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Feb 20th, 2018, 08:25am

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xx General Greetings
« Thread started on: Oct 17th, 2011, 2:07pm »

Hello Team Wilson. I have just seen the photos of summer camp and Guiness for the first time. Wow. He
really is a stunner. For some reason I had thought that
he was black and white and not skewbald. Pretty neddy.

Hope you have been enjoying the glorious hot
October weather, if indeed it has been the same in Yorkshire as it has been here. It was the last day of it yesterday so I gave H a chaser clip (not too many lines!)
and a bath and have to say he looks pretty fab. I just wish I could do something with his dreadful mane. I was within an ace of hogging him yesterday, but hope springs eternal that one day it will get better with the help of a bit of fairy dust or something.

Tanya and I were having our morning cup of tea yesterday and a large slim grey bird of prey swooped
into the yard and perched on her stable door for a few
seconds and then took off again. We had never seen anything like it. Pidgeon grey on top and lightly speckled underneath. We have both been searching the internet and think we have found that is is a male Montagu's Harrier but could be wrong. The chickens froze in mid peck until it had gone. Stunning stuff.

Judith. Monkey. was it tilting the hips slightly backwards that stopped the cramping? I have been
experimenting and can't seem to get it just right.

All my love to you and Charlie, and hope to see you before next April. hx
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xx Re: General Greetings
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17th, 2011, 6:07pm »

find your hip joints [ crease in trousers when you lift your leg off the floor] with your fingers 'stab' that point , so the joint releases back . As this happens your torso will come slightly forward , and by keeping the knees soft , the thighs will lower at the hip end and the knees will slightly bend . Ankles and hips release back, knees release forward. Everything moveable !
Most of us females feel the bottom is sticking out too much - if you feel that you re probably there!let the weight keep dropping through to the floor, no holding in any of the joints. If you have skype , and we get the email addresses added , I can perhaps coach you online? Havent done that before , but in theory it should work.
hope that helps! its hard to describe A T movements!
Ah, you should have hogged your H , get corned him up and begin some Maxi cob classes next year!I would have loved to have seen the cob HOYs classes this year, as maxis had their first champs there. The champ was last yrs LW champ- Hallmark, who grew overheight . A piure RID , so H is in good company!
We are busy trying to get gates, water troughs etc all in working order before horses and cattle come in. Its dry again here , but who knows how long that will last. I m not keen on piebald s- just a personal thing , I just love the variety of the browns. I asked about a young cob today [ always window shopping] but was detered by the fact of it being blue and white.
Guinness is to clip out , and C has a black hunting jacket to buy [ well, I ve just bought 1 on ebay!] as these days red is only for hunt officials. Guinness now measures nearly 15.3 , so not sure whether he ll measure in or not.....after seasons hunting he may be muscled enough as a maxi- so see you and H in the county classes!!
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