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Feb 20th, 2018, 08:15am

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« Thread started on: Aug 21st, 2013, 07:43am »

Weeks have slipped by very quickly - I just thought I d give an update on our horses .
Wills, after his regional championships [ where he was a little tense , but still scored well] is now on an 8 week break. For the first time in a couple of years his shoes are off and he is being 'let down'. Its a bit of a risk, as he doesnt benefit from rest , but regresses and says he s forgotten all he learnt! However, we thought he did need a break and put some weight on.
Guinness is the utility horse - to escort , ride, lead off.
Ben and Topper are mainly field ornaments, though I did ride Topper for a short while recently- he was so wide!
The fifth and last horse in the gelding bunch is Keanu , slowly being backed, and doing very well. At 14.2 and a native type he should do for me in my dotage. his second show is next Monday.
Polly ,28 , is grandma to Ruby , the yearling floating warmbllod. Ruby is due for castration when he has 2 testicles to cut off! he is growing on well and doing great . We recently have taken back a mare,Nicole, we bred in 2000. She was raised with Polly in the breeding herd , and although Polly and Nicole hadnt seen eachother for 8 yrs, theres no doubt in my mind that they know eachother. Ruby thinks xmas has come , with a new female to strut his stuff for.
Nicole has been a natural home for these past 8 yrs, and was backed by me using N H only. So she is more used to the halter than a bridle, and happy in long and low self carriage. She has a very easy to sit to trot. I can hardly sit at all to Guinnesses trot , but could sit all day to Nicoles.
So, 8 horses in all at the moment - far too many!We have bricked in one of the new barns we built , and there ll be 2 pens of 14x30 feet to house 4 of them. As usual, therll be a ring feeder for a big bale of haylage , and space for tractor to muck them out when the beds get too high. It shold mean the indoor area wont have horses living overnight in the winter, and no mucking out at all by hand.
We got second cut haylage well, and have 220 bales for horses and cattle. Some straw has been brought, the rest is still standing in the next door field to ours, waiting for the wheat to be ready to harvest.
The cattle are all well.We had to seperate the cows with female heifers as some of them are becomig fertile and the bull is interested in them. The calves are all very 'forward' this yr , probably because the weather has been so much better. The eldest male calves are very bull like in shape!
Charlie, between lessons and all the other horse 'stuff' is reroofing the range of buildings where we have tackroom, feedroom, and the place for my old Victorian stall [ to wash,clip,shoe etc a couple of horses] which we brought from Sinnington - it took a lot of puttin gup there, and even worse to get out of the cement. The reroofing is at the pantile stage , where Charlie and soninlaw Luke are at last getting the tiles on and progress can be seen. There was a lot of fixing the beams underneath, then a membrane to put up [ like carpetin gbut on top of a roof!]and lats to replace. We even had a journey to the wilds of Middlesbrough to get glass pantiles to get light into the rooms.
It did mean a clear out of the tackroom , and I ve 4 spare saddles to sell. If they dont go soon, they ll be at York sales in September/October . 1 aged synthetic , med-wide.1 pony show saddle 1 xwide Albion 1 narrow GP. I m also thinking of selling my show harness , which hasnt been used since about 1990! Reasonable offers accepted for all!
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