness S's new antics. The following day I resisted the temptation to enter the 'big top' and put the young lad on S - of course he treated him to a 'spanish walk' striking out with front legs but lad had been briefed and pushed him forward, so no throwing himself on his knees - after about 10 minutes of pure resistance, teeth snapping at lad's legs, more spanish walk, bunny hops and back leg kicking, S gave in and then we got lovely movement, transitions and a positive bounce over the ground poles grin What a character he is - he taxes me, just when I thought we were getting somewhere, he throws a new curve ball at me. I hope I dealt with it all in a positive way - I wonder if anyone has ever experienced this type of thing before? but can't help thinking that my old body is not up to these shocks! What really irks is that I know he can behave but he cannot resist challenging my leadership on a regular basis - he certainly has no lack of courage. Guess my 'ballerina balance' helped me stay in the saddle and then challenge him right back!
Couldn't do anything yesterday as my car broke down on the way home from work - RAC call out and late home but we shall see what S can create tonight...
Everyone sounds to be getting lots of horse time and I so enjoy reading everyone's news. I hope the persistent rain has called a halt on all this activity!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Jun 8th, 2010, 10:46am

I meant rain NOT called a halt on the horse activity! It's not much fun riding in the rain sad
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jun 11th, 2010, 4:18pm

Its good to hear how everyone is doing. Vanessa,
keep the ballerina going and dont let that little monkey get you down1 He just needs telling -and telling-and telling , surely one day he ll listen to you first time.
Im glad , Moya, you are keeping up the liberty. We ve a friend who has had 4 N F s , and yes, they can be quite opinionated. I m told forest bred horses have a better temperament, or perhaps they have even more native cunning!
We are a farm of fields yellow with buttercups, and am sorry Whisper is a bit allergic to them. We blame the clay land cutting up all winter , allowing the weeds to spread. Only the horse fioelds become bad , so we try and rotate them with years of haylage to weaken the buttercups. However, it looks like we re losing the battle!
WE too have had to get another saddle , this time for Wills , who is incredibly fat. We thought his saddle was M/W and came back with 4 wide. No good , and discovered original saddle wide. So, another journey and 5 ex wide saddles. One was a dreaded sunthetic , C hated it , short flaps and not comfy. We settled on an old Albion as the best fit. Wills is such an 'up' horse he ll probably lose the weight soon enough. I rode ben , leading Guinness and C rode Wills. We are walking them out for an hour a day. Wills was a bit naughty - every gateway he passes through he thinks its time for a gallop. Luckily Guinness doesnt take any notice. Today I rode Guinness for a few minutes in the school. He was very good! He has a low head carriage and not very wide , so quite different to Ben.
We still have lots of horses , but the 2 with laminitis are still giving cause for concern, as they are in the big pens , [ after box rest at home for many months] but still not recovered.
C is riding the beautiful Hannovarian. He s strong , confident horse , and is more interested in my hand when I lead him , then C sat on board . He s been used to treats!! Anyway, I must go now and lead C again , as I had a time to get out there and I m already 5 mins late......
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jun 14th, 2010, 09:20am

No need to be sorry about Whisper's allergy. I think Buttercups are like Marmite. She and the girls are on very low grass which will keep her heals aired. I find she gets soft frogs on one back foot and in contemplating her I realised it is caused by her standing in the wet ground with that foot under her to take the weight as she digs in the water trough!!! That is the foot which takes all the brunt.

I am back from my epic hen day journey and looking forward to getting on horses again. I still have family here so I can only do a short bit today. I am looking forward to my appointment with the saddler up here to discuss the 2 saddles I tried last week. I need a combination of the 2 for Tilly but they came nowhere near Whisper. So she will have a bit longer on holiday till I can get this sorted.

I can say I have finally reached maturity when one of my big sisters was nervous about walking through a horse field with the dog in the late evening and I explained their habits and body language. She wants me to go over and walk a bit more with her to talk her through it.

Her's hoping Duke is nice and chilled as I don't feel up to chinaigans today.

Also, Heather thinking of you and your Knee - did all go well?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jun 15th, 2010, 12:42pm

Best of luck with the saddles!
I cant believe we ve been on this 'summercamp2010' thread for months, but it ll soon actually be camp.
We hogged Guinness for the first time 2 days ago. We d tied him up besdie Wills , and Wills was done , then G just stood there and accepted it fine. [ ben was out of the way!] So now I can see the line of G s head and neck, and it looks good :he is a cob!
After a few days led out off Ben , I m now sitting on him in the school. Today he has ridden by C on a hack, and had planned for us to swap once coming back home. However, en route home G got a bit tired , so C ended up leading him back. At this moment in time , just getting used to weight on his back, we r e going to go easy ! But he was as good as gold. Ben , however, took exception to a big billy goat!
C now does not need me to lead the gorgeous Hann horse, as he is riding ok on his own.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jul 3rd, 2010, 1:40pm

Well, the camp is nearly upon us.
I hope everu=yone who comes enjoys it, learns a lot, and has plenty to take home to carry on further. The finished itinerary should be coming out to you all soon, just one guest speaker to confirm.
With the last 'visitors' leaving today [ apart from gorgeous George] we have afew days to tuidy the place up , take a breather then get into it all!
Charlie is away on a days lessons in Durham, new people , so he had to spend time making halters and lines yesterday!
Fingers crossed for fine weather - we ve cut some grass and hoping to make hay.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jul 5th, 2010, 1:41pm

Not long now. Having been planning this week since early January it seems suddenly to have arrived rather hurriedly! I've reached the stage of wondering how all Nins' stuff will fit in the car (bearing in mind it's a soft top!) as well as my stuff huh I can see me heading up the motorway in pouring rain with the lid down so that I can fit all the gear including electric posts in smiley Mind you, I've just heard that the long range forecast is for cloudy weather - so do I bring wellies or shorts?
I don't think everyone who's coming is registered on this forum so if I'm repeating myself with instructions please bear with me.
For those new to Sinnington there will be a sandwich board/A-frame thingy at the end of the drive (it'll be on your left) so do look out for it - no worries if you miss it, simply carry on to Kirby Moorside, go around the roundabout and look out for it on the way back.
If you have any queries, last minute concerns, or worries please let me know.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jul 8th, 2010, 08:24am

Yes, only 1 day to go before participants arrive!
So far the weather looks ok. It was so dark yeasterday, but the clouds went on by, allowing us to get 36 big bale hay. Even today its dry - we re desperate for a shower ! - and its a comfortable temperature to ride in.
There ll not be time to post here for the next week , so if you need to talk to us - come lalong and watch the camp days!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jul 16th, 2010, 4:29pm

What a marathon drive! tongue We got back in 6 hours with 2 very short stops as no where to park in the lorry/caravan areas of the service stations to make a brew.

Duke travelled well and walked down the ramp almost to the bottom when he couldn't contain it and jumped the last bit. The girls are pleased to see him although Whisper was a bit surprised as it is her first sighting. They are not to gether yet.

Well, what a good course. We were lucky with the weather really and I so enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone for making it so worth while. Jusy so pooped now. Hope you all got home safely. laugh
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jul 17th, 2010, 5:53pm

Good to hear from you , Alex!
Not everyone has got home ....Liz is still with us , after a very upset tum and a sore hip [ unrelated!] so will stay till she feels well enough to travel back.

Charlie and I are getting back to normal - though it seems quiet with empty fields and an abandoned cottage!
We had such a lovely group - all so helpful and supportive of eachother. And also keen to learn and take new things on board. I know its tiring for everyone - horses and people , but its a good way to get some concentrated time to push through whatever needs a nudge. I hope everyone wrote lots of notes to help remember.
Do keep us informed of progress!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by arbuckle on Jul 19th, 2010, 3:03pm

Well, after months, or so it seems, of not being able to log on - I have re registered. So arbuckle it is!

Oh goodness, what a shock! Sinnington to go? It makes my non appearance this year even more appalling. I think I may well have to have a private trip up for some Yorkshire healing before it is too late.

I have had three emails telling me what a wonderful time you have all had at Summer Camp. You have no idea how green with envy I have been. Sian tells me she is still swigging arnica and Carole has gone into orbit describing riding bareback and bridleless for the first time. It all sounds fantastic and I cant wait to see the pictures and hear more about how everyone got on.

Did you do badger watching? did anyone see my chap with the Aston Martin and remember me to him? or perhaps he had his other car with him this time. That would be the Ferrari...! This so reminds me of the time that Mr. Al Fayed's No 1 bodyguard, on whom I had a bit of a crush on at the time. Paul invited me to lunch
and I went to get into the Porche 9-11s. There was no way that my pencil skirt was going to stay where it should, so I had to hitch it right up to get in, displaying a large amount of gussett and a pair of industrial sized knickers, when Paul was getting in his side. This supplied the security staff with endless hours of hysterical amusement watching the cctv playback. As it did Paul when they sent him the footage. Happy Days!

H has thrown a splint. He was either kicked or has whacked himself with his dirty great feeters. The upshot of all this is that he has been off work now for a month. We have only been hacking in straight lines at a walk to start with, but now we can add the odd trot on soft ground. What a pity, he is now blemished.

Has Liz recoverd? What has she been eating? There is nothing worse than being poorly away from home. Poor old girl, still gizzard puke is great for weight loss, so there is always an upside.

Come on everyone. Let me have some stories from your week. I need to relive it second hand. tongue

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Jul 20th, 2010, 10:52am

Hi all!
Yes I am with 'arbuckle' (glad to have you back with another alias!) on this one - please tell us all about summer camp? as I too had an enforced abscence from summer camp this year. I need to vicariously live the camp so pleeease tell us what you did?!
However, arbuckle I've stolen a march on you here grin - I am having a trip up to Sinnington in August for a week! So I'm really looking forward to that - S might even behave himself! rolleyes talking of which I would like to canvas opinions on something I've tried with him - a friend (she does NH of a different variety) suggested that every time S ran at me or barged etc that I use a garden spray bottle directed at whichever part of him (usually teeth or legs!) that was heading my way. I've used it on the 'stream' setting not the spray so as to distinguish between putting on fly repellent and have not squirted him directly so for eg in front of his nose as he tries to wheel in front of me. To say it's had amazing effect is an understatement - he was most perplexed the 1st few times this stream of water appeared from nowhere in front of his nose but it stopped him in his tracks! laugh and for the past week has the been most polite boy - we are both much happier with each other too. He knows I have the bottle (I bought a child's one from asda!) in my pocket but it has helped so much with my timing (I'm still not as quick as him!) to block his naughty behaviour as it is so immediate. I wondered what you would all think of this?
Family news is that my grandaughter will finally have her cast off on 5 Aug and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it has worked and her hips are firmly where they should be - they were when she had it renewed 3 weeks ago. An added bonus is that they are all coming up to Sinnington with me in August so I can combine horse time and family time - paradise! grin
So please tell us all about summer camp...
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jul 21st, 2010, 08:51am

With a 'wounded soldier ' remaining after camp till Mon p m , it is only now theres time to thank everyone who came on the camp - and I hope everyone had a great time. We certainly find it very rewarding , and the positive feed back is quite touching.
As usual C and I were kept very busy, but its an odd feeling when it all stops! What a lovely group of people!We had a mix of 'old hands' and new people/young horses, and the blend seemed to work well. As usual , I missed nearly all of it - indoors giving A T lessons , or giving liberty sessions in the indoor play area. For lunchtimes we began the week with Tai chi, next day a n equine physio came.[ her mum is a side saddle judge and show person - recognised Ben as 'the famous Drummer Boy' , so I was most pleased] We also had Alex showing us fun with balls [ must put a pic of that up!]
On the day off 4 of us went to the Chocolate factory - this is only about 3 miles from us and I hadnt been before! Oh dear , I think I ll be eating even more choc from now on!
We were lucky with the weather , only boiling hot the first day, then cooler but only a tiny few showers.
For those on facebook I ve put 25 pics up on a page that is called 'www.sinningtonmanor'. It should come up on a search on facebook. I set it up last yr , and seemed to lose it! I ll send somre pics to Peter to put up on here, also.

I m not sure about your name 'arbuckle' - are you a male film star with dubious leisure activities? I refuse to associate you with his nickname!! Have you tried anything for the splint? Guinness is being 'painted' with splintex , I suppose its a modern mild blister - is it working - nah, not so far.
All fingers crossed for your granddaughter Vanessa, and we look forward to seeing you in Aug. I think the water spray is a good idea ! I was told something similar for dogs - that cyclists could train bity dogs like that - I guess postmen could too!

Arbuckle alluded to 'no more Sinnington' , and that is true. This has been the last camp here at Sinnington [ therell be no summer finale] beause come the autumn we are on the move. Our new home will be a small farm of 57 acres , a smaller house and hopefully a more managable place all round. Of course it will a wrench leaving here , after 18 years , the farm has looked after us well. One of the kids refuses to talk about it - the younger 2 grew up here and are very fond of it. But it is far too big for us .Our new farm is near Sheriff Hutton , only a mile or so from where we moved in 1992. Once again theres everything to do , from roof to cellar , and the buildings are not very practical. I think the cattle and horses will turn up their noses at the accomodation - but we ll not do too much over the winter , until we finally work out what we need. A huge shed like ours is a luxury that we wont have! But the bonus is a view to York Minster 10 miles away, and the sight of Sheriff castle to the east. At the moment we re trying to enjoy our last summer here and only slowly plan for our new life at Cornborough Grange - not a bad name is it? Perhaps we choose by name -our first was Cheese vat Farm !

But we imagine it ll still be business as usual - C loves the teaching and working with horses. There may be gaps before facilities are made/built/operating but I sincerely hope to see everyone there at some stage! [ yes, theres a cottage - but its very small!]

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by arbuckle on Jul 21st, 2010, 6:20pm

Aaaah. Having just read the life history of one male 19/20th century commedian, I have to agree, that 'Arbuckle' is not the best of choices. Consider the name as more of a modern euphamism for a portly (but well meaning) soul.

Mmmm. Cornborough Grange sounds simply amazing. I had to laugh at the idea that one 'downsizes' to a mere 57 acre farm. Well, whatever pocket handkerchief you end up with will be wonderful - once it has been personalised. I trust it has got the bare essentials. e.g. a menage, stabling and water. An indoor school would be nice too. I can't begin to imagine what a nightmare packing a farm up must be like. It is bad enough with a small house, let alone a Manor house and contents. Keep the gin handy Judith!

I have every sympathy with Liz, as I have got some sort of viral gizzard puke too. Great when one has a shop full of customers.
It has put the jet pipe temperature up to wholly unacceptable levels. Still, that is probably far too much information. I trust we can look forward to calmer days ahead.

York Minster. I had a daystop at Leeds c.1904, (in the days of ICI) and drove to York to have a look at the Minster. My favourite organ music is Vidor Toccata in F, which I had played at my wedding. Anyway, someone happened to be playing the organ when I arrived. I shot up to the organ loft and put in my 'request', which amazingly, was granted. I sat at the back and was lost forever in the astonishingly beautiful and moving piece being played especially for me, surrounded by the depth of sound in such a holy and majestical surroundings. Awesome.

No. H is just getting on with it. No specific remedy was suggested by the Vet, although I have called in a Homeopathic Vet (Chris Day) as patently something is amiss with his immune system. Lots of changes, including his food. He is now on buckets full of green slime. This passes for food, which he seems to thoroughly enjoy. Simple systems is what Im on about, and lots of strange sounding pills that I have to syringe down his neck every day.

Carrots are out and astonishing results from the food change, but more of that some other time. 'Himself' wants his supper, so best go and shift myself about a bit.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Moya on Jul 24th, 2010, 09:21am

Just wanted to say thank you again to Judith and Charlie. As last year, I had a really fun and informative time. A 'special moment' I will remember was the end of day 2 when I put Poppy back in her pen; she spent the whole time that I was there standing at the entrance to my tent - if the fence hadn't been there I think she would have been sharing my cup of coffee! I really enjoy such moments of connection. She yawned and yawned and yawned smiley

User Image

Poppy was surrounded by the other 3 when I put her back in the field, but within minutes everything was back to normal.

Thank you both smiley


ps I hope the photo isn't too large.........
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jul 25th, 2010, 10:41am

What an amazing picture!

I keep trying to post but it crashes before I can send. Let's see if this can get through.

We are only doing a little whilst hormones here settle. Duke and B&b pony are bonding well but they have always one fence/ gate between them but they can reach over and do some grooming/ touching/ oral sex

Stepping on things for Duke is the focus - we can do door mat and indeed try to eat that, front half on a pink towel but as it is small not whole body. The fun started with cardboard. What a Nelly! We have got as far as squeezing past it and looking at it from 2 feet away but not even a nose on it yet. I am chunking it down but we shall have our work cut out. I will move on to these things in different places. He is so sweet though that its difficult not to laugh and at his facial expressions.

I am talking about Tilly to a jumping trainer here to get her really going and than I will find a home for her as although George is riding again he is now taller than me and wants to ride Duke!!!!!!!!!!!! I had thought I would ride Whisper with him this summer along with Tilly and be able to really enjoy the 2 mares together but much as they all love Tilly and want me to keep her they only want to do liberty with her and want to ride Duke and Whisper a bit. Vibes hoses give off isn't it? I love riding Tilly but she is so difficult to take anywhere on her own and your own and that hasn't improved.

I adore the picture of you lot and the balls - has everyone seen it? What must it look like to others who wonder what we get up to riding in Yorkshire? I think the piccie of Ann and me laughing as we ride past each other just sums up the camp too.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jul 27th, 2010, 4:43pm

Love your pic, Moya- I tried to 'import ' one here , from my facebook page , but no luck. I ll have to have a lesson on how to do it! And thank you for your kind words - as long as people have enjoyed themselves, whilst learning heaps of stuff , then we ve done our job!

Chris Day was our homeopathic vet for the cows and horses in the late '80s - I think there was hardly any other at that time. Certainly we had some great success stories , so I wish Harry all the best . I wonder if Chris has anything for splints.....

We went to Ryedale show today - as a spectator only , which was quite relaxing. Friends of ours did very[ unexpectedly ]well in various classes so that was good to watch. One friend was showing a horse bred by us , so it was good to her her get a rossette in a very big class.
There was a welsh D very like Tilly - including the fiesty temperament!! I m afrais he misbehaved [ he was entire] and was marked down. But boy could he trot!
Charlie and I had a free health check at the show . I was hoping I d be told off for being overweight [a nd therefore try harder] but as my glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure so good , my weight was waved aside. Wheres my motivation?! C s nurse was a little more diligent and he should lose some weight , so he s been for a run tonight. I didnt join in....
We have a private clinic fro 4 for the next 2 days. Then a private 1to1 for 3 days , then we go to Dorset to visit family - I m hoping to swim in the sea! It ll be a rest from all the brain work trying to figure out plans for the move!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer riding . The flies have been awful here, but only on the Moors are there still horse flies - as I discovered yest, on a 3 hr hack on my 'steal from a friend' horse Oberon.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jul 30th, 2010, 08:56am

I must say I really got to know all about Duke during the holiday and particularly these last couple of days at home.

He doesn't like to deal with new things on his right eye and tries to get round behind you. I have just placed an order to borrow 2 tractor tyres for the rest of the summer and for a 8x4 sheet of solid hardboard. This work is good for Tilly too but Whisper just ambles over and does it all with a look of disdain at the others!!!! She went straight into the new trailer and liked it.

Duke has progressed to walking down the ramp calmly having stood in it for treats but is jumping in still.

Finally, I have started to talk to studs about Tilly to re-home her in the right place and had an assessment done on her yesterday by a lovely young lady who agreed not a child's pony but well up to the breed standard. I feel quite sad and I know Freya will be cross but her hormones are not settling down so the chances of taking her to things this summer are very slim and she needs to get out more.

I am raring to get out there again and do more homework - the ball is a great success btw, but horrid paper work and laundry call.

How is everyone doing?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Aug 13th, 2010, 2:03pm

Everyone is being very quiet! I did try to post on here just before we went away, ut lost the lot! I hope Alex, that you manage to find a home for Tilly.These hormonal mares seem a mystery to me - in the wild I suppose they breed every year anyway, so its not an issue? Is breeding , say a couple of foals helpful , or not? [ And of course even 1 foal can be enough to beggar up the ligaments for riding]
We have had a hors free time in Dorset - cycling, eating too well post peddle, visiting villages, Salisbury, Dorchester etc , and yes, swam in the sea at Lulworth.
On the way down, though, we stopped off to see a friend , whose horse breeding is now out of control. 16 foals las t year . we saw 10 from this year - not sure where others were, but there are more.Its too easy to aquire horses this way....... made us glad we have stopped breeding.
On the coast near Weymouth the rain falls rarely- it sweepa across onto the downland. Therefore my sister in laws fields hadnt seen rain since april[ until we appeared!] and there wasnt a blade of green grass. Horses and cattle down there are being supplimentary fed. No laminitis!
We willhave to buy in straw this year , from the oat fields of our new farm- very expensive. and of course it isnt stopping raining . We need to get straw off to sow grass , or there will be no fodder next year......lots to think about!
How is everyones summer going?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Aug 16th, 2010, 12:18pm

Hello all!
well I'm having a strange old summer (is it still summer- the weather feels positively autumnal)! My grandaughter's situation is good news so far - pot off and brace on - hips still in place! Hurrah! Another 12 weeks with the brace being worn for reducing times after a 6 week check. She's being such an adaptable little soul but it is lovely to see her legs at least and she can kick from the knee down.
I have been made redundant - again! The coalition govt has cut the funding - end of job. Just a bit in limbo as currenetly I am supposedly at 'risk of redundancy' and in a consultation period - not yet had the notice served but forbidden to do any work! A very peculiar place to be!
S is being his usual self - one day he is the model of good behaviour and the next he is being his stubborn, feisty alter ego! His groundwork is much better and to handle he is generally good but his ridden work leaves an enormous amount to be desired! Thank goodness we are heading up to Sinnington at the weekend!Hopefully we can have a good old sort out!
Summer camp news was lovely to hear and I absolutely adore the pic of Poppy - Moya that pic is gorgeous and speaks volumes of a great connection with you. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Dare I broach the question - will there be a summer camp next year? and if so - where?
Alex - have you made any progress finding a place for Tilly? Pregnancy can calm feisty mares - my own mare (S's Mum) was so chilled and tranquil throughout her pregnancy and right up to weaning and then she reverted to her usual witchy self with everyone except her son - she still indulged him even after he was weaned! and she passed on some of her least desirable traits! or maybe it was having an indulgent, stubborn and dominant dam that played its part in shaping his personality! It's a tough call...
Judith - your break in Dorset sounds most relaxing - holidays are for indulging yourself I think! and pleased to hear you did get the swim in the sea. Lulworth is such a delightful bay - it was blowing a gale when I saw it a few summers ago so no swimming for me! BTW how are the cattle doing? Forage is a big problem everywhere this year - we have been warned to take extra safety precautions to protect our hay, haylage and straw from thieves and to brace ourselves for a big hike in cost! angry One yard near to me has just seen a rise of 8 in straw rolls from their supplier. There's always lots to think about where livestock are concerned and on top of that, you have to pack everything up and move to another farm - a mommoth undertaking!
Anyhow, I hope everybody is at least managing to get horse time in, between the rainy days which seem most prevalent! What's everbody been doing post summer camp?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Aug 24th, 2010, 6:03pm

Teaching Vanessa some liberty has reminded me that I could be doing some with our horses! I v ebeen troubled with sciatica since our visit to Dorset , so havent ridden. Today I did liberty with Wills and Guinness. With Wills its a question of not letting him go into whiz-around- the -arena , and keep canging direction and doinf slow careful movements - that is a mental challenge for him. Guinness had only done a couple of sessions , as I didnt want him trotting in the small arena while he was still growing. WE worked on getting looseness in the poll, as his habit is still to be a bit unbending , although generally sane and obediant. Theres so much that can be done at liberty!
Did everyone watch Martin Clunes' programme ? I thought the explanations of horse phycology were clear and spot on. I hope 'traditional' riders learned something!

Charlie had a good demo at markington , although the centre itself is no longer the huge operation it was. Charlie used to go there for lessons with 'The Baron' [ Baron von Blixen-Fineke] and also with jane Bartle. There are no students now - such a shame , as IMHO studnts learning at the so called colleges get little real idea of working in the horse world .
Charlie has a clinic at Tranwell near Morpeth this Saturday.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Moya on Sep 4th, 2010, 3:57pm

Summer 'down South' - post holiday 'up North' smiley

In-between various family commitments, I have managed a few horsey special times, including a trip to Holkham beach. Poppy is lovely to take there (I think she's been 4 times now). She has always walked straight into the sea. The first time I was leading her as a three year old and my boots were filled with sea water. Nice squelchy memory! Not trying to 'rub in' the photo thing - but here's one of that first trip to the sea with Poppy smiley

User Image

I have done a little in hand work with Pippin and also a session of liberty after a long break; we lost the plot about 10 weeks ago when she realised that I couldn't control the whole of the back garden. I was going to tape off a smaller area, but just haven't got round to it! However she was good and didn't have a tantrum - or try to leave without permission - although I know she is still challenging me because when she comes in, she does so from behind, rather than allowing me to draw her in to my front. She is a very animated pony and is full of energy and questions!

Poppy has settled in well after the clinic. I had not realised the extent to which she gets upset when she doesn't understand what is being asked. It is simply that she doesn't understand; its too easy to read grumpiness as lack of co-operation when in fact with her it's not often the case. The recent issue has been getting her to yield her front sideways when ridden. She seemed to understand from the ground, but it was difficult to get the first 'soft' sideways step mounted. She became quite unsettled on my first attempts, but when she eventually did 'get it' she was so relieved and so was I smiley

The horses/ponies have started to grow thicker coats and 'mud' is more often on my mind!

I remember sitting in the tent doorway, with Poppy standing just in front of me, the pan of water just coming to the boil............ sigh
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Sep 7th, 2010, 4:24pm

Thats a lovely picture , Moya! I m glad Poppy is doing well - what a lovely kind pony she is!
For C and mine's 29 wedding anniversary we had a short cruise to 3 scandanavian cities. While we saw no horsey stuff in Copenhagen or Gotenburg [exept statues], we found ourselves, in Oslo, watching the mounted police there giving sit-on-board-once-round-the-school rides to schoolchildren! We were in the citys'old castle, so to find the policehorses there was a bonus. Cant imagine UK policemen leting the public having a sit on the horses!T he horses were of warmblood type - withordinary continental tack- obligatory flash nosebands! Have to say the riders looked like dressage riders in costume , rather than serving officers!
Im detemined to ride soon whether or not the sciatica gets worse - I need a riding fix!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Sep 16th, 2010, 10:14am

Yes, fabulous shot Moya smiley Actually, Moya, I wrote to you a week or so ago, please can you write to me as I wonder if I used the correct email address? thanks
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Sep 17th, 2010, 1:54pm

Not much activity on the forum at the moment! I expect it is because everyone is working hard on their horsemanship.

What a strange summer with the weather and the horsing did not follow the agreed plan, surprise surprise.

Duke duly came home from camp and the hormone levels in Clavering upset NASA I think. Barricades became the order of the day but needless to say Whisper thought she knew better and spent the summer with a very nasty leg injury as she got herself wrapped in the electric fencing. I have just started her back in work but on-line and I must say she is going very well. Tilly remains a challenge and I gave up riding her whilst Duke was there but again she has re-started and I am really concentrating on the work I saw at Heuschmann.

Duke is just such a poppet and I had a good time this summer cracking trailer loading and fiddling about with him and obsticles. Lots of fun and we discoverd quickly that he will do most things if our dog Wizard did it first! The leaping inand out of the trailer lasted a bit but that is sorted now.

This evening I have signed up for a quadrille training which I haven't done before - what will they make of me doing it on a long contact?! grin
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Sep 17th, 2010, 2:19pm

Alex- could you describe some of the Hershmann work? And did you see the unfortunate picture of him with a Friesian stallion?
I also notice , with pleasure, a certain dressage star gave up her court action against a journalist who believed her 'hyperflexion ' [ or lets just call it torture, as thats what it is] was bad. I guess even she must realise that any non dressage person , whather horsey or not , would see it as a horrible for the horse to endure. I think its only in the closed world of competitive dressage that this pulling in stuff is considered normal.
Managed a ride recently and ben and Guinness were stars, but |Charlie is working daily at our new spot - cleaning out buildings that have been neglected for decades. Its very satisfying to see things look better , though theres much tpo do , and still havent decided what/where to put new building. Indoor school? Cattle shed instead? Horse pens?
Vanessa did persuade me where the field was to have the ridden work at next summer camp!Flat and about 2 1/2 acres. At the moment it has 3 piles in it - muck , old furniture/dead cat/rubbish, and the third is 'brash' from a felled tree , which will add to a surface in an indoor school.
I ve been working G at liberty , and also teaching liberty lessons. One is very interesting - in that in the lesson he was fine , but back home he stated in no uncertain terms that he was being pressurised [ introverted horse who has unknown but deep issues , new owner coping very well to give him confidence]. I mention this because we , myself included, can get task orientated . This horse needs a total lack of pressure , despite owners enthusiasm! - and real low energy stuff , listening for what the horse wants to say to you , rather than let it to do things.
One last thing is a cow story. Minnie lost a huge calf when it was born , though she tried hard to lick it into life. We got a foster calf wiythin an hour , but he didnt recognise her , and wouldnt suck. 2 hours later we try again , and this time got the calf on , then I remembered an old trick. I milked some of her milk onto my hands and rubbed it into the calf's coat. I mmediately she licked it off and took to the calf. In some part of her mind she knows she didnt birth him [ she lookewd to where the body had been taken for some hours ] yet so so thrilled to have a baby. This was only yeaterday and its hard to believe baby is a foster calf , they are so bonded.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Sep 19th, 2010, 10:08am

Gerd started the day with an explanation of the photos. I am sure you will all appreciate that we can all be caught out in a moment in time and that the photographer was waiting for this, Gerd felt. The horse he described as between an elephant and an angry Rhino and the owner was coming for a last ditch attempt to gain some control. Gerd said it was without doubt the hardest horse he had dealt with and of course once he had got on he was committed. This is where to his own admittance he knows nothing of ground work outside the classical groundwork and is aware he needs it now he is older and finding that he is always given "problem" horses to deal with. Sound familiar? Before I went I had discussed the photos with friends and Pattie and Sophie had dealt with a horse of this type and told me they found them extremely strong in a moment with no warning.

Anyway, Gerd says it tanked straight off with him and he was attempting to hold it with his seat and give a constant contact that it would eventually hear which included following as it dropped down behind the bit. He was lifting it at the photo moment and it came up and got the point a few minutes later and he could ride in the forward seat with hands turned upside down on the inside rein ,with supporting outside to soften the back. After half an hour the owner rode and cried with relief. She wanted to put other photos up to show the result with an explanation but Gerd says he has had enough of on-line tit for tat.

Again, I saw nothing that I objected to in his day and I am inclined to believe him. Sometimes it does get ugly.

More on the day later as Gary is here and is READY to walk dogs so I better jump to it.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by heather on Sep 20th, 2010, 3:43pm

Aaah, how patient one has to be with an introvert horse. Someone said you need to do things as slow as molasses with them. How true. I sometimes think that instead of a human selecting a horse, there ought to be an assessment of the two temprements before purchase. I have certainly had to look to myself and severely curb my impatience, competitiveness and single mindedness with H. The introvert just does not tollerate these traits, so it is a question of recognising it in onesself and altering the mindset if you are to get anywhere at all. It takes time but this self disipline has been really good for me. Dosn't always work, but it is WIP and always will be. At least you don't have the personal temprement problems Judith, you are calm and patient to a degree, so that in itself should pay dividends handsomely.

Poor Mummy moo, losing her calf, but what a lovely ending to a tragic story. I wonder what the calf died of -do you know?

Moyas picture on the beach is fab. The only time I have been out this year was to a yard weekend break at Holm-next-the-sea in Norfolk. For once the weather was terrific and H led the way on the beach with a selection of youngsters; quivvering wrecks both human and equine, tucked into his ample orange backside.
It was really good fun, but oh. Save me from gangs of girls under 25. Noise, drunken revellry and general out of controlled-ness. Me, old? yep. 'fraid so!

This summer has been a total loss as far as neddying is concerned. No shows, no dressage comps, no camps or clinics, no riding, no lessons, no anything. A combination of disasterous events has kept me short of time and money up until now, and today I have just received an appointment to go and see a surgeon regarding a knee replacement op. So I guess that will be another 6 months before that happens plus the recovery time.

I did manage to do one day at Carole Lockyer's though. Carole had set up the most amazing LeTrec course round her 10 acre field, and we spent all day there in the sunshine 'doing' it. We bumped into Diane, Ann, Liz and David and Alex, who so kindly did friendly on the ground whilst I was mounted, then passed me the stick so I could do friendly from on high. Harry was a total star all day considering he had not been ridden for so long. It was lovely to be amongst smiling horsy friends once again. Ooh, I have missed you all.

I have put myself down to do the clinic at Shuttlworth next weekend. I just hope we can do it some sort of justice as I have not ridden H for months other than a short hours hack out here and there. We will just have to take it gently.

Bumped into Caroline (Luna) yesterday. She is well and has just taught Luna flying changes. Counter canter figure of 8's and trot inbetween was her modus operandi. I thought - as I have accidentally done it in the past - that a flying change would be from a correct lead canter figure 8. If I ever get back to having a horse with a back, I will experiment. Perhaps though, I would learn more if I were to look it up first. Tonight's reading then.

Hope the mucking out of the barns is going well Judith. What about the house? Have you started to pack that yet? I cant begin to imagine what a mammouth task that will be. Oh yes, and whilst I think of it, did Charlie ever finish the table he was making during last winter. Was it a card table or something?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Sep 20th, 2010, 8:50pm

Charlie and I have every sympathy with Dr H - a moment that looks bad and is photographed [ and these days up for discussion on 'tinternet immediately] can lead to all sorts of misinterpretations. Frieians do have incredibly bendy necks - probably their too high natural carriage , so would be prone to that shape when tanking off!
Phillippe Karl doesnt allow any photography in his clinics, although part of that reason is that he doesnt want students who have just had a lesson or so claiming he has endorsed their work.
Did you see any work with horses with the Dr , or was it a lecture only?
Heather - look forward to seeing you next weekend- hopefully do some A T with the knee? Glad you re rding H again. A friend of ours did very well at Ryedale show - in hand champion Highland - lovely 3 yr old - 2 weeks ago he developed a splint overnight - typical!
I m in Facebook contact with the owner of the introverted horse - she s trying liberty' on Valium' and learning lots about her horse. Its been a total eyeopener for her - she thought she was going to teach him things - the opposite has happened. Already she is getting a better relationship during the ridden work.
I can say I m often not a calm person at all, [ ask my children!] and I do have to be aware of my lack of patience at times - not with other horses , just my own! We all want to do 'well'- however we define that.

The move plans are still smoothly gliding on - something/someone is bound to make a ****up at some
stage- just hope its not a big one! The builders began today , taking out rubbish from the house and cottage . One of the builders did the same jobs here at the Manor 18 years ago!
Tomorrow the scaffolding should go up. I ve invested in a 'bisom' brush fro the cobwebs , as its so much lighter . Charlie comes back covered in dirt , and once the cobwebs and dust is gone there are lots of rotten beams to see in the old buildings. I nedd to Snowcem some of them before the animals go across. We ve been given a caravan for the duration from the son of friends - caravan used for rock festivals - but clean apparently!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Sep 22nd, 2010, 2:39pm

Yes Gerd did ride.

2 things though first. Unlike Mark Raschid and maybe others I don't think any assessment of the horses fitness to be ridden was made. I am not sure how horses are chosen. Gillian what's-her-name from Horses Inside Out organised everything and her horse had some lunging at the end. I loved her horse bones but her horse in MHO is not a good advert for correct going but I don't think Gillian knows this. Her other work is good but the horse is dragged about and I think she is too busy to get it going well , maybe. It is a plank.

5 main horses. A 22 year old which was coming back after injury and the rider was nearly there and it was a super partnership. Little to fix. A very gangly eventer ridden surprisingly well by a competitive Pony Club official. She didn't kick and pull at the same time so why do they teach that to the children. But why did this poor horse need to have a competition career? No comment was made on suitability. Poor thing had very difficult conformation and had had several bouts of surgery! Gerd did the same thing on all horses to a degree. Ride them in a forward seat; light hands; supporting outside rein; hands turned upside down for lightness; often in trot; circle and shoulder in used alot and long sides for forward. Discussions about getting them long and low but taking the hand. Undoubtedly these horses improved. Shoulder in in downward transitions as well emphasized and on the circle with both haunches in and out. I remember Charlie doing this and it made a break through with Whisper.

The other 2 horses were basket cases mentally and me and my mates thought not able to be ridden. Ruined by competition. They so needed to be lunged the Pattie and Sophie way/ liberty and turned out for lots of R&R. Gerd tried hard with them and made a small window but each rider rode their horses after and these two riders could not let go at all. The horses needed to be taken into care! SAD. I don't think Gerd knew what to say to them in the short time he had as they couldn't let the reins out even when he walked with them telling them to. I did comment at the beginning of one ride that they had it in a flash so I don't think the rider and her mother had any idea of what Gerd is all about. The flash was taken off by Gerd but I expect it's back on tomorrow.

Off to airport in 2 hours and still haven't packed!!!! Don't want to go really. Have a good time at the clinic.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Sep 29th, 2010, 08:03am

I do think Gerd has an uphill struggle - so depressing that so many people are taught badly and that competition is the end , not harmony and 'artistry'.
Many thanks for the Shuttleworth participants , who braved yet another freezing day! Even my room was somewhat cold , so not perfect for A T work. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons , as its always good to work with those how wish to learn and listen! I know Charlie enjoyed his teaching too, so again many thanks for your continued support!
I only returned last night , after a short visit to a friend at Chesterfield. once again , as I ve asked this before , but if anyone knows someone in the Chesterfield area who is either N H , or wishes to ride 'slowly' out hacking , or could ideally give 24/7 summer turnout to 1 small horse , please let me know!

Last week was the coloured horse sale at |York - as expected there were many horses - modstly youngstock , and some just imported from Ireland. As you can imagine , many of these animals were in less than perfect condition . I believe horsesa re being abadoned in Ireland , and the rescues can hardly cope. Mistakenly people have believed coloureds will sell whatever their quality - not so! Luckily we didnt return with a horse - last thing we need is more equines!
Progress on the new farm - the house is being stripped down , and the roof will come off soon . BUildings still getting cleaner and C and David have mad a start on the tin sheds - they may look rubbish , but were built to last - unfortunately!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Oct 1st, 2010, 4:52pm

Just back in UK to all this Rain. Uggh!

So what did the riders work on on the Sunday? Maybe I can catch up and have a theme for the next week.
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Oct 4th, 2010, 12:44pm

Hello All
I can't believe it is over 5 weeks since I was at Sinnington - and had a fantastic time - learnt loads as always and we are continuing steadily progress, although upon his return home S of course challenged me 1st time in the home school - reared at me (1st time ever) but I sent him on (he was on the long line). There was another horse in the school at the time and I realised afterwards I was sending out bad vibes so maybe just a reflection/mirror of my angry thoughts. Especially as he hasn't done it since and he's done some good work for me with fewer 'hissy fits'! In fact, I've found that if I praise him more, we make more progress and he's not taking advantage as he did in the past. Incidentally, one of Charlie's lessons was about 3 types of rein - direct, indirect and huh - I can't remember. Any possibility of a brief re-explanation for me please?
I do like your concept, Alex, of a theme for the week. Any suggestions would be most welcome? Alex, how is Duke coming along?
Judith, Pleased to hear that work on the new farm is moving apace. Has the big conifer gone by now? I hope the roof was covered from the deluge of rain that descended on Yorkshire yesterday! I can't wait for summer camp next year at the new place! It will be lovely when all the refurbishment work has been completed - even the barn will have soul! I do hope things continue to progess and the tin huts have succumbed to demolition. You will get there in no time. I hope the winter doesn't throw too much bad weather whilst work is on-going.
I've been made redundant again, along with 90+ others due to Govt cuts so am on the big job hunt - got an interview in York on Wednesday so hope it goes well. By the way, Liz, I'm no longer tied to school hols so hopefully with a new job can make any dates for summer camp 2011!
Family are doing well and my grandaughter is coming along nicely - she can have 10 hours per day without her brace and is finally mobile!
Hope everyone's mud is not too thick and I look forward to any theme ideas! grin
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Oct 8th, 2010, 06:49am

At last I m replying - I m afraid things are rather busy here ! is trying to remeber a particulat theme - but thinks he worked with each person to their needs. And getting the rider to work out what they and the horse needs at that point in time.
So, what might the pair of you need- dont over analise, just a quick thought that comes to mind?
vanessa- i was beginning to wonder where you were? I m not suprised S objected to the new regime back home - they are back in their environment and think old habits will continue. Praising him for good work is fine ,as long as its very clear poor work wont be tolerated! I m glad granddaughter is doing well, at least at her young age she s every chance of recovery and good development - not like our old bones!
The new place - well! about 10 men work in there daily , so everything happening at once - the roof has a membrane , but we ve upped the number of veluxes [ as it wasnt light enough] so the slates wont go back on ntil the extras are in. Electics, brickies,plumbers all in there . The fields have taken well , so are green with new seeded grass. The pond has been 'repuddled' so that rain water will head off to it [ when the drains get going] I m snowceming and bitumening - so far a tack room, feedroom, rug area and calving box done. Lots more to do, plus powercleaning fold yard etc. C hasnt got far with the tin sheds - they may look hopeless, but were built to last hundreds of years!! Why didnt they look after the proper buildings instead!? Still havent an exact leaving day , shall hang on as long as poss,to cut down time in a small caravan [ which we havent seen yet]
The horses are doing nothing - shoes off and having a lazy time. prices for horses are still rock bottom, and even lovely show cobs , with form are at least 25% lower than a yr ago.
Tomorrow we re getting up at 4 and heading off to HOYS at the NEC. We need to go that easrly to see the cobs , the LWs start at 7. Its the first time we ll have gone since Ben was last in the HWs in 2002. I intend to do some shopping for winter coats, boots,jods and a hat. When we do get moved and the horses are up, we ll be doing more roadwork, so will have to stop looking like atramp when I ride......
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Oct 9th, 2010, 7:53pm

Charlie and I went to HOYS today- up at 3.30 to get to see the LW cobs begin a t 7 am. 27 beautiful cobs , 9 of which wer coloured! In the HWs 4 coloureds . seems like no time at all since Ben was there. have to say the quality is so good now perhaps he wouldnt have done so well.....

Taking our seats later I saw the showjumping fences looked big, but not that big - say 3 foot to 3 6. But it was for riders of under 12 , with ponies of less than 128cms! They flew round , and nearly a quarter of them hit the deck, beause at that speed any run outs throw you off! i m not a great fan of show jumping , but these kids had'bottle' and 1 ,who had 3 in the jump off and won and was 2nd , was a cracking rider. Quiet ,balanced ,but focused!
We also watched Frederic Pignon, working with stallions at liberty. He was excellent - working up to 3 horses [ he had Lusos, and 2 friesians] and it was a harmonious and gentle programme. It wasnt foot perfect, but at no time did he pressurise the horses, just set it up again- smiling all the while! At one point a stallion stood on his whip [ he only carried 1 schooling whip, an only used it for direction and cues], so it took a while to set up the next move! It was his firs t UK visit , I m sure bits of it will appear on you tube.
So, inspiration all round!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Oct 12th, 2010, 7:09pm

Having sang Frederic Pignons praises , I ve looked him up on 'tinernet , and found his book 'GALLOP TO FREEDOM' on Amazon. I love his philosphy - lovely pictures, and cant fault his training methods. To learn that he hasnt a closely choreographed programme dailly, but goes with what the horses offer , made me understand the fluidness of the whole programme at \hoys.
Ask for this book for xmas!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Oct 13th, 2010, 1:08pm

The book sounds a great Xmas pressie - I shall head over to Amazon very soon! and then have a word with my Mum!
I like to do different things day to day as I'm sure the horses get bored but thought an underlying theme would be a good thing! However I've taken your advice Judith and am trying not to analyse too much (a habit of mine - I do think alot - way too much sometimes! Having helped another lady on the yard yesterday to try and de-sensitise her horse (big warmblood) to clipping by using a sports massager (for the noise and vibration similarity to clippers) and allowing him to move or stand with them on (rewarding standing by turning off). We had success - he touched them with his nose and relaxed even when they were on and have suggested she continue for a few days to get him standing all of the time. He is the big grey that Charlie worked with when he came to us earlier this year and has a total phobia about clippers and insecurities - no doubt a bad experience in a previous home. I thought I would try S today - well he never batted an eyelid - didn't move anywhere and accepted the massager over his shoulder, neck, chest and girth in a very short space of time - I was so pleased with him. He's never been clipped or had clippers around him so for him just to accept it unflinchingly was great. Guess that's partially down to his bold personality but I also like to think that we have built up some trust between us too which helped in accepting this strange buzzing sensation! A positive for sure. Guess clipping is my theme - and I didn't even think too much!
HOYS sounds so interesting - did you do the shopping extravaganza too? A friend of mine did say that a friend of hers had been and she'd found the entry costs quite extravagant too!
Pleased to hear that things are moving along at the new place - sounds like you've got lots done. Whilst the weather holds, hopefully you can get plenty completed - it's such an enormous task - house, land and outbuildings but it will all come together. I wouldn't fancy a little caravan in the winter either!
Didn't get the job so still on the hunt - it's such a demoralising task with not much out there to apply for! However I will have to stick at it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying lots of horse time!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Oct 13th, 2010, 5:22pm

Yorkshire seems much the theme of this week! I listened to the very interesting programme on the rejuvenation of the Helmsley apple orchard; the book sounds good for the Christmas list too. George amped for the weekend and walked Wensleydale for Silver DofE walking.

I sometimes set myself a theme, sorry Judith, to see what it throws up that needs to be sorted. This week I thought I would work on my forward seat and achieve what I could in this position without it becoming task orientated. I had started this last week and had had a lesson with the lovely Jean to check my forward position. We never even started it. Other things cropped up immediately. One is Duke just starting to snatch the reins so that became his theme and mine to avoid it. I quite quickly got back into the hind quarter yield sticking so that has been the focus of last couple of days along with closing the arena gate mounted. In fact, I managed to ride in a forward and/or lighter seat quite a bit and all the above meant that we achieved closing the gate because these things were hindering us anyway!

Lots of half halts from the seat really helped and of course that's not easy in a forward seat...

Life's so circular isn't it?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Oct 15th, 2010, 4:18pm

Vanessa- re a job- any further thoughts on re training?I can see you working with horses and Bowen so well.Try not to panic or be downhearted, easier said than done, but I m sure the right thing is out there.
What a brilliant job with the clipping - textbook on how to do it. i m not at all suprised S took it in his stride - he s afraid of very little! With all the time you can be with him , I m expecting great things from you both!
Alex, I quite understand your themes - I ve certainly had many sessions where I intended to do 1 thing and had to build something else first, and Im sure you and Duke are doing well. Interesting that he s now snatching at the reins - new habit? - or are you working him differently? Is he still changing shape?
Watching 'you tube' videos of F Pignon and related topics -high school work by Lusos etc, I can quite see how the Iberian horses look magnificent doing the classical movements. Duke would certainly have the 'form' for it.

There were 14 men working at Cornborough yesterday - from chimney stacks to the kitchen floor - things moving forward , but still a long way to go. I hope the horses dont get injured, as most of the vet cupboard is now over there!
We ve spent 2 days powerhosing the foldyard , and the first load of machinery has gone over. haylage bales next.
The top surface of the indoor school has been removed - tho not sure how to transport it! I m sure I ll miss that indoor area, even though I didnt use it as much as I should have.

Our website will have to have a new name - 'cornborough' is already taken [ Devon B&B] 'corn grange' gone too, as has every combination of Charles and wilson or horsemanship and natural etc [ except very long titles, and as our email comes through the website the bit after the @ is the website whole name, we dont want another long address] so any short snappy name combining [or not] charles, wilson, cornborough, grange, horsemanship,or any words that come to mind to describe what we do. Suggestions welcome!

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Oct 25th, 2010, 08:12am

The website is very quiet at the moment1 theres been some nice sunny days here , and the hunt has been cubbing nearby . I think in a years time C will be getting Guinness ready fro a hunting season - I think he ll love it, and be sensible enough for an elderly person to ride!
Due to my error, our yearling youngster got away from you , got 'giddy' and ended up tearing her chest open on the bolt ends in the big shed. Horses skin is so thin! I m sure the cattle wouldnt even have a bruise if they d done what she did. ANyway, she was stapled together ,for about 6inches or so, by a locum vet. The staples made a good job , but after a week of being in , and about to go totally 'stir crazy' we put her and her pal out yesterday - sure enough some of the staples have disappeared and no doubt she ll get proud flesh there. I m still amazed at how accident prone horses are.....
We are now into the last 10 day s of being here , which is very strange. The house over there is no where like being finished, even though the builders are working hard. The fencing people are coming this week, so add another couple of small fields around the house . I m dreading setting the youngsters out there ....may well be another vet visit.....
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Nov 17th, 2010, 4:36pm

Gosh, hasn't it gone quiet here? These early dark evenings are so miserable aren't they? Added to that our heavy clay field is so wet that doing anything with the horses is almost impossible as they trash the ground in no time - oh for an outdoor (even indoor) school! I'd better get on with winning the lottery!

Not much in the way of news from this corner of Beds - it's cold, wet, gale force icy blasts and Nins has had to be parked back in her stable 24/7 after the farrier's visit this morning. Having been doing Ok-ish with the heartbars in place, when the farrier took them off to trim her feet great chunks of sole came off too, there was blood where the wall met the sole and a very squishy area at the toe which was oozing blood as well. This is not good and required an immediate call to the vet and another visit tomorrow from the farrier plus possibly the vet. In herself she seems fine which is rather contradictory.

I was just congratulating myself on finishing with mucking out every day as well. Poor Nins, she is not pleased to be stabled and Clod is pretty miserable standing outside her stable and looking very lonely sad

Vanessa, what's the news from you - job, grand-child, Strider?

Judith, what's happening with the new farmhouse? I bet you're fed up with that caravan by now?! Any moving in date sorted out yet?

How's everyone else?

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Nov 18th, 2010, 12:04pm

It may be quiet because people can't stay logged in to post! I've had real problems getting on here! It let me log in but then every time I tried to move pages to post it kicked me out and told me guests cannot post! This is about the 10th time I've tried to get on - new website teething problems maybe...?
I agree Liz - the weather has been very cold and the dark nights are so depressing - my ponies aren't too keen on the weather either and seem quite happy to be tucked up in their stables by 4pm! Poor Nins - guess she's not so happy to be in her stable - is it laminitis? blood in hoof wall/sole is certainly indicative of that hideous condition. If it is, it could be an indication of Cushings laminitis, particularly occurring this time of year. I've been thro' this whole scenario so am speaking from bitter experience. What has your vet said Liz? However, don't despair it (Cushings or metabolic syndrome) can be controlled and I have now managed to keep my Cushings boy sound for 19 months. If you want to e mail me direct Liz, please do. I do hope Nins recovers very soon. Incidentally, Judith how are the 2 laminitics that you cared for earlier in the year, after their improvement on the new regime?
Judith - how is life in the caravan? Gosh after all the gales, rain and freezing weather I hope you are both coping! I do hope the new farmhouse refurbishment (if I can call the major building works that!) is soon complete and you can resume 'normal' life.
S is actually getting regular work due to my unemployed status! I have managed to ride and do groundwork on a regular basis and have even braved the howling wind and rain! He's still feisty as always and tries different evasions - always up for his games. But we are building a better relationship. He's even been clipped - and after my initial trials with him - sports massager/hand held clipper de-sensitisation - he was the model of superb behaviour for the actual clipping - he actually fell asleep during the process! I was very proud!
My grandaughter is progressing slowly - her hips are still in but we had a scare a couple of weeks ago with popping sounds from her hip region - after examination the consultant said hips were definitely in situ and the sound was probably the muscle twanging across the bone! Poor mite - it has settled again and she is now actually pushing up on her hands and knees. They are on hol in warmer climes at the moment and my daughter has told me they've had lots of pool time. Great exercise for her so hopefully she will have made leaps and bounds by the time they get back.
Can we now have a new topic for summer camp 2011? I shall continue my job hunt!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 23rd, 2010, 09:34am

Hello Everyone!
I too have had problems logging in, and shall get Peter onto it!
Its nice to hear mesages from the outside world! We still dont have our own computer up and running , and sometimes our mail enable isnt keen on working on computers we 'borrow'.
Yes, our life has been turned upside down. We are still in the small caravan , and its getter colder...makes everyday jobs a bit of a trial. The house seems nearly ready - but has been so for a week! Still no water or heating , or kitchen etc , but electrics are now running . So at night when the builders have gone, I can put the cats indoors with a heater!
We arent riding the horses, its a fulltime job doing the house - seems I go to B&Q nearly day! Painting attics out has taken ages ,, and I had to go out onto the scaffolding to paint the outside attic windows [ curing a fear of high ladders!]
I hope its now easy enough to get onto the forum here , at least, Vanessa, you can use your 'leisure' time to work with Strider a lot , I m sure he looks forward to the challenge.
Liz, I hope Nins is on the road to recovery.
Most days we hear trotting of horses on the road, from the racing yard nearby.We have also had the hunt through, which Ben found very exciting ![ Wills finds anything exiting , and he s cutting up the fields badly.] Guinness is as sane as ever. The 2 youngsters , both big 17 handers , we would love to find new homes for. If anyone would like 1 ,please get in touch! Cheap to N H homes!
When I write agin, I sincerely hope we ll be at least in the house, even if camping out!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Nov 26th, 2010, 7:14pm

Glad to hear you are surviving Judith and Charlie. I have thought of you in the caravan. Freya went on a field trip yesterday outside Durham and rang faintly hysterically on their way back whilst trying to thaw in a service station.

I like no heat in a bedroom and the window open so I have found my neck a bit stiff in the morning now I have short hair as it is obviously a bit chilly out there!

Horses: l am so sorry to hear of Nins' travails - hoofs are so complicated. I have just changed Duke to a barefoot trimmer in Rutland and do feel relieved. Very revealing but a chat for another posting I think.

I am working hard on my riding and started lessons on a riding school horse. What a crock!!!! What a lot I am learning!!! First is to stop accepting that just because I am riding a school horse I also have to accept the tack he is usually ridden in. First lesson was to be a pole lesson to include canter. Out came this poor little thing in a flash and martingale. I grumbled but gave in and rode it as it came. BLOODY HELL!!!!! Where is the conversation with the mouth with this tut and tat on? No feel and immediately apparent no stop and definitely no feel from the seat. Fast forward to yesterday when I rode him alone( and avoiding being bitten to death untacking and rugging up after), and the no stop without hauling on the mouth became very obvious when I hadn't got the stirrrup lengths right before I got on and as I wouldn't haul but kept trying to sort myself out with seat and breathing I eventually had to ask a passing instructor to help me or do whole session without stirrups as I wasn't going to jump off till I got a halt from the seat. She teaches at the riding yard and mostly jumping and thought I was odd not having my knees round my chin! By the end of that session I wanted to take the little horse home. So educational. A livery owner at that yard on her Gelderlander shared the arena with me and I was so pleased I wasn't on Duke who would have hated the shouting and the sound of the whip smack. Double bridle too. Poor horse shouted at because he didn't stay in canter but as he wasn't walking out how could he? She told me that she had learnt everything from a certain NZ instructor who comes over twice a year and it was this instructor that Tilly found so upsetting she had to be moved out of her stable and out of hearing when she is there. I am so proud of my lip buttoning skills!!!

Bad news for me is Duke has grown out of his saddle so I have a borrowed one from the saddle shop and I can feel the difference as can Duke. He really hates the cold weather on his face and up his nose poor thing.

Really looking forward to going on holiday this Christmas although it is difficult to think of cotton and linen clothes in this weather.

My current theme (sorry) is half halts from the seat.


Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 27th, 2010, 6:51pm

I think Peter has sorted any glitches re logging on.
Alex, it is so difficult riding a horse so differently 'trained' , and quite upsetting. With N H we seem to 'know' what horses are thinking , and the resignation ,oor worse- suffering - they put up with is so terrible - and so unneccessary.
Well the snow has put paid to C s day tommorrow - helping with a saddling problem. This would have been interesting , as the owner had doubly checked all physical things like back, saddle , even stomach ulcers , so the mental side would be intreqing. I ll let you know when C does go there and the result , but it will be some time , as the snow is to stay for at least a fortnignht.
LUCKILY we are now in the house, not the caravan! On Weds tjhe boiler fired up , and we ve been keepinmg it on most of the time1 So we have heating , hot water , fluish toilet indoors , nearly all mod cons! What a difference. We are only in 1 of the attic rooms , with dusty bare boards but a great improvement. I had a complete panic though, as I d not fully closed the attic door and the cats escaped. I caught cartman on the stairs, bu this mum had followed the 'fresh' air and gone out through the non doored entrance [ has a sheet of insulation infront of it, not flush to the wall obviously, . As this was forst thing yest , I had a very worrying day as to whether she d ever be seen again, but a couple of hours afterthe builders went , she appeared io the hall downsyairs! I ve been very careful ever since....
For thos eof you who are owed an email, I have no addresses to hand on 'borrowed ciomputer access, but can REPLY to either the new addresses [ me or c @ naturalhorsetrainer or @ ryemanorstud etc]or the old [ charles.wilson@ sinn etc - my old one dosnt work] when I access the mail enabler. Hope that makes sense! Still no landline number , but the mobile works well with an open velux window!
Still havent ridden at all, but walking round the snowy 17 acres yest, I thought it will be a good field for the summer camp.....
A special thank you to the anon who sent me a caravanning magazine I converted to caravanning - I think nopt! Why do all of them have adesign fesature that means the head of the bed is only seperated from the tiolet by a paperthin wall! ? And they lack insulation.....
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 27th, 2010, 6:56pm

The resigmation/suffering of the non N H horses , that should read in the above! I think horses learn to switch off as the only escape from the pain and naggging- those sensitive ones who cant are the ones with 'problems' mos tof the time. Perhaps, Alex, you could ask to remove some of the tack ? C often comes across horses 'trsained' by a very high up B HS lady . All of them have had their heads hauled about and held in in lessons - and the riders never seem to question it. Yet this same lady says she s interested in N H, A T etc . Who in the BH S world teaches good hands and self carriage?
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Nov 29th, 2010, 1:16pm

Oh being on a non NH yard I see the resignation/switched off/multi problems every day! Funny - everyone thinks my horses are naughty but I know they are free and able to make choices and aren't held in horrendous positions with pieces of tack! I have at least persuaded one person to abandon her flash noseband - and she's happy with the result - more to the point so is her horse! It's very hard being on a 'traditional' yard and doing things differently but I'm never swayed from NH. I find it even harder having 'traditional' lessons on someone else's horse (wouldn't do that to S and just think he would explode with indignance anyway!) with the BHS II owner so stopped a while ago! It's bad enough watching others...
Judith - thank goodness you are in the house, albeit in the attic (hot air rises so probably the warmest spot now you have heating!). This snow is causing havoc - here in south Yorkshire we haven't had as much as the north of the county but it still brought the main roads to a grinding halt this morning. Have you managed to get all the animals indoors in their new accomodation? My boys do go out during the day but come in at night - the shetland and his buddy want to be in by 3.30pm and S is always waiting at the gate by 4pm! He's had a few days off (I rode last weds) but hope that I can ride sometime this week. We only have an outdoor school but it is a rideable surface even in freezing temps but if we get a whole heap of snow it won't be so good on his legs. S is still 'planting' himself - even with prior groundwork he sets off well then after a few transitions (walk/trot) he stops and refuses to move! I have ridden thro' this but he takes lots of my energy thrown at him! One thing is I never stay cold for long when working with him!
Hope everyone is managing in the snow - winter came early for sure! Brrr
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Nov 30th, 2010, 08:19am

Yes, the attic is warm - and we have incredible views from the Veluxes! The cats are very happy up there , rather than in an outhouse. All the horses are in at nights , but its a bit of a squash, and ben is in the cows calving box! We have resorted to putting haylaghe outdoors for them , otherwise they are ready to come in by 1 pm. We still have 9 cattle outside , the incalf heifers and cows , and we are making a pen in the hayshed for them. The only space ther ewas where the caravan was parked up, so that had to be moved [by hand!]. We have about 4 or 5 inches of snow - about half the amount theres a t Sinnington - just that 17 miles away from the moors makes quite a difference.
I hope everyone is coping ok with the weather - it may look xmassy - but bah humbug!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 7th, 2010, 5:18pm

I give up it just keeps crashing angry obviously I am so boring cry
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Dec 8th, 2010, 1:08pm

Who's boring? It's technology and computers which are boring, frustrating and often likely to be thrown through windows - now how often have you been tossed out of a window?

At the risk of boring everyone sufficiently to jump out of windows - here's yet another update on the Yellow Peril. The vet insists that the second xrays indicate a doubling of the pedal bone rotation from 3 degrees to 7 (right) and 8 or 9 degrees on the left. However, in herself she is bright-eyed, shiny coated, grumpy as hell and giving Claude a hard time - in other words fairly normal for her.

We're re-applying the bandaging every 2nd day now and will try and stretch that to every 3rd day - it's just a matter of protecting the new sole as it slowly grows over the raw flesh rather than poulticing an open wound. Whilst having the heartbars on makes it easier to keep the bandages on, the edges do tend to wear through the tape quite easily. We've still got rock hard ground here but no snow unlike you ruffy tuffy northerners.

Our kitchen has been a temporary feed room for a few days, it's got horses' meals in it (to stop them freezing), sugar beet to stop it freezing, iodine (for Nins' soles) to stop it freezing - somewhere in there is a corner for us to prepare our meals smiley

How's everyone coping with the ground and snow? Oh, how I envy you lucky soils with outdoor schools.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by oldandweary on Dec 8th, 2010, 4:49pm

Hello Teams. It has been a thingyens of a job logging onto this site, so I thought I would have another go tonight. Still no joy, so I have re registered. That seems to have 'taken'.

I take it that you won't be going on a touring holiday this year then Judith? Caravaning is quite fun for 24 hours until a bath calls, but that is it. What on earth you had to go through in this dreadful weather and sharing with another, is too ghastly to contemplate. The imagination has no difficulty in imagining the result of the paper thin walls next to the bog. It is bad enough when there are several rooms and a coridoor separating them! Thank the good Lord that you are now in the warm and dry, with the luxury of hot running water once again. How long before it is finished? Insallah or in sight? I suppose you are using a primus stove to cook on, or have you the luxury of an oven and cooker yet? Let us know the gory details.

I have every sympathy with your livery situation Alex. We are fortunate in that most of the Oak Farm inmates are quite 'aware'. Even the show jumping girls are careful of their horses' mouths. Although one of them is still to be found in a Dutch Gag, grackle and standing martingale. There are others though who are so old fashioned and entrenched in dogma, sayings and 'tradition' that they will not consider opening their minds to even tiny bits of common sense. The very worst are the driving Lady and Gent. Horses stabled 24/7 and excercised rarely, and then only to be trotted at a good pace on roads. It teaches one a certain measure of diplomacy at least. Or perhaps it comes under the heading of 'improving one's emotional fitness!'

Since I came off and really hurt myself a couple of months ago I have not been riding much due to the immense amount of time it took swellings to go down. I am now 'hot to trot' and am taking my poor orange neddy for a potter down to the Pub in the next village. Along with two Shires and 13 horses and ponies. This our Christmas outing. When we return we are having mulled wine, then a party. All outside. This should be great fun as long as everyone stays safe. I am hoping Carole Lockyer will be joining us. She could do with a bit of cheer in her life at the moment.

Had a go at 'Horse Agility' last Sunday. Highly entertaining. We will certainly do it again.

Vannessa - how's that Grandchild of yours getting on?

Hope everyone is fit and well, and more than anything, that Nins makes a recovery soon.

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 14th, 2010, 11:14am

I think everyone is doing more horsey stuff than us! Even Liz is at least handling and mimistering to her horse- all we do is set out ,bed and feed ,and bring in! Guinness , I m sure is a bit bored , and tries to hamstring Wills. Last Saturday we forgot the shooting was on next door, so there has been a lot more deep footprints added to the small filed.... despite the snow and frozen ground ,the horses still cut it up! Their feet look very good , unshod but wearing down just the right amount . Most of our ridden work will be on roads - although the racing trainer nearby has offered us the use of his gallops- now could we incorporate a gallop session to the summer camp??
'Old and weary' - what a good name - I fancy stealing it from you, as its how I feel! I suppose the ned is in sight , buit the noise and dust are such that I cant believe it ll ever be clean and done! The team of decorators are here, and much of the walls is painted or lined ready for papering. But there are still plumbers /joiners/builders going to and fro. The cottage is small , but will look nice for visiting horsmanship students!! I m being 'educated' by newspapers such as the Daily Sport and Star, which are left every day , along with huge amounts of other rubbish!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 14th, 2010, 3:41pm

Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 17th, 2010, 09:57am

Dear Alex,
I hope this wasnt a long mail that has got 'wiped' somehow?
Now that the thaw has ended I also hope everyone isnt struggling too hard in the frost/snow. Tomorrow, we are told , we get a phone line - but I do doubt it! Roll on spring!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Dec 20th, 2010, 1:55pm

Yes I was wiped angry

I wish you all very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. We hope to fly tomorrow for a family holiday in Costa Rica via Heathrow! Having got Gary back last night several days late and via City airport we are going tonight and staying in the Holiday Inn. I have done no riding and really miss it laughlus my trousers are a little tight.

I am taking my Phillip Karl book to swot before his course starts in January. I do hope it warms up a bit as 4 days sitting in a barn will be testing. I am still riding the 2 school horses when I can and although the plan was to use them to improve my canter neither have really got the balance to canter at all! I am doomed to trot for quite a while but I learn so much each time. One horse can't stop and the other can't go and of course no ground work allowed! I do take off the flash and martingale though.

Poor Duke has cut his foot which probably happened when he was turned out without his over reach boots. At least his timing is good. Just hearing Gary on the phone and it seems flight may cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Dec 29th, 2010, 1:47pm

Let's hope 2011 is a good one - better for us all than 2010 smiley
Alex - I do hope you managed to jet away from the snow bound airport to the sun. I am thinking it's positively balmy because we've reached the dizzy heights of 4 deg C! But the weather forecast is a return to freezing conditions again in the New Year - out come the long johns again! We had a burst pipe at the yard and all my stuff got soaked as well as me trying to turn the stop thingy off - oh joy!
I have managed to ride at least once a week despite the weather but my gremlin is not too impressed at the moment - it was more like a rollercoaster ride than a horse trotting! I keep perservering with him but he tests at every verse end and if one of his tactics doesn't work he tries new ones! Yesterday was 'rock n rolling' from front end to back end! I spent a good hour trying to get a decent trot - we finally got it and I ended there...
Anyhow best wishes to everyone for a very Happy new Year - and mild weather!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Dec 30th, 2010, 10:45am

I too wish everyone a Happy new Year, and that all horse wishes/ambitions/hopes are fulfilled in this coming year.
Vanessa, I hope you werent too exhausted getting your naughty boy going. He is so full of vitality he needs so much work! Keep at it !
I envy Alex her holiday - tell us all about it . and whether you were part of the Heathrow madness!
We now have a phone number , still may be temporary, as its a business number, so havent sorted internet access yet.
01347 879024
For xmas day we ddi manage to get some of the house ready. All trades had left on the Weds, and there was much dust to get rid of. We have a working but unfinished kitchen, finished bedroom and sitting room, and all wallpapered ready to carpets. I think nthe cats miss the attic room , where they were with us at all times - they now have to go up there , now cold and unheated!- for food and litter tray.
Our oil is running low , as the heating was on so much to dry house out , and cant wait to get it full to the brim - and what a cost that ll be!
Outside the taps etc are all thawed , and the fog has made all the calves cough , and brought on pneumonia in a couple of them - and more will succomb I m sure. The horses are all well but still unridden. We were sent a BSPA ahow schedule yest - a show on 27th March might be 1 to aim for with Guinness- just as a trial to see how things go. I need to lose 2 stone to fit into my showing gear.............
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by alex on Jan 7th, 2011, 4:34pm


The day started with snow and fog and finished with slush and fog. But ,I have begun to see longer light times.

Sadly, we did not get away on holiday and I am missing it now. A lot of scurrying around at the 11th hour to "do" Christmas but we enjoyed it. Back to school with Mock GCSEs - so glad that is all behind me. Freya showed me a piece of work she had been given for her Zoology Degree and I only recognised about a quarter do the words let alone understand the source material.

The weather has messed up so much timing. Whisper as way over due for shoeing as the first date was cancelled and then the holidays meant she was in a bit of a state when she was done. I was very tempted to get some tools and get the shoes off myself. The awkward thing about the hard ground is that Tilly has worn her feet too much according to the farrier but I am going to take further advice on that. I have done alot of in hand bridle work with her but left the riding alone over the winter. I had planned to get her ready for sale after half term so I hope her feet are not a problem.

I have finally got a new (well, new to me) saddle for Whisper; a Black Country. It fits her well or rather the best we have found without having one made. In fact due to its shape I can use it with Duke with shims under the back of it whilst waiting for his new saddle. I have sold 3 saddles so I don't feel so guilty about Duke growing so much. His rugs have had a piece put in at the front as his shoulder has come up so much. The lack of a lunge pen due to weather makes riding a little exciting sometimes but I am getting the chance to ride in the arena with more horses. Very good education. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go into a warm up arena though!

I started back on the riding school horse today and rode with 3 others in the arena up there. The problem was making sure my dear little cronky horse realised I was in charge and it wasn't a "ride" as he thought he should shoot off with any other horse passing. My arms and lower back ache a bit as I really was not going to let him yank me out of the saddle at every halt. More core stability work I think. I thoroughly enjoyed it though and I can see some jumping in the future!

Finally, I am getting so excited about the Phillip Karl course. B&b booked and indeed as our rooms are going to be decorated we have been transferred to a cottage for the same price! Derek Clarke who is organising it apparently has a couple of school masters which I hope to look at on the course and then have a lesson on them later if they are nice to improve me to keep a bit ahead of Whisper and Duke. Whisper went so well in the brief gap in the weather last week in a brief session with Niki Potter and we both kissed and hugged till she shrugged us off ,but she loved the attention and did rather preen.

I have set myself a couple of hard goals in the hope I will achieve at least part of them. Watch this space!
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Judith on Jan 8th, 2011, 10:13am

What a blow, not getting away on holiday! Still, an informal/impromptu xmas is probably a lot less pressure and therefore more fun. I hate the expectation that every xmas has to be 'perfect' or better than ever .
By the 17th we should have a resendial line and a broadband package, which will allow emails and net surfing - cant wait! There are times when we couldnt use the mail enabler on others' computers , and feel well out of the loop!
Today i ve come with Charlie, who is giving a lesson to our web hosts , so at least I know I can use computer ok!
Alex, you ll have a wonderful course with M. Karl- Charlie certainly enjoyed his time watching him in Germany. Not an egotist as some of the 'gurus' are!
With the weather getting a little better lessons slowly get booked etc , and we are slotting into new rhythms at Cornborough. There is much work to be done still, especially with the buildings /fences/fields/road etc, but the oil didnt run out over xmas , an we stayed warm!
Soon we will get the horses up - cant wait to get them walking out and hardened off. They quite like their lazy life, but I feel thhey do get bored. The other night, due to my not roping the doors properly [ everyhting is held together with bits of string] Guinness and Wills disappeared into the fields. Only Ben calling alerted us to the escape. Luckily we found and caught them easily.....
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Vanessa on Jan 8th, 2011, 7:59pm

The snow has certainly caused havoc with the transport network but hopefully we'll get a respite for a week or so - although the alternative thick mud is just as unwelcome! We got a new fall of snow yesterday morning but it all melted last night and we now have surface water and mud!
Sorry to hear your holiday didn't happen Alex but you sound as though you have kept busy doing enjoyable horsey things despite the lack of sun. I look forward to hearing about your forthcoming course too.
I have manged to ride at least once a week - 3 times between Christmas and New Year!- before succumbing to the bugs that my daughter and grandchildren thoughtfully shared with me! Have got sinus pain, swollen glands and a wracking cough as a remnant of the germs I can't shake off but I am trying not to give in! S is happily being himself - one thing I've noticed about him is his ability to remain constant amid changing conditions - he doesn't at all bother about standing in his stable in inclement weather and doesn't become difficult to handle. He's happy to come in or stay out. So he is mellowing and our relationship is enhanced. We just have to crack the response to asking for trot when ridden - our groundwork is much improved. Part of the reason is our trust has got better - I don't stop breathing when he starts his antics - I have learned to laugh!
I had a job interview yesterday so am keeping my fingers crossed that the result is positive - I should know next week. That would be a great boost in a gloomy January.
I'm looking forward to the spring - the days are slightly lengthening so more horse time - and then summer - and summer camp? Any plans yet Judith or is that jumping the gun when you still have much to do at Cornborough? grin
Re: Summer Camp 2010
Post by Liz on Jan 19th, 2011, 2:41pm

Hi everyone,

I hope no-one's still suffering from any bugs or plagues and that the horses are all OK?

I'm starting a new thread about the 2011 Summer Camp, so switch over to that one for more information smiley